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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 18 2013
pledged of $10,000pledged of $10,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Sep 18 2013

With deep regret...

Posted by William McDonald (Creator)
Dear Backers,  

Well apparently OUYA has decided to change the rules on us. With less than two days to go they have removed our #Freethegames link from the OUYA homepage and delisted us from website. The timing aligns with winning back of some devs that threatened to pull their games through conversations on twitter. 

It appears we were thrown under the FTG bus. OUYA gets their fall guy and Grid Iron keeps their money. So while a bunch of ex-EA employees with rich friends can apparently receive $171,000 in match funds for a game they, allegedly, already finished. A person whose father was willing to make a large sacrifice so his son's team could qualify for the fund and actually develop their game properly is disallowed. If we had remained silent we very likely would have received the funds, our transparency and honesty apparently was our undoing. 

There have been many articles written about us and forums debating us the past week. Many of them apparently didn't read or fully comprehend what we wrote in Update #6 or on the front of our Kickstarter page. Misinformation ran wild, climaxing not in an investigation on the part of OUYA, but in our de-listing from their fund without explanation or even the decency of a notification. Without OUYA match funds and only $4055 in donations from our crowd source backers, the cost of swag, taxes and fees would cause us to have a net loss of approximately $11,000. Further, being essentially told OUYA doesn't want us, makes us not want OUYA. Sadly, we were early adopters, we got our OUYA on launch day and had been one of its strongest supporters. We have no plans to develop for OUYA further. 

So we have no choice, but to cancel our Kickstarter. Episode one will still be finished in time for PAX 2014. If you still wish to support an awesome FreetheGames fund project please check out Neverending Nightmares a very deserving game.

Thank you all for your continued support and we are sorry to disappoint you our backers.  


William A. McDonald 

SuckerFree Games


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    1. William McDonald 2-time creator on

      Thanks for your messages, your support keeps us going. We are still developing for every platform previously mentioned except for the obvious one. So Linux, PC, MAC are still on.

    2. Missing avatar

      António C on

      Seriously, is this legal or valid for the Free the Games Fund!?!
      "Gridiron Thunder hit the headlines after it raised $171,009 from just 183 backers - much more than the $75,000 goal. That means backers, on average, pledged $934.48 per person."
      If this is not a scam, what other polite word can it be called?

      Well, since this game will not be available for OUYA anymore, at least will it be available for Linux? Can you try to Green Light it on Stream?

    3. Vincent Ruzzi on

      Well that all makes me sad but I hope this doesn't upset the project. I would hate to see this promising looking game suffer a detriment due to this. Are there plans to do another kickstarter without the OUYA side of things? I'm sure people will still donate.

    4. Norghat on

      Damn that's a bad news, damn OUYA...

      Hope that the game will be out, i m sure it will gain success and sell good.
      Good luck guys, i ll still follow your updates!

    5. Bruno Fonseca on

      This Free the Games Ouya fund has been a mess since it started.

      I have backed Ouya and I still think they might have a future, but they have to stop with the screw ups.

      I feel sad to see this project canceled as I am a great Golden Axe fan, and your project was looking very promissing.

      You should take 10k from your father and finish the first episode, then you sell like hell and do the other 2 episodes...

      Best of luck!

    6. Ross Webb-Wagg on

      Trust OUYA to screw things up, first their console and now this :(