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Dungeons is a 2.5D retro brawler, reminiscent of classic arcade games like Golden Axe mixed with the humor of Conker's Bad Fur Day.
Dungeons is a 2.5D retro brawler, reminiscent of classic arcade games like Golden Axe mixed with the humor of Conker's Bad Fur Day.
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Dear Kickstarter Backers,

We have strange news and we don’t want you to panic. As you've noticed things have been moving pretty slow on this project, development wise, but we have been making progress. We are planning on releasing our first update on Desura next week. Our new illustrator and sprite artist have been working fine; their speed is only hampered by our inability to pay them for full-time labor. We know you all want your games as soon as possible and I’m sure you all understand we want to give them to you just as quickly. So we are going to throw a Hail Mary pass, in an attempt to get this game finished and in your hands in time for PAX 2014.

OUYA has a program right now that we wish to participate in. To do so, we have to run a second Kickstarter campaign. OUYA will match Kickstarter funds of $50,000 or more in exchange for 6 months of exclusivity with the finished product. Unfortunately, our previous campaign does not qualify for this opportunity. The OUYA exclusivity stipulation will not affect your access to the game. We will continue updating our Desura edition of Dungeons. Since our alpha/beta testing has to be done on PC anyway, it will not impede our development progress. The fully finished game will be kept as a private Beta on Desura for the 6 months it’s on OUYA. Once the time has passed, we will simply end the private Beta and make it for sale publicly. This will prevent a delay in acquiring your games. Also it will provide OUYA a sweet, well developed video game and grant us the funds we need to make a shiny final product.

Also, don’t worry about not getting the same benefits as our new backers. You will all receive an OUYA code free of charge along with any expansions that are unlocked by their pledging. Our participation in this program will only benefit you and cost you nothing. It will also mean a better game for everyone involved. I will, of course, link you all to the new Kickstarter page when it is posted August 18th. Please watch, comment, and check out the new features you can look forward to. 

The new Kickstarter page outlines how the original campaign's funds were expended. If that interests you at all please check it out. Please note we’ve invested over $10,000 of our own money since the end of our original Kickstarter and we have honestly been trying to deliver what we promised you back in 2011. 

Signed, Team SuckerFree
William McDonald
Danielle Dorsey
John Norman


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    1. William McDonald 2-time creator on August 18, 2013

      @TJ Jackson,

      As mentioned in our letter this is more to accelerate production, than anything. It's a matter of paying out of pocket every week for a few sprites VS being able to hire our sprite artist full time and just plow through them. If we had the art assets we could plow through the game in less than 5 months. We are not asking for 50K, we are asking for 10K to hire the artist for the necessary amount of time. The chance to hit 50K is of course very attractive too us, because it would allow us to focus on the game, hire additional help and even expand our game's scope while still hitting our PAX 2014 deadline. You would all have access to the game during this time via Desura and will be receiving any expanded content that it receives. If we don’t meet our goal, we’re still going to finish the game; it will just take longer, because none of us are rich.

      $3000 does not make a full studio. We are still three people working on this from out of pocket. If we had never lost our sprite artist, we would have hit our original deadline without an issue. None of this is new information, if you check our comment section and updates we’ve informed you all along the way.

      PS – The Don’t Panic title is a Douglas Adams reference.

      They say you can only choose fast, good or cheap. We went with good and cheap through necessity.

      William A. McDonald

    2. Missing avatar

      TJ Jackson
      on August 18, 2013

      I agree with Joshua, at this point the project is over a year and a half late, and it sounds like it's still over a year out from being done. The fact that you now apparently need $100K ($50K of Kickstarter funding plus matching funding from Ouya) to finish a project that you initially needed $3K of funding for makes me think that we'll never actually see this project to completion. I don't think any of us our panicking, I think most of us have forgotten, no longer care, or have written our pledge off as a loss.

      I realize that Kickstarter wasn't as popular back in April 2011 when you initially ran this project, but I don't see how you expect to raise 10 times the amount of funds you initially raised, especially given the fact you have yet to deliver on the initial project. This is going to sound mean, but I hope for everybody's sake (including your own as a company) that your soon-to-launch Kickstarter fails to fund. As it stands, this project is small enough that the funders are patient and/or apathetic enough not to do anything about it. If we were talking about 1000+ people collectively out $50,000, you might be looking at lawsuits, public outrage, etc.

    3. William McDonald 2-time creator on August 18, 2013

      @Joshua Corsen

      I’m sorry we have disappointed you. Our game was a PC game first and an Xbli game second, hence the reason we were pre-selling PC copies. If you are honestly stating that bad management was the reason for our project’s failure what do you think we could have done differently?

      We lost our sprite artist to a higher paying job, it took time and money to replace him. We spent the Kickstarter money exactly how said we would spend it. We have even provided a financial breakdown of the how our funds were spent on the new page as stated in the open letter above. We have all the necessary backgrounds, sound effects, voices and music finished. Pre and Post Kickstarter, we have been developing everything on our own dime. I think we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping our chin up and persevering. Admittedly we have had some false starts since the end of the Kickstarter in our bid to finish the project as quickly as possible and hire new artists. The truth is not every artist we could afford could do the same quality of work as our previous artists. We have been very transparent in the process, especially with our failures and what we have been doing.

      Keep in mind we are a three person team and not every game is developed on time or even to completion. Major studios routinely spend additional years and teams on games and some never even see fruition. Our only crime in this matter has been our optimism and unwillingness to quit this project despite the amount of setbacks thrown at us. We are still trying.

      The new Kickstarter campaign is a bid to gain access to an opportunity that is both once in a lifetime and a chance to make our studio immune to the previous difficulties.

      Luckily many backers are still on board with the project they commiserate our setbacks and cheer our accomplishments. We frequently communicate with many of our other backers and call quite a few of you friends. The original Kickstarter not only provided funds for development but new friends that have supported us and cheered for us along the way.

      William A. McDonald

    4. Joshua Corsen on August 18, 2013

      This project successfully raised its funding goal on May 8, 2011.

      It's 2013 sadly many people no longer care about this project and your XBL game being made for the PC. This project has been a huge disappointment and poor management and planning does not deserve additional funding.

      At this point anyone that gives you money should get a % of the profits in the future or a share in the company.