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A mix of real time strategy and god game. Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
8,351 backers pledged £211,371 to help bring this project to life.

Richard Ridings Unlocked!

Hey folks,

We've just hit £225,000 raised through the continued funding on our website, the amount we needed in order to hire Richard Ridings to voice the mentor in War for the Overworld.

Our next goal is £300,000 - the maximum amount we would need to develop at least one of the remaining flex goals:

Cheaper to implement (£25,000 and below) 

  • Controller Interface 
  • Arcade Campaign 

More costly to implement (around £50,000) 

  • The Adventures of Stumpy the Imp
  • Extended Underlord Campaign 
  • Empire Campaign 
  • 2 Lords 1 Dungeon 
  • Competitive Campaign 
  • Co-op Campaign

Very costly to implement (£75,000 and up) 

  • Survival Mode 
  • Underworld MOBA Hero Mode 
  • Matchmaking & Ranking
  • Hero Mode

In March (or earlier), all of our backers will have the opportunity to vote on which Flex Goals they feel should be developed first. We will then order them on how many votes they received, and develop as many of them as we can in that order with the money that has been raised.

Starting next week we will be starting back with a regular weekly update schedule, and our first post will contain a whole host of information and answers regarding Kickstarter and our continued funding efforts.

Thank you once again for your continued support!

Click here to discuss this update on our forums.

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Hooi on January 9, 2013


      Big monsters big prizes, I love it!

    2. Matthew on January 7, 2013

      Yes! I am so glad Ridings is on board for this

    3. Thomas Larsen on January 6, 2013

      how long will they support this game?
      if they will continue make new content for years (we can hope) all we hope for will be made :)

    4. Emil Gustafsson on January 6, 2013

      Wonder if he gonna be just as awsome like back in the DK days... :3

    5. S.D. on January 6, 2013

      I'm unsure why there's any debate... more & longer campaigns mean more bombastic vocal work for Richard! MOBA mode would have him a sport announcer, and that just wouldn't do, now would it? Huzzah for extended campaign modes!

    6. Missing avatar

      Max Hunt on January 6, 2013

      I'd vote for co-op all the way. I always enjoy playing with friends. Second place is the extended campaign.

      Great news about Richard.

    7. Thomas Larsen on January 6, 2013

      would also love the empire campaign, I hope we get all the stretch goals after release :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Oskar Stenvall on January 6, 2013

      yeah the thing im voting for is a longer campaign

    9. Erollisi Marr on January 6, 2013

      @Thomas Larsen I would have it that it be spent on other places. The extended Underlord campaign is where my bet would be placed, With the second stretch goal going to the empire campaign... But I suppose I never enjoyed multiplayer on this...

      But perhaps the majority agree with "you". A vote onto the Underlords would be called in session to reveal the truth of this...

    10. Robin Wemmenlöv on January 6, 2013

      *Does the victory dance* Aaaaw yeeaaaah!

    11. Daniel Grota on January 6, 2013

      Please add some easter egg narration dealing with I don't know, maybe, yogurt, marbles, curses being half price, wandering lost souls, micro-piglets, or a hidden gaming tip etc. ;)

    12. Søren Høeg Pedersen on January 6, 2013

      That is the bedst news I've gotten in this new year :D

    13. Thomas Larsen on January 6, 2013

      if the most successful MMO League Of Legends has taught us anything, Matchmaking & Ranking should be next flexgoal :)
      Hopefully we get 2 flexgoals even, 2 Lords 1 Dungeon" and "Co-op Campaign" goes hand in hand, and would attract even more people :)

    14. Maxim Bardin on January 6, 2013

      Excellent !
      Now the game is complete. (when finished ;) ).

    15. Marcus Engström on January 6, 2013

      YES. It wouldn't have been the same without his voice in the game :D

    16. Daniel Coates on January 6, 2013

      Oh yeah, bring it on :D

    17. Missing avatar

      James O'Dwyer on January 6, 2013

      Huzzah for The Voice!

      Congratulations for the successful kickstarter campaign! I hope you get greenlit for Steam as well!

    18. Ronald Wanders on January 6, 2013

      W00t that is awesome WFTO team. It'll be great to have Mentor back. :D

    19. Elizabeth Davidson
      on January 6, 2013

      Your bold borked a bit between the tiers there :)