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Cute characters, enchanting stories and engaging artworks! This otome visual novel needs your support to turn our dream into reality!
Cute characters, enchanting stories and engaging artworks! This otome visual novel needs your support to turn our dream into reality!
Cute characters, enchanting stories and engaging artworks! This otome visual novel needs your support to turn our dream into reality!
341 backers pledged AU$ 17,149 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. KS

      Any updates?

    2. Andy Ing on

      Got the artbook! Also came with 2 pins, which was a surprise :) Can't wait for the game.

    3. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @Magdalena, thank you for your comment. Due to personal reason, the game has been postponed. You can read more on the updates section. However, we do plan to release partial of the game later this year. For now, we are trying to fulfill all other expect of the pledges like physical and digital rewards. Thank you very much for your patience!

    4. Magdalena McMeekin on

      Hey, what's the status on this game? Been dying to play ever since I backed it!

    5. Hailey Marie on

      I got a notification from October alerting me that I funded this project and I totally forgot about it and here I am, 7 months late because I haven't been on Kickstarter in a while. I'm super sorry if I wasted your time but Congratulations on getting funded!!

    6. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @Hillary, the game will be distributed via steamkeys. As the routes will be released as DLCs, each character will have a set of key codes.

    7. Hillary H. on

      Hey Sue! I noticed the survey is asking what platform we want to redeem the game on. Any updates on how your partner at Sekai Project will be handling the steam release?

    8. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      Hi Angie, we realized it too late. We were not able to edit the survey but don't worry. We will take it that if you answer iOS = Mac and Android = windows. Very sorry for the blunder...

    9. Missing avatar

      Angie Winterbottom on

      In the reward survey, you have mobile options (Android / iOS) as the answer to the question about PC platform wallpapers. Can you change that? Right now it doesn't make much sense!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Loh on

      Yay for greenlight!

    11. AngelRose on

      I hope so! :) can't wait!

    12. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      Quick jump in here before I continue to schedule stuff! Thanks guys! We have pledges coming in even in the final 5 mins. We are waiting for payment release which will take 2 weeks but we are starting to get the ball rolling.

      For now, we are not Greenlit yet and instead ranking has dropped a bit. No worries, we are still in top 100. But since we are successfully funded, Steam should be reviewing us again soon!

    13. Gearsoul Dragon

      @Amy ~ Yay! n__n Thanks for joining us~

    14. Gearsoul Dragon

      @Lucy ~ OMG, yes~ :D That would be fantastic~

    15. Lucy Maser

      So incredibly excited! I bet you this gets greenlit tomorrow when they approve the next batch titles. That would be the cherry on top of this awesome dessert!

    16. Oonagh Moeykens on

      Can't wait for the game! Good luck to everyone involved ^_^

    17. Kathryn

      The final hour!

    18. AngelRose on

      last time to pledge! :)

    19. Denise "Mika" Hutchins on

      I reshared the KickStarter everywhere one last time! I am already über stoked for this game--as I have been from the very first moment I saw it weeks ago--but I still REALLY want to hit the theme song stretch goal before it's all over!

    20. Amy on

      This was my first ever pledge on kickstarter and i think its well worth every bit of praise and love its getting. I am very much looking forward to all the cat-joy in the future~! :D

    21. Missing avatar

      Nocturama on

      Fingers crossed for the last two hours! I'm really looking forward to this game. The character design looks great, and I have high hopes for Pastel as a dynamic heroine - otome game heroines tend to be so passive, it can get a bit annoying ;)

    22. Hillary H. on

      @Sue Anne C., Thanks for the speedy reply! Yeah, DLC makes the most sense to me. I look forward to the steam update. It could make the platform choice either really easy or really difficult for me to make, haha.
      I'm crossing my fingers for the theme song along with you. Good luck!

    23. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @Hillary, thank you so much for such high praise!! For Steam releases, our partner at Sekai Project will be handling them. Although our plan is to release them as DLCs so that it'll be easier to update/access, we still need to discuss this with Sekai Project so we cannot give a definite answer now. We will post an update as soon as we get an answer!
      @ Orson, I knowwwww! It's so near yet so far! We are still getting pledges though!

    24. Gearsoul Dragon

      We've done so well~! >:3c I'm feeling like we can still make the 18k goal!

    25. Hillary H. on

      Hey! I've been an avid stalker of kickstarter for a while, but this game is what finally made me want to make an account and commit to a pledge. This game looks fantastic so far, and I'm looking forward to the release. :)

      I have one question about platforms. I'm an android/steam user, so I'm stuck on which version I want. How will the steam game work? Will each character's route be treated as DLC and it will all be packaged together in one game? Or will the routes be packaged, sold, and accessed from the library separately? I've seen the mobile-to-steam game conversion done both ways and want to make sure of what I'll be getting if I get the steam version.

