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A mix of real time strategy and god game. Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 3, 2013.

A mix of real time strategy and god game. Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius.

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WFTO Wednesday #112: Performance & Flex-goal vote


Hey folks,

This week we’re announcing the results of our backer flex-goal voting and how this impacts all of you. We’ll also be taking a closer look at the impacts of some under-the-hood changes coming in 0.7.0!

Flex Goal Voting Complete!

A few weeks ago we invited our crowd-funding backers to join our backer site, where they could participate in a vote to determine which feature we would work on shortly after our Early-Adopter DLC

We presented our backers with two options for post-release content. A mini-campaign or extended survival mode features. The results of that vote are now in and we’re pleased to announce that we will be developing the survival mode prototype into a fully realised feature post-release free for all players!

So what can you expect from an enhanced survival mode?

  • New maps
  • Mutators
  • Regularly updated survival challenges
  • The ability to create your own survival challenges and send them to your friends (possibly with Workshop integration)
  • Leaderboards, high scores, unlockable cosmetics and achievements
  • And everything fully voiced by the one and only Richard Ridings

We’ll be starting work on this mode shortly after release and you can expect survival mode to be added not long after the release of our first Early-Adoper DLC!

Performance Optimisation

As part of the ongoing work into 0.7.0 we recently pushed a huge amount of performance improvements to our internal build and the difference is staggering. Where previously certain levels and dungeon arrangements were causing the game to chug we’re now finding the performance to be as smooth as a Chunder’s backside.

Shortly prior to this pass we recorded some stats on the previous internal build one of our developers came up with the following:

Pre-Pass performance on Campaign 4

  • Avg: 21.80 FPS
  • Min: 5 FPS
  • Max: 44 FPS

Post-pass performance on Campaign 4

  • Avg: 54 FPS
  • Min: 43 FPS
  • Max: 60 FPS

We’ve yet to see how this has affected the vast majority of systems however on the rented machines we were playing the game on at the press event last week we found that performance was smooth in all but the most extreme circumstances on the highest settings.

Here’s a video we’ve compiled to demonstrate some of the improvements. This video is recorded with fraps and all fog of war turned off, moving the camera in this manner pre-patch on a level as large as this would previously have caused some significant issues.

We’re going to be having another big push for performance improvements in the next few weeks, the results here are just the first few tentative steps towards an optimised, enjoyable experience for all!

Campaign Preview

This week we’ll be sharing with you a little bit more than a few teaser screenshots of the campaign and instead we’re going to invite you to watch Yogscast Hannah playing through the first four levels of the campaign in an early build of 0.7.0!

In these videos you’ll see plenty of the improvements coming in the upcoming patch and we’ve still got a few more coming before it hits live!

You can also see the full livestream over on the Yogscast Twitch Channel!

Be sure to drop by next week when we’ll be talking about one of the most anticipated changes that is coming in the 0.7.0 release!

Until next time Underlord,  

- WFTO Team

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WFTO Wednesday #111: Well of Souls & Press Event

Hey folks,

We’ve been extremely busy over the past few days polishing the game up and introducing new features ready for showcasing an early version of the 0.7.0 build to press this week. As it’s been a stressful week for us all we’ll be recapping a little bit of that work for you today!

Defence Spotlight: Well of Souls  

A churning pit of bitter despair, the Well of Souls Is something many an adventurous hero has heard of but few have seen and even less have lived to tell the tale. Those unfortunate souls who did not return have truly met a fate worse than death, their essence wrenched from their bodies and trapped within the well.

When placed, the Well of Souls will pull at the soul of any enemy unit or units within a small radius, attempting to draw it from the fleshy physical container and into it’s own. As little bits of the victim’s soul are fractured away and drawn into the container it feeds what terrible things lie within, the disembodied essences of once proud heroes.

Once the Well of Souls has dealt enough damage it can unleash this power; freeing the shackled, hungry souls as wraiths which will then viciously assault the weakened hero, crushing the frail organic form and allowing the soul at last to be taken by the Well.

