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War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
8,351 backers pledged £211,371 to help bring this project to life.

Update #19: Locked in the Foundry Episode 4: Veins of Evil

Posted by Subterranean Games (Creator)

Hey folks,

Well, after successfully dodging that rolling boulder, bounding across the pitfall and narrowly avoiding the poisoned darts we were certain that we had outwitted you... it was only too late that we realized our frantic path through the dank halls had landed us right where you wanted.

The shackles are on, the doors have been welded shut, and there seems to be something growling in the corner where our escape tunnel is... once again we find ourselves

Locked in the Foundry — Episode 4: Veins of Evil

The Veins of Evil are a concept that we’ve talked about only in passing, and today we’re excited to give you an in-depth look at what exactly they do.

The Veins of Evil will be your tool for unlocking the various spells, traps, rooms, rituals, and defences in War for the Overworld.

In each level you will naturally accumulate research points over time, these research points are used in the Veins of Evil to purchase unlocks. The rate at which you receive research points can be improved by having units work in the Archive. As a general rule: unlocks in the Veins of Evil will progressively become more powerful as you advance through a single tree. Because of our emphasis on allowing different strategies (or honing existing ones) you will have the power to choose different paths through the Veins of Evil in every level.

Sloth focuses upon various traps and defenses, with a heavy strategic emphasis on turtling and using ingeniously lethal defenses to thwart your foes. One of the early unlocks will include the Foundry which will allow you to create traps and doors. Later on you’ll have the power to build a room that recharges your Blood pool more swiftly — naturally, such a fiendish room will demand certain... sacrifices to function properly. Further unlocks in the vein of Sloth include an offensive trap called the Underminer which will leave the fortified walls of your enemies in sundered ruin, and a particularly inspired trap that reduces your enemies’ Area of Influence — making no-man’s-land nothing more an easily forgotten memory. 

The vein of Greed focuses on research, economy and rituals with a markéd emphasis on late-game strategies that sabotage your foes’ strengths. Some of the earlier unlocks in the vein of Greed include the Treasury room and the Archive, which will allow your spellcasting minions to research new spells to burn, freeze, and otherwise rain misery down upon their enemies in addition to improving the rate at which you accumulate research points. Further delving into this vein will unlock the ritual necessary to convert Cultists into the vicious and powerful Blood Mage. Within this vein you will also find a room that will entice the unhinged Alchemist — a unit who can create potions that will improve the efficiency of your units both at work and in battle, in addition to using his alchemical tools to fabricate gold — to your dungeon.

Wrath focuses on aggressive map control and unit strength, with an emphasis on assaulting enemy dungeons head-on. The early unlocks in the vein of Wrath include the Barracks, which will allow you to begin training your troops for battle, and the Beast Pen, which will grant you access and control over the violent and unstable creatures that roam the depths. Other unlocks include Prophecy, which grants vision of a targeted area for some time (the perfect tool for discovering weak defenses and lone heroes to pounce upon) and a spell that temporarily abolishes your enemies’ Area of Influence — allowing you to engage in enemy territory without fear of spells raining down upon your forces.

note: all unlocks, designs, and concepts are not final and may be changed, removed, or reworked at any time.

You may have noticed that regardless which Vein of Evil that you choose to specialize in (if any) the various benefits will always grant you the powers necessary to achieve your black-hearted desires. We want to promote a diverse way of playing not only the game in general, but in each and every level. Our intended result is vast replayability and an experience that represents and embodies your own personal style of play — a customized experience for each Underlord. We look forward to your feedback on the Veins of Evil throughout the Bedrock Beta.

We’re out of content to divert you with, but while you were distracted we managed to unlock the Underminer and Stumpy has deployed it for us. You’ll have to conjure up some new tricks if you want to lock us in the Foundry again. 

We'll have an update every day this week, so check back daily! 

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Steel on

      Fair enough Loner1200 though I prefer Dungeon Keeper over Dungeon Keeper 2 and in the first game you had to repeatedly research most stuff each level.

      The 2nd game isn't bad, just... not as good. though some of the stuff it introduced was nice. The ability to retain room research between levels might be okay, but it will ultimately lead to the library being largely useless in the late game.

    2. Yami Usagi on

      Stumpy is such a good minion name ^w^

    3. loner1200 on

      I'll hold out until the beta. While DK didn't reset your rooms/skills every level, I've never found the classic C&C model which did repetitive. Just part of the game.

      With that said, it was a very small tech tree. I would love to see a tech tree you could never unlock fully that would carry over for mission to mission in a way similar to how you could never max out wow talent trees.

      Also, might still be odd playing a DK like game that required unlocks of basics such as the treasury, traning room, archives and workshop. Higher rooms like the temple/traning pit or creatures of the horned nature should be fine in my view.

      I sincerely hope I don't get to the beta then regret funding this. Prior to this update I was looking forward to WFTO more than even Godus or Project Eternity.

