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A mix of real time strategy and god game. Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
8,351 backers pledged £211,371 to help bring this project to life.

Update #14: A Message From Peter Molyneux, The Creator of Dungeon Keeper

Hey folks,

We've got a special message from Peter Molyneux today... I'll let him do the talking:

Thank you Peter!

We've got a special reveal for reaching £90,000 coming tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

Click here to discuss this update with us in the WFTO IRC

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team


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    1. Haggo on December 26, 2012

      Actually, he DID supervise Dungeon Keeper prior to his depart.

      RIP Bullfrog. How I miss thee.

    2. James Diss on December 23, 2012

      @anders Actually Bullfrog made Dungeon Keeper II. Molyneux was a member of Bullfrog before he ditched it for Lionhead. Likewise the iPad was made by Apple, not Steve Jobs. There's a subtle distinction.

    3. Yiangos Stylianou on December 23, 2012

      @lee moon: Understood.
      Have you ever thought of giving the choice between a female or male narrator.
      Also a bit of evil in the voice goes a long way...

    4. Lee Moon on December 23, 2012

      @Yiangos: That's Richard Ridings, he's the one and only fixed stretch goal at 225k.

    5. Yiangos Stylianou on December 23, 2012

      if the father of the god game supports it, then so will I!
      [question] will the voice at the end of the video be in the game?

    6. Lee Moon on December 23, 2012

      The Man himself! Thanks a lot Peter!

      Also Richard's performance continues to give me goosebumps I'd really like to see this hit 225k to get him on board!

    7. Willem on December 23, 2012

      Thanks Peter Molyneux! Wonderful endorsement. And deserving to be honest. SG have been putting their hearts into this. They have a playable demo, the proof of concept is there. So come on, back this!

    8. Michael Ogstrup Andersen on December 23, 2012

      Wow, that endorsement really made a difference to the backing speed!

    9. Missing avatar

      adveres on December 22, 2012

      That's very nice of Peter.

    10. Peter Jacob on December 22, 2012

      Good guy Peter. Someone else adopts his baby for a remake; offers his endorsement.

    11. Max Madewell on December 22, 2012

      Fund this game dammit! I need my Dungeon Keeper void filled! :D

    12. Kick No Mo on December 22, 2012

      Holy Imp Balls That Was AMAZING!!!

    13. Toy203 on December 22, 2012

      You got Peter!!! AMAZING!

    14. Haggo on December 22, 2012

      Now the only thing missing is the Dungeon Keeper IP in the hands of Subterranean and Rise ...
      *goes drooling*

    15. Rullakebab99 on December 22, 2012

      Some people are utterly bored with the games industry and the crappy unimaginative games churned out to sustain the publisher stockholders´ sports car collection. Funding upstart game studios through Kickstarter is the way to go if you wanna kick that industry to the balls (not that they give a crap, but it´s still refreshing).

    16. Missing avatar

      D@nzingtree on December 22, 2012

      Yeah, hopefully this project gets finally more attention in the (game)medias too.

    17. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on December 22, 2012

      It's great to see a sense of community appearing on the Kickstarter projects, with PM showing support for WFTO, and Chris Roberts showing support for both Godus and Elite: Dangerous.

      Although we know that the game industry breaking away completely from publishes is never going to happen. And in all honesty, it shouldn't as there are some publishers out there that really look after their developers; it is great to see a community spirit surround those who wish to step away from the standard business model.

    18. ThomasN on December 22, 2012

      DK1 was great, but essentially a giant tutorial without much non-tutorial (e.g. multiplayer) maps. Please don't make that mistake!

    19. Missing avatar

      James on December 22, 2012

      Peter is such a stand-up guy.

    20. Ace Knight on December 22, 2012

      Nice one Peter, this way we´ll get funded pretty soon.

    21. IronSpike on December 22, 2012

      Now THAT is awesome. You guys deserve to be proud of yourselves. There's no better endorsement than that.

    22. Thomas Ian Smith on December 22, 2012

      AHH!!!! blinded by awesome!

    23. Yami Usagi on December 22, 2012

      good times coming.. :D

    24. gandalf.nho
      on December 22, 2012

      A great day for WftO

    25. ArchangelX on December 22, 2012

      Incredible...and I read WFTO got mentioned by TB...I actuallly wrote an emal to him hoping he'd check it out and comment! Let's hope this gets the word out.

    26. Anders Mellon Skov Hermansen on December 22, 2012

      Peter made DK? I never knew! :O

    27. Robert Price on December 22, 2012

      Nice one Peter! :)

    28. Typhi on December 22, 2012

      Yes! Great choice Peter! :)

    29. NaGeL Bailey on December 22, 2012

      WFTO is good as founded!