Press Event Recap

Yesterday a few of us attended a press event hosted by our publishing partners Sold Out. We were joined by a dozen or so journalists from various news outlets who would be playing the game, chatting amongst themselves and interviewing us regarding development.

Fittingly we held the event underground, with five computers running an early non-public version of the 0.7.0 patch due for release in march. Shortly after an introduction by our friends from sold out the journalists set about deconstructing the game.

With free pizza and drinks on tap and a relaxed and positive atmosphere their work continued into the night, with journalists swapping between playing the game, chatting with us and each other, interviewing our lead designer and feasting upon the spread available.

Overall the feedback we received seemed extremely positive, we’ve had the excellent opportunity to witness some real professionals at work and received some fantastic direction on where improvements could be made to our internal build before it makes its way to you!

Even though the event was only last night, we've already received our first preview from the event written by Matt Kamen of Wired UK. Give it a read, we’re sure that it’ll warm your dark hearts! On top of that, Hannah from the Yogscast took a look at the build earlier today on the Yogscast Twitch channel (highlights from the stream will be going up on her Youtube channel tomorrow).

Campaign Preview

This week in our campaign preview let us take you away for a moment from the evil workings of your dungeon and take a second to appreciate the smaller things in life, dwarves for example! Long standing members of the Empire; Dwarves are short, angry little ankle biters whose love for the forge is second only to their love of hard booze.

No one however can deny the impeccable work of Dwarven masonry, as seen here in this Dwarven dungeon. But what could their purpose in this realm in particular be? You’ll soon find out when WFTO releases on April 2nd! 

Until next time Underlord, 

- WFTO Team 

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WFTO Wednesday #110: Glacial Door & EGX Rezzed


Hey folks,

Today we’ve got some news on an upcoming defence, events, and our weekly campaign preview. We’re sure you’re practically salivating for some more news so read on Underlords and sate your hunger!

Defence Spotlight: Glacial Door

The Augre’s have been at it again. Locked away in the Foundry for over a month now, they’ve been working on a new door to keep those pesky heroes at bay.

This door has to be tougher, stronger and faster on it’s hinges than any other door that has come before, the Augres have become so focussed on this task that they’ve even enlisted the aid of a gaggle of Witch Doctors to imbue the door’s already impressive Augrum metal with their foul magics. Once the sound of clanging metal, insane chanting and occasional screams died down they emerged with the Glacial Door.

The Glacial Door is one of the toughest doors in the game, The frost magic weaved by the Witch Doctors onto the surface of the door gives it an shimmering icy barrier and a uniquely defensive effect. When the Glacial Door is closed the magical enchantment will gradually encase the door itself under sheets of magic ice, increasing the door’s health over time.

Once the door’s health is maxed out the frost will permeate through the stone of neighbouring walls, shielding them from conventional tools such as pickaxes. Simply put the Glacial Door is easily the most durable door and when charged it becomes even more effective at keeping your enemies out!

WFTO at EGX Rezzed 2015

We’re pleased to announce we will be attending EGX Rezzed in London this March. We’ll be taking the 0.7.0 build of the game and showing it off to the public! In fact some boxes arrived this week which may or may not be related!

 For us the greatest thing at these events is being given the opportunity to interact with our fans which is why we’d love to invite you to drop by and say hi. If you’re already planning to attend Rezzed this year or just want to keep up to date you can follow us either on our Facebook Event page or our Twitter.

If you’re interested in coming to Rezzed tickets are still available here. We’ll be exhibiting from the 12th of March to the 14th.

Reminders: Game Delay & Backer Site

Last week we made two extremely important announcements! If you haven’t read them we highly recommend you go back and do so.

The first was the unfortunate news regarding a month of delay until launch, but it’s not all bad news as we also announced how that same delay will mean the game you receive will be better for you. To hear more about the delay please read WFTO Wednesday #109: Rated D for Delayed. Big sorry.

We also announced that our backer site is now online and that invites are on their way out to all of our backers. We expect that all the invites should have been sent out by Saturday so if you haven’t received your invite by then please get in touch! If you’re a crowdfunding backer then read the full announcement here!

Campaign Preview 

Another week means we can present you another small sneak peak at the campaign, this time we can see two Underlord’s present in one glorious image. Underlord Rhaskos seems like he might be in bad shape here, what relationship could there be between Rhaskos and the player? You’ll need to play the campaign to find out!

 Please note the internal build is currently being transitioned to Unity 5 so some effects, especially lighting is not representative of the intended appearance. 

Until next time Underlord, 

- WFTO Team 

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Backer Site Launched!


Hey folks,

We’re pleased to announce that our long-awaited backer site is finally going live starting from the moment this announcement goes out! If you’re a crowdfunding backer then this will be a truly auspicious day for you as this site will provide the services that will allow us to fulfill your rewards!

Invites to the backer site will be sent out in waves over the next week!

We’ll be sending staggered waves of invites to all our backers individually via email. Don’t worry if you’ve not received one yet as you’ll most certainly receive an invite in the course of the coming week. Upon receiving your invite you will be able to login to the site. 

Once you have access you’ll be able to do the following (Depending on your tier): 

  • View details regarding your reward tier 
  • Update your personal details including shipping address 
  • Enter data for digital rewards such as adding your name to a unit pool or the credits Select options regarding physical rewards such as shirt design or size 
  • Cast your vote on Flex Goals 

 Be sure to drop by as soon as you've got your invite. If you have any issues with the backer site please contact us via our help and support forum

Until next time Underlord, 

- WFTO Team

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WFTO Wednesday #109: Rated D for Delayed


Hey folks,

As you might have guessed by the big, massive letters above: we’ve got a tiny, final delay.

The Delay

So this delay is a bit of a mixed bag. A bit of good and a bit of disappointment — but before you cry out in dismay — we want to make it clear that we’re only delaying the release by 27 days. 27 final, no-more-delays days. The game will be absolutely and finally released on April 2nd (and after just over 2 and ½ years we’re preemptively declaring it a wondrous day).

The good news is that these extra few weeks allow us to add a ton of polish to the game (since we were already gunning for a March release, we now have some time to go back and add some extra flair to existing assets, and add a little extra polish to our campaign).

 We’re sure you’re keen to know the reason for this final delay, and the truth of the matter is that there was a bit of a miscommunication between ourselves and PEGI. PEGI is the ratings board that is relevant to our physical, boxed release in Europe, and, because we are bound by this, our responsibilities to our backers who purchased boxed copies, and our commitment to release our game in stores, we have to wait an additional few weeks before release.

The miscommunication resulted in us having to delay our submission to PEGI, which means that our boxed copies of the game can’t be printed yet, which, unfortunately, delays our final street date. We hope that you will understand this one final hurdle — as a new developer we’re still at the tail end of the learning curve… and we’re confident that this final jump will be the last we have to leap over before the game is released.

The reason that our submission was delayed was a result of the addition of cutscenes to the game. Per regulation, these need to be evaluated by the aforementioned board before the game can be rated. It turns out that our cutscenes also need to be rated by the board, and if we had known this in advance we would have begun working on them much sooner. This terribly unfortunate miscommunication left our cutscenes incomplete when we submitted our game to the ratings board.

That said, in a few weeks they will be done and assessed by the ESRB, along with the rest of the game, at which point we’ll have our game confirmed and rated, and our manufacturers will be sent the OK to begin printing our boxed copies.

With all of those technical difficulties settled, let’s jump into a basket of good news and talk about what this delay means for the final release.

Early Adopter Bonus

We’re happy to announce our “Early Adopter” bonus! Everyone who purchased the game during (or before) the first month of release will be given WFTO’s first campaign DLC for free.