    4. Norbert Bayerl on

      Bbbbbb-b-Bloood poool? }:>
      oh dear... gonna luv diz gamzor if it gets funded :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Hoffman on

      Another version is that you would have these veins that go from level to level. Your "Main Veins" but every mission you can get "small vein upgrades" that you can spec into every level. The amount of small vein upgrades you can purchase depends on how many points you've spent in that particular vein tree.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Hoffman on

      I think maxing out a vein should take fucking AGES. Like you would have to play through the game on normal difficulty and you could unlock most parts of it. But to max it out, you have to finish the game on hard or extreme.

      The problem with so many games is that they do not reward (REALLY reward) playing on higher difficulties.

      Maxing out a vein should be something you are immensely proud of and which is a real achievement.

    7. TheChosenOne on

      The way the system works means it can't carry over between missions, otherwise you would get a whole bunch of other problems.

    8. Bill Schneider on

      I think it would be great if in the campaign, the vein unlocks carry over from mission to mission. The veins should be expansive and branching enough that you wouldn't have unlocked everything in the first half of the campaign - hopefully you'll still be unlocking right up to the end.

      In skirmishes/multiplayer/sandbox (my pet dungeon) modes and any others, then starting from scratch is good, with lower costs/faster unlocking to make sure you can actually get somewhere in it faster than in the campaign.

      One issue may be that Greed makes unlocking the vein faster. This would, I imagine, make choosing greed a must for any winning strategy, since if you invested in greed and research quickly, you'd be able to unlock the more powerful things and unlock a lot in all the trees a lot faster. Seems a bit powerful to me. But hopefully will be nicely balanced out.

    9. Missing avatar

      Spike Spiegel 28 on

      First I would like to say thanks to a certain Cynical Brit for pointing me to this fine game here with his video. I really like the approach here and I am looking forward to the game to be released.

    10. Yiangos Stylianou on

      @ D@nzingtree: i think that is where all the fun is. learning to play the game as you would in a tutorial and earning the right to a special feature.

      @François Pillot: the project is likely to be funded but they are cutting it really close. i have noticed that everyday theirs at least 2000 pounds increase.

      i really cant wait for the beta to test.

    11. Missing avatar

      D@nzingtree on

      Will the specialation on a certain vein enable the other veins rooms, or will you just get acess to them not as soon s you want? It would be weird to play a dk related game without a treasury or a trainingroom.

    12. Willem on

      I like the veins of evil implementation. It is akin to an RPG "spec tree" (like in WoW). That's quite cool. So you choose how you approach the game and what you focus on as an underlord (wanted to say Keeper :P, but of course here we are known as underlords!). So yeah, I like this feature. Good work SG!

    13. François Pillot on

      @Yiangos : Yep, that was very cool, and hope they will include those "winks" as well !

      The whole thing looks better and better, and seems to be very close of being fnded, whole-heartedly hoping that will become a reality !!

    14. François Pillot on

      @Yiangos : Yep, that was very cool, and hope they will include those "winks" as well !

      The whole thing looks better and better, and seems to be very close of being fnded, whole-heartedly hoping that will become a reality !!

    15. Yiangos Stylianou on

      What I liked about DK is that when you chose a spell it said its name in Latin in order to give it a evil feel. Will you be doing the same?

    16. loner1200 on

      @Paul Francis
      I had to load DK2 just to make sure I wasn't remembering wrong but rooms, traps and spells all had to be researched when first available but then were ALL available at the start of the levels once unlocked.

    17. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Steel on

      @Yuan Yi Ding

      The first and 2nd games had you re-researching basic stuff each level and it never got dull.

    18. loner1200 on

      I hope the veins carry over from level to level. Otherwise, with even basic rooms such as the treasury, archive, barracks and workshop being unlocks, it sounds like it could get repetitive very fast with little sense of achievement as the game progresses.

    19. Missing avatar

      adveres on

      OOoooOO I like George's idea of "promoting more, smaller bases" with some vein.

      Cool stuff! Can't wait for more info!

    20. Missing avatar

      Anders Gerlev Hansen on

      I love to Turtle through games, especially with Dungeon Keeper have I been really fond of doing so. Which makes me want to make just 1 comment now that we're sort of on the topic: Please no maps based on fast completion. I hate battling the clock in any game. I don't mind defending for a period of time for example, but having to complete objectives before a certain timer runs out, or getting bonuses based on doing something fast is annoying for me when all I want to do is build my evil empire until I am certain I can completely destroy my opponent with one well-planned attack.

    21. Co0kieL0rd on

      I think I'm going to love the Veins of Evil concept :D
      Although George posted some valid questions. I'm looking forward to the answer.

    22. George on

      Interesting choice keeper.

      Will the other sins be present in the game in a minor way?

      And will there be options for promoting the strategy of building smaller dungeons out on the map rather then having just the 1 base of operations?