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War for the Overworld is a next-generation Dungeon Management Game that sees you as a villainous god-like entity in charge of running your very own Dungeon.Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and Evil Genius.
8,351 backers pledged £211,371 to help bring this project to life.

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WFTO Wednesday #125: Testing the Waters


Hey folks,

We’re teetering on the very edge of a huge update to the game, Patch 1.1 is just around the corner and we’re nearly ready to take the plunge. However before we grab the goggles and dive right in we’d like to add an extra level of polish and fix up some remaining issues before it goes out to the public.

With that said we’re now at the stage where we’re happy that the vast majority of 1.1 is nailed down and we want to get it in your hands as soon as possible. To that end we’ve uploaded the current version to the Pre-Test Branch and it’s now available for you to access! Read on to find out how.

Patch 1.1 going live on Pre-Test Branch soon!

A few weeks ago we announced that we’ll be pushing Patch 1.1 our to a public test branch which you can opt into for an opportunity to play the patch early. You can now read about how to opt into the branch in this thread on our forums, ready for it’s launch tomorrow!

We’ve been working hard to try and limit the number of issues that have made it through the cracks before pushing the patch up to this opt-in branch but we expect a few bugs will still be present. If you do encounter any please report them to us in our PTB Bug report forums.

You can read the full patch notes for patch 1.1 on the PTB via this link.

Preview: New Maps included in Patch 1.1

Previously we’ve showcased three of the new levels that will be releasing in 1.1, today we’ve got a real treat for you as we’ve setup an Imgur Album which contains a full collection of mini maps for the new Skirmish & Multiplayer levels.

 There are twelve new maps in total which should give you plenty of opportunity to demonstrate your martial prowess to your friends, or perhaps even knock Steven Fright down a peg or two.  

View the full Imgur Album here!

Update on DRM-Free version

In WFTO Wednesday #122 we announced that the DRM-Free version of WFTO will be released with Patch 1.1. Unfortunately due to a number of issues, primarily that an appropriate installer file is not yet ready for distribution, we will be unable to release this alongside Patch 1.1. This is a result of us focussing most of our technical resources on the development of Patch 1.1.

Rest assured that we’re committed to delivering a DRM-Free version of the game shortly after Patch 1.1 once we can refocus resources towards implementing appropriate installer software and ensuring that an appropriate delivery method exists for said installer.

Until next time Underlord,  

- WFTO Team  

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WFTO Wednesday #124: Nine Tenths of the Law


 Hey folks,

We’re nearly done with our Patch 1.1 previews and the soft-launch to test is just around the corner we’re still doing some final internal tests and fixes before the patch itself launches to the test branch.

This week we’re going to take a look at one of the more regularly requested features that we’ve been working on for 1.1, our very first new iteration on Possession gameplay.

Patch 1.1: Possession Overhaul

Since the release of WFTO we’ve been taking a look at the possession system and options that we can pursue to enhance the experience to bring it more in line with our original expectations. We’re looking for plenty of feedback on this as we continue to develop it as we expect that Patch 1.1 may be just the start of further work on possession.

See below for a video showing the dungeon from the eyes of a few different units:

To summarise the video:

  • Targeting Reticule added to Possession
  • Cameras moved so that they no longer clip through units
  • Camera movements tied more closely to unit movement giving each a unique feel
  • Additional feedback added for hits and targeting

Please feel free to let us know what you think of possession and any areas where you’d like to see improvement on in the comments here or in our forum thread for this topic.

Patch 1.1: Room Info Panel

For the last few weeks we’ve been showing off the different info panel designs coming in 1.1 which will be feeding you critical information about any object your mouse cursor is hovering over. To finally bring these to a close we’ll be looking at the info panels for rooms.

Much like the defences that we highlighted last week each room in War for the Overworld has it’s own unique features. This meant that every info panel had to be designed to identify the key information a player will need from the room.

No two rooms, with the exception of a few extremely simple examples such as the bridge will ever give you the same information but we’ve done our best to ensure that they’ll be telling you exactly what you need to know. 