This expansion will be a short campaign that supplements and adds to the story of the main campaign. It also contains a new Dungeon Theme for use in Multiplayer.

This DLC will be released in June of 2015, but as you’ve doubtlessly seen our deadlines our less important to us than delivering shiny, solid gold content to you. We’ll reveal more details about this DLC, in addition to our plans for numerous free updates, shortly before release.

So, why are we doing this?

It’s a bit of an experiment, and our attempt to replace pre-order bonuses — an unfortunately all-too-common practice that isn’t consumer friendly for a variety of reasons. Chief among them, they force a potential player to gamble on a game before there is any hard feedback on the final product.

Our hope with this offer is that players will feel encouraged to pick up the game at full price (ie: before any big sales) whilst still giving them plenty of time to consult reviews, YouTube videos, and friends for general impressions and information about the game before they make a commitment to purchase it.

To answer some quick questions about our Early Adopter bonus:

  • This does not impact the backer-voted Flex Goal options (once the vote has taken place we’ll give you more details on when you should see this)
  • More details on what this DLC contains will be released at a later date (shortly after launch)
  • All Kickstarter backers, Early Access buyers, and anyone who already has a copy of the game will receive it (along with anyone that purchases a copy of the game during the first month of release)
  • All Steam purchases of the game will receive the Early Adopter bonus. This bonus applies until May 2nd, 2015 (purchases from other digital venues may vary slightly)
  • It will also be included in all retail copies in most regions

The Map Editor

We’re going to start working on the map editor before launch and will be releasing it before the end of May. This will be a basic implementation of the editor that will allow players to create their own maps for Multiplayer & Skirmish, with pre-placed rooms, Shrines, Artefacts, minions etc. and then upload them to Steam Workshop for other users to use & enjoy.

In addition, you’ll also be able to create your own Skirmish AI personalities, customizing their build orders and behaviour, such as how often and how early they should attack, if they focus heavily on mining gold, etc. You’ll also be able to share these on the Steam Workshop. This feature will be released before the end of June.

We also want to be clear that at this time we don’t plan to include any scripting functionality in the editor, but we are investigating the possibility of including it at a later date and will keep you updated.


For those of you who may have skimmed the above:

  • Release is delayed until April 2nd due to a mix-up with PEGI
  • The game will contain cutscenes
  • Anyone who purchases the game before May 2nd (including all backers / Early Access customers) will receive the first DLC for free (release date is somewhere around June (give or take...))
  • Map editor will be out before the end of May, Skirmish AI customization in June

And lastly, we just want to run through some dates and details for the next few months:

  • This week we’ll be launching the backer site, allowing our Kickstarter backers to give us their final address, t-shirt sizes, and other details, as well as voting on the Flex Goal they want to see
  • In mid-February we’re hosting a small preview event for press, we’ll have more details on this later
  • In mid-March we’ll be launching v0.7.0 which will introduce a huge amount of polish to the game
  • In mid-March we’re also going to be attending Rezzed
  • We may or may not have plans for April 1st
  • After a very long 2 and ½ years, the game will release on April 2nd

Campaign Preview

We’re sure that reading all the above has left you longing for some sweet sweet destruction; as such we’re going to close with some more concept art for the campaign map.

Unlike last week’s preview, which showed the map in it’s pristine and disgustingly goodly state, this week we’re going to show you how the fruits of your dark labour may look with a concept of the realm of Kairos post-pillaging!

We’re sure you can’t wait to get started on your conquest, we know that today’s announcement may have been disappointing, but we’re still working diligently to deliver the game to you and can’t wait to see the havoc you will wreak once we place the future of Kairos firmly in your evil hands!

That’s it for this week Underlords, drop by next week when we’ll be returning to our normal schedule of development updates! For all our Kickstarter and crowdfunding backers — keep your eyes open tomorrow as we’ll be announcing the launch of our Backer Site!

Until next time Underlord, 

- WFTO Team 

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