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Boston-based BABES IN BOINKLAND have been selected to represent THE SLUTCRACKER at Burlesque Hall of Fame! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 2, 2012.

Boston-based BABES IN BOINKLAND have been selected to represent THE SLUTCRACKER at Burlesque Hall of Fame!

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Rebellious youths raised in dance academies, Babes in Boinkland moved to the small town of Burlesque in 2006, where they had a hard time fitting in. Eventually they fell for rebellious stripper Ariel whose boyfriend Chuck Cranston, and overprotective father, Reverend Shaw Moore, wasted no time in telling the Babes that what they were doing was "not real burlesque."

Ariel's boyfriend challenged the Babes in Boinkland to a game of "chicken" involving tractors, where they emerged victorious, despite not knowing how to drive tractors. The Babes and their classmates, empowered by the victory, rallied to get the town of Burlesque to lift its restrictions on the art form. In protest they staged a full-length, sexy holiday spectacular called The Slutcracker and changed the town of Burlesque for the better, forever.

But seriously folks, the Boston-based Babes in Boinkland have been selected to compete in the mother of all burlesque events: the Tournamant of Tease at the 22nd annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (May 31-June 3, 2012). We will be competing on Saturday, June 2 at the renowned Orleans Showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Babes will be performing a selected piece from The Slutcracker, conceived and choreographed by Babes in Boinkland founder Vanessa White (aka "Sugar Dish"). We will be the only performers from Massachusetts competing in this event. REPRESENT!

(OOOH! REWARDS! T-shirt design (above) by Walter Sickert! Babe photos (below) taken by Caleb Cole! Both of these fine and talented gentlemen are local Boston artists!)

Several years ago, we felt discouraged from applying to compete in this event; at the time it had been noted that "you wouldn't bring your fancy new sports car to the classic car show." Babes in Boinkland may prefer the lines of a 911, but we have always striven to create burlesque performances which also incorporate a traditional spirit. And while The Slutcracker piece we'll be performing is a bit more on the traditional side, it's still very exciting to get a nod from the burlesque community at large. To perform as a troupe is even more exciting, especially since the burlesque "troupe" has not always been acknowledged within the traditional definition of burlesque. But as a wise man once said, "the times, they are a-changin'."

The Boston burlesque community is exploding with amazing performers, many of whom are not known beyond the city limits. To be able to represent this vibrant and eclectic community in Las Vegas is an HONOR and for all of us, the opportunity of a lifetime.

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is an annual event held to raise money to help cover operational costs for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum itself, which seeks to preserve the rich history of burlesque, one of the few true American art forms. This is an excellent cause, but also means that we will not be compensated for our performance, nor reimbursed for any part of our preparations. And getting 7 Babes ready to rock Sin City comes with a heavy price tag:

COSTUMES: A wise burlesque dancer had this to say: "[costume for Burlesque Hall of Fame] needs to make drag queens weep." And "even your g-string needs to be DRIPPING with dazzle"). The costume for this project is a major creative endeavor unto itself. It is worn by seven dancers, all connected to one another. We are rebuilding this costume from shoes to pasties. It's going to take a lot of time, glue, thread, bling, blood, sweat and dollars, but in the end we suspect the sparkle factor on these Vegas-bound duds will be seizure-inducing. There WILL be photos and webcasts! +/- $1,000

REHEARSALS: We have to re-choreograph, reconfigure, re-teach, and rehearse 'til our little pedicured toes bleed. We're currently looking at roughly 4 hours of rehearsal/week, with studio rental prices running between $9-15/hr. : $250+

CONVENTION TICKETS: This is actually just tickets for all of us for one event, as we decided the full festival pass was WAY out of our price range (full festival pass price ranges from $175-$500 per person--yes we DO have to pay to attend the festival even though we are competing).: $455

AIRFARE: $2,050

LODGING: $1,000


PERFORMING IN VEGAS FOR THE FIRST TIME: PRICELESS (well, except for all that stuff we just listed)  ;)

Realistically our "funding goal" of $4500.00 will only cover costumes, airfare and lodging, and doesn't even include all the incidentals: food, hair and makeup supplies, days we'll have to take off work, etc., but all-in-all it's a small price to pay to bet our bedazzled booties on FAME! and GLORY! in Fabulous Las Vegas.

What are you waiting for? Throw your money at this wayward band of sexy misfits and make dreams come true! Can't spare the dime? That's OK, because you can help us by spreading the word!

Thanks for all your love and support. The Babes and Sluts appreciate you more than you know.

Now put 'em in. On 3...



Sugar Dish and Babes in Boinkland


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