Small Kickstarter Update: Physical Copies in our storeroom 

Yesterday we received a rather large shipment which should please a few of you who are patiently awaiting the fulfillment of your Kickstarter. We’ve received our Physical copies of the game which we will be sending out once we start fulfillment. 

 While we’re not starting just yet (as we’re waiting on other physical swag) we wanted to keep you informed of developments so you know that we’ve not forgotten about those of you who pioneered the way to the Overworld! 

That’s it for this week Underlord, remember to keep your eyes peeled for further news updates as we’re intending to release the 1.1 Pre-Test Branch sometime soon! 

Until next time Underlord, 

 - WFTO Team 

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WFTO Wednesday #123: Balancing Act


Hey folks,

We’ve been listening to your resounding voice, the desire to bring destruction to your rivals in patch 1.1 is growing and your slavering has quite frankly made the floor rather slippery. With that in mind this week we’ll be announcing the upcoming patch 1.1 Public Test Branch as well as more changes coming in 1.1! 

So chin up Underlord, wipe the saliva off and get ready for more info on patch 1.1!

Patch 1.1 and Public Testing

We’ll be uploading Patch 1.1 to a public test branch towards the end of the month, this will give you the opportunity to playtest the patch before it comes out. It also gives us the chance to have some additional willing participants testing the game and hopefully rooting out any issues we’ve missed during our internal tests.

When the PTB is made live you will be able to opt in to the public test from your steam account, you’ll have access to all Patch 1.1 features though we fully expect a few bugs to still be present and that’s where you come in.

If you wish to participate in testing you will be able to report bugs to our special PTB forum, we’ll handle these bugs as soon as we possibly can to have them fixed ready for the official release of the patch. Provided that the PTB is stable we’ll be releasing the patch at earlies 1 week after the launch of the PTB.

We hope that some of you will eagerly participate in the test to help us ensure that patch 1.1 is our most stable yet!

Patch 1.1 Preview: Upcoming Balance changes

Alongside the huge array of fixes, overhauls and features Patch 1.1 will also be heralding a new wave of balance changes. Some of which we’ve been carefully implementing on the back of player feedback, here’s just a small subset of changes coming to balance in 1.1:

Defence Mana Costs

  • Bombard reduced from 25 to 15
  • Blade Lotus reduced from 20 to 10
  • Bone Chiller reduced from 25 to 15
  • Ember Rift reduced from 150 to 100
  • Gargoyle cost per second reduced from 25 to 20
  • Glacial Door increased from 0 to 10
  • Warding Totem reduced from 25 to 15
  • Well of Souls reduced from 40 to 25

We feel that Sloth players who value their defences and wrath players who wish to make use of more ember demons are being too heavily punished by the mana costs of having some traps as such we’re reducing the mana lock of almost all defences across the board. This will free up players to either conserve some additional mana for other spells, workers or even more devious traps!

Garrison & Replacement Wall Effectiveness


  • Increased Garrison damage resistance granted to walls from 50% to 75%
  • Increased buff duration from 3 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Increased defence health regen from 2%/s to 2.5%/s
  • Removed defence damage resistance buff
  • Removed wall fortification speed buff

Augrum Wall

  • Max health is now 600 instead of 400
  • All 600 health is now fortified instead of the last 200
  • Part requirement reduced from 5 to 3
  • Gold cost reduced from 4000 to 2250

Replacement Earth

  • Increased gold cost from 400 to 1000

These changes will help to increase the defensive effectiveness of walls when paired with a nearby Garrison, with the increased damage resistance it will be much harder for enemy workers to break your walls when it is buffed by a manned Garrison.

Furthermore we’ve reduced the gap in effectiveness to price ratio of Augrum Wall and Replacement Earth, the Augrum wall is now much more powerful and cost effective and should be an effective alternative to Replacement Earth for sloth players to use.

There are many more balance changes on their way in the 1.1 Patch, keep your eyes peeled for the patch notes upon release of the patch.

Patch 1.1 Preview: Defence Info Panel

The info panels are still coming along nicely and we finished the implementation of the new defences info last night these have been some of the most unique panels to design as nearly every defence has a unique feature which needs to be accounted for.

We’ve attempted to tailor the info panel for each defence to give you exactly the information you need to know about it and it’s active ability. Whether it has a cooldown, is enabled or ready to be used you’ll now know exactly what to expect from your defence!

That’s it for this week Underlords join us again next Wednesday for more news on the upcoming 1.1 patch!

Until next time Underlord,

 - WFTO Team

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WFTO Wednesday #122: Tons of Maps!


Hey folks,

Development of Patch 1.1 is in full swing and it’s shaping up to be quite the overhaul, building upon feedback from you we’ve been picking and choosing where to put our design resources, in some cases we’ve been taking suggestions direct from the community, especially for the new maps, which we’ll be touching on today with a few previews of more patch 1.1 content!

Patch 1.1 Preview: New Skirmish & Multiplayer Maps

One of the most hotly awaited features of this new patch is the upcoming overhauls to Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. We’re once again reintroducing 4-player maps after the optimisations and fixes we’ve made to them and we’re also implementing the new Lobby system which is vastly improved over the current one.

Alongside this overhaul we’ve implementing a whole host of new maps, some designed internally, others coming from community suggested maps (suggest your own over in this thread!)

We’re sure that you’re eager to get your hands on these new lands to conquer so we’ve assembled a few overviews of the maps you can expect to see. Read on Underlords!

Scorch (4 Player Map) by Nutter666  

Scorch is a brand new 4-Player map which pits the Underlords in contention for a vast lava lake, with lava on all sides each player is going to have to carefully manage their spaces and defences as once the stone bridges start being laid down attacks can come from any side.  

There is however one way to strike at your opponents without the benefits of fine masonry. A pocket of brimstone lies in the centre sealing each player off from one and other, when destroyed this will open up the center of the map and potentially your enemies for their impending demise. But beware such a central target is a prime place to attract the ire of all Rival Underlords, one would be foolish to get caught in the crossfire.

Flower (4 Player Map) by Marados  

In contrast to Scorch where the lava encourages attacks from all sides once the necessary tech has been researched, Flower is a very different beast. Each player starts in a large area of dirt tiles surrounded by a thin sliver of impenetrable stone. Only a few entry ways exist into each players area allowing them to control the flow of units with clever use of choke points.

While those defensively minded Underlords may be tempted to hide away in their fortified areas, safe in the knowledge that the enemy cannot breach them... for now... those Underlords who find themselves more aggressively inclined will no doubt happen across plenty of rewards outside their protective shell. With plenty of Shrines, Gateways and Gold there are plenty of objects for you to fight over.

Lonely Mountain (2 Player Map) by Marados  

All this talk about 4-Player may have left you feeling like we've forgotten those of you who prefer a more intimate duel. Rest assured there are plenty of 2-Player maps on their way in 1.1, Lonely mountain is just one of such maps.  

Seperated by a maze of Impenetrable stone these rival Underlords will find it might be some time until they meet one and other, by which point their dungeons will have expanded into their respective sides of the map. Combat on this map is expected to be close and bloody with fighting occuring over the treasured Mana Shrines that sit in the center of the map. Controlling both of these shrines could easily determine the course of a battle and securing them will be paramount to any hope of destroying your opponent's Dungeon Core.  

These are just a small selection of the maps available in the upcoming 1.1 build and there are many more to come. If you'd like to see more let us know and we'll look to include a few more in next week's WFTO Wednesday!

 Patch 1.1 Preview: More Information! 

Last week we gave you an insight into some of the changes coming to the Info panel in the next patch. The reception we received seemed to indicate that many of you are happy to see the changes coming in, with that in mind we thought we’d show off some more of the WIP Info Panel, this week focusing on the new unit panels. 

As with the props we demonstrated last week we’ve completely gone over each unit to determine exactly the information we feel most important to reveal to you. 

 This means that the different unit types have their own information shown, beasts for example do not show the stats which are not relevant to them as such stats such as efficiency and wage will not be cluttering up your beast information. 

 Overall you’ll be seeing a lot more information placed right at your fingertips at all opportunities. Do you believe there are any areas thatl need special attention? Anything you think we might have missed? Be sure to leave a comment below and on our forums! 

DRM-Free version coming with Patch 1.1 

Many of you have been patiently awaiting news on the DRM-Free version of War for the Overworld and we’re happy to announce that this long-awaited version will finally be releasing alongside Patch 1.1.

This DRM-Free version will be available to anyone who has kickstarted the project or bought the game via the humble store on our website. Of course as we will be pulling steam features out of the game there will be a few key differences to the DRM-Free version:

  • Online Multiplayer will not be accessible, LAN Multiplayer still supported 
  • Achievements will not be awarded 
  • Cloud Saving is removed 
  • DLC Support is currently up in the air, Access to exclusive themes may be limited 
  • Minor Patches will likely be less frequent than the steam version due to difficulty in delivery 

 We will be doing our best to ensure that the differences between versions are as minimal as possible so those of you itching to play the game but not wanting to do so on steam will have the best experience we can provide. 

We’ll also be exploring options to return some features in the future. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for more news on the DRM-Free version as well as more news regarding 1.1. 

That’s it for this week Underlord, tune in next week for more tantalising teasers of 1.1! 

Until next time Underlord, 

 - WFTO Team 

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WFTO Wednesday #121: Information is Power


Hey folks,

Its been a quiet week over at Subterranean HQ, we’ve taken the opportunity to let a few of us spread our wings and have some short breaks to see the outside world.

Honestly we think it’s been rather oversold... In all our forays outside, strange frozen raindrops have assaulted us from the skies. The superstitious among have claimed that such signs herald the end times, or are punishment from the divine lord Sammy for abandoning our posts.

Still that doesn’t mean we’ve not been hard at work and continuing to improve the game for you read on for the progress this week! 

Patch 1.1 Progress - Information Panel 

Although we’ve been “blessed” by receiving the punishment of the sky gods there are those of us still slaving away on the new and returning features for patch 1.1. Progress is going well and we’re still on track for the release within a months time. 

Over the next few weeks you can expect a couple of teasers from us with details of the changes coming up in the patch, we’ll be showing these off as and when they become available for us to do so. 

First up is the information panel which is receiving a complete design review, the “Dev text” which was previously prevalent in this panel has now been replaced with friendly ’descriptive text and important information for the player. 

All props, units, rooms and tiles will display the information that we feel it’s important that you know about that particular object. For example the purpose of each prop is now readily available, ownership is now clarified and generally the whole panel is now tidied up.

We’ve still got some work to do so any feedback is welcome, be sure to leave a message over on our forums! 

The Future of WFTO Wednesdays 

Since the completion of our Kickstarter Campaign we have been releasing a WFTO Wednesday update every week, it’s always been our goal to keep you informed of where development is at as well as to tease some of the things you could expect to see in War for the Overworld. 

 Now that the game has released practically all of the information is already in public hands and our focus for War for the Overworld now on long term maintenance and expansion rather than the development of news units, spells or rooms. As such it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to fill in these regular news posts with brand new information that you don’t already know. 

 We can feel the twilight days of these posts fast approaching, but before the end we want you to know our plans well in advance. Next month we will be stopping our weekly news posts, instead we’ll simply be posting news as it develops and then recapping it at a set time in the month. 

 It’s our hope that this will save not only our time but yours as well and help us avoid the times where WFTO Wednesday is naught but a few lines. Naturally we’ll be remaining active on the forums and we’ll be posting all news to our social media channels and steam as well. You will always be able to contact us there! 

 WFTO Wednesday will be running for a few more weeks and then we’ll be switching over to monthly news recaps. Thank you all for sticking with us through all these years and we hope for many more to come! 

Until next time Underlord, 

- WFTO Team 

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