    26. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      I'm chanting "Theme song! Theme song!" like a mad woman now, hahahahah XD XD Actually we only need about 25-34 backers to reach there. It's not a lot but it's not a small number either!

    27. meru on

      I'm crossing my fingers that you guys make it to 18k!

    28. Kathryn

      So happy we made so many stretch goals!!

    29. AngelRose on

      @Sue Anne Even if we don't get the theme song, we achieved more than one stretch goal! Campaign has been successful! :) Now waiting to be Greenlit! We do need more visual novels! It was fun cheering and commenting here. I enjoyed it

    30. Missing avatar

      Hau Nguyen on

      @Sue Anne C.

      Oh ok, I will eagerly wait for the future announcement. Hope you have a great day. Need to go have a nap. Again, good luck in the future!

    31. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      Thank you guys!!! We finally past the 16k mark! Thank you for staying! Wonder if we can make it to the theme song goal lol!

      @david, the new concept does not have a genre yet but the main protagonist is going to be a female. Please wait for our announcement in future!

    32. Missing avatar

      Hau Nguyen on

      Congratulation on hitting the $16,000 mark! :D

    33. AngelRose on

      We made it to the stretch goal! :) I'm happy we did!

    34. Missing avatar

      Becca on

      I'm looking forward to seeing this project come to life!

    35. Missing avatar

      Hau Nguyen on

      @Sue Anne C.

      No problem. Wider audience? What genre is this concept?

    36. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @David, great! Thank you for taking the time to feedback. Those are quite well known titles, and we do see the beauty of each of them. We already have a new concept for next story but will look into catering it to a more wider audience. Thank you!

    37. Missing avatar

      Hau Nguyen on

      @Sue Anne C.

      Awesome. I don't have much in mind. There is always those types of genre yaoi and yuri. But you don't need romance at all, if you can create a unique visual novel.

      I just love when there is much more rich plot and characters as well as art (That why I love visual novels). If they go to the sort of typical cliche (ya, know, what I am talking about, right?) way, I hope it is executed well and a dash of originality, too much cliché is a killer. You could account the steam game, Namless, where they promote you to romance all the guys to find the mysterious behind the hints given. Similar to hatoful boyfriend where you romance all the guys to unlock this new plot.

      Fault Milestone One, take it as example, I hope you have heard of it. Love the whole thing of it. It doesn't have much choices (only one choice) however great art and world. And no romance. There is shipping in that visual novel. Dominantly yuri/shoujo ai shipping.

    38. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @David, yes that's the main idea. Once the team is bigger, we plan to do something that cater for more general audience. We started with prime because it's something we are most familiar with. Would you tell us what genre you have in mind?

    39. Missing avatar

      Hau Nguyen on

      @Sue Anne C.

      Well, can't wait for your future projects and you're welcome. Maybe this is quite early to ask, but will you be focusing on other genres of visual novels if your future career will progress to a certain extend? Sorry, just a little curious. :P

    40. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @Elaine, iOS and Mac will release at the same time and Android and Windows will release at the same time. iOS will be our primary testing ground so once it's ready to go the rest will follow suit. Of course we will aim to release all together :)
      @David, thank you very much for your support and well wishes! We do hope that this project will boost our future career in VN!

    41. Missing avatar

      Hau Nguyen on

      Just pledged. Can't wait when it will release! Hope you will develop good character developments and unique soundtracks along with creative CGs. I hope this project will boost you into producing more visual novel in your future careerer. Good luck! :D

    42. Elaine Wang on

      Oh yeah and will the game be released on the PC the same time as the mobile devices?

    43. Elaine Wang on

      It's no problem! I really love your project which is why I did it :D Looking at the trend, I'm hopeful that the stretch goal will be reached as well.
      On a side note, I'm so happy the voice acting is in Japanese.
      Good luck!

    44. Sue Anne C. Creator on

      @Katelyn, it'll be available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac! We will send out a survey form after the campaign has ended for you to indicate which platform you would like to go for and we will either send a Steam key or mobile codes for you when the routes are released.
      @Cassidy, we will reach the next stretch goallll~!!! *pray*
      @Elaine, we are quite confident that we will reach the side stories stretch goal! But we feel quite bad that you have to forgo a different project for us...

    45. Elaine Wang on

      I just pledged, but I'm afraid we won't get to the next stretch goal! I'll still keep my pledge regardless (I even cancelled a different project so I could afford this one); it's just that I really wan't the side stories haha.

    46. AngelRose on

      @Katelyn. Hi! Sue Anne has a demo version for the IOS. She is aiming to get it release for Android and PC release. If you have more questions, then feel free to ask her! :)

    47. KS

      Is this just for iOS?

    48. AngelRose on

      @Cassidy I'm really excited. *crossing my fingers* I hope we get the extra side stories! :)

    49. Cassidy on

      It looks like we're going to make it to the next stretch goal! Come on kickstarters, we can do this! Sixteen hours to go!

    50. Kathryn

      So excited for this game!

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