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I want to publish a book of photographs I made in collaboration with children in one neighborhood in Ethiopia since 1999.
121 backers pledged $13,452 to help bring this project to life.

Melkam Addis Amet. (Happy Ethiopian New Year.)

Posted by Eric Gottesman (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I have said it before: thank you so much for helping me to reach my goal (and exceed it!) needed to publish the book about the kids of Sudden Flowers. I am ever grateful.

I am back in Ethiopia as I write, where I celebrated the Ethiopian new year with friends and where I have been visiting a lot of the kids over the past few days... who are no longer "kids" actually but recent graduates, new moms, and accomplished professionals.  It is so nice to be back here and I am getting new ideas to incorporate into the design.

I spoke to the folks at Umbrage Editions (my publisher) before I left the US and the book is now slated to be released next fall. I will, of course, keep you updated on that.

As I will be here until December working on various projects, I will not be able to get all the rewards out to backers until I return.  But know that I am working on it even while I am here. I picked up Polaroid film just before I left and am shooting as many Polaroid thank you notes here as I can. 

More soon... and thank you again.


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