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A mix of real time strategy and god game. Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
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Update #10: The Kickstarter Demo, Interviews & Locked in the Foundry: Episode 1

Hey folks,

Today we’re proud to announce our new demo and introduce our Locked in the Foundry design diary series!

The Kickstarter Demo - Coming Soon!

Based on your feedback, we've built a new demo that allows our fans to experience some of the basic gameplay mechanics of WFTO. In this new demo, you have the ability to summon Blood Imps, cast Possession, construct rooms and command your imps to dig out areas of earth and claim tiles - it's seriously awesome and we cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on it! We expect this demo to be ready to post tomorrow, here's a little sneak peek of some Blood Imps in action:

Locked In The Foundry: Episode 1 

As we live to please you, Underlord, today we are proud to debut our second in-depth design update and the beginning of our “Locked in the Foundry” series of design diaries. This update will focus upon Shrines in War for the Overworld. Also... once you’ve filled your impish mind with newfound knowledge would you mind unlocking the door so we can eat?

We’ve discussed (in passing) the need to get players out on the map — as opposed to turtling until their army is maxed out, or until their enemy foolishly decides to press the defenders advantage — to this end we are pleased to introduce Shrines. These mythical bastions of power lay dormant beneath the depths but will spring to life (figuratively) when your workers claim the surrounding tiles. Today we’ll look at four shrines and their effects. (Please note that the names, artwork, and effects are not final and may change during development)

Fires of War & Stairs of Nephren-Ka

The Fires of War burn brightly when conflicts arise — it is in this shrine that the dying ember of every fire used in war finds its way... keeping its eternal blaze bright. By controlling this shrine your own Foundry will experience a surge in the raw and unforgiving power of this undying fire, speeding the construction of traps and doors. The worker you choose to station at this shrine will find the overpowering heat and ancient schematics allow them to fabricate traps and doors with remarkable ease — increasing productivity by a considerable amount.

The Stairs of Nephren-Ka lead to a dark and otherworldly place. It is a place where a being of horror, so hideous and such an outsider that it defies a name, stalks his endless domain. When you take command of this shrine this creature shall come to your call and defend the area around the shrine (and entrance to his domain) with bloodthirsty glee.

Primordial Tome & Brooding Intellect (Click for a higher resolution image)

The Primordial Tome contains the knowledge of the ancients. By controlling this shrine those working in the Archive will hear whispered knowledge from the scholars trapped within the shrine — speeding their research by a considerable amount. The worker you choose to station at this shrine will hear the steady song of arcane wisdom and find answers to secrets long since forgotten — increasing her productivity by a considerable amount.

With Brooding Intellect in your control your Area of Influence will extend in a wide radius around this shrine, allowing you to … well... we’re going to cover “Area of Influence” in our next design update so you’ll have to wait!


To round this update off, we've got links to the two interviews that have taken place since our last update:

  • We were featured on 8andaHalfBit’s “elevator pitch” series here.
  • We occupied a 30 minute slot on Kick-a-Thon, Cycle 2. You can find our segment here.

Until next time Underlord,

- WFTO Team


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    1. Josef Putík on

      Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay: Thanks for the explanations it seems very interesting. Now I'm curious what's this Outsider book all about -.- Will have to read it I guess

      Also I'm very appealed by the inspiration Sub Games are taking here :-)

    2. Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on

      Just thought I'd point out

      The Black Pharaoh, an insane pharaoh who secured the Shining Trapezohedron for Egypt, but after being convinced by the resident Haunter of the Dark, he had a lightless temple created to hold the stone and the deity within. That temple became a center of abominable happenings, and the rites out carried there were so monstrous the temple was destroyed and the Pharaoh's name was struck from all records and monuments. The Pharaoh was controlled by the cruel god Nyarlathotep, of whom the Haunter of the Dark was likely an avatar."
      I'm guessing the "creature" that is gifted to you for claiming the stairs of Nephren-Ka is The Haunter of the Dark/Nyarlathotep, or possibly The Outsider as hinted at in the description
      ""The Outsider" is written in the first-person narrative style and details the miserable and apparently lonely life of an individual who appears to have never had contact with another individual. The story begins with this narrator explaining his origins. His memory of others is vague, and he cannot seem to recall any details of his personal history, including who he is or where he is from. The narrator tells of his environment: a dark, decaying castle amid an "endless forest" of high, lightless trees. He has never seen natural light, nor another human being, and he has never ventured from the prison-like home he inhabits. The only knowledge the narrator has of the outside world is from his reading of the "antique books" that line the walls of his castle.

      The narrator tells of his eventual determination to free himself from what he sees as an existence within a prison. He decides to climb the ruined staircase of the high castle tower that seems to be his only hope for an escape. At the place where the stairs terminate into crumbled ruin, the narrator begins a long, slow climb up the tower wall, until he eventually finds a trapdoor in the ceiling, which he pushes up and climbs through. Amazingly, he finds himself not at the great height he anticipated, but at ground level in another world."
      Or perhaps an amalgam of the two, and as such a general "Lovecraftian horror"

    3. Ali O. Sukhon on

      This must be the best update so far!

    4. Zack Huggett on

      love it so far, please make sure performance is balanced on the final build,
      i remember many games using this engine and it always seems to play up with odd fps on max settings.
      i still play dungeon keeper 1 and deeper dungeons, two was good but not as good compaired the original.
      hope this game reaches its target as dk is the best rts/rpg/godsim ive had the pleasure of playing.
      you are doing dk justice and i will support you all the way

    5. Missing avatar

      adveres on

      What a fantastic update. I think the tiles look fine. If you wanted to try dulling it slightly it may quell complaints. The shrines seem like an awesome way to force underlords to explore instead of turtling.

      Good stuff! :)

    6. Mr. S. on

      I agree with the notion that the red core looks, shall we say odd.
      The Shrines kick ass though.

    7. Josef Putík on

      I love the lights and shadows in the current version, don't want it to be changed! It looks nice in my opinion, the lights contrast well with the very dark nature, it doesn't look like lasers at all, I also love the shining gems on the floor

      Also thanks for the update looking forward for the demo version tomorrow!

    8. Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on

      I like the glow personally, I like the ambience and it's supposed to be the energy of dark magics.

    9. Shadowrender on

      Excellent, I look forward to showing the new demo around.

    10. Missing avatar

      Target Practice on

      Love the concept artwork for the shrines! But I have to agree with someone's previous comment, the red patch on the tiles seems more at home in a sci-fi laser-filled base than in a dank underground dungeon

    11. David Ortiz on

      "Dungeon Sphincter" instead of Dungeon Heart. LOL. I loved that joke!