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Buy votes, make free trade agreements, manipulate the IMF, extract wealth, ruin everything. The map is upside-down.

" roleplay as an exaggerated, tongue-in-cheek version of the tie-wearing ultra-capitalist psychopaths who are responsible for the current dire state of the global economy." --Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"DEFCON with a bail-out instead of a bomb." --PC Gamer

"Everything... there to make you feel like the powerful, greedy person you aspire to be." --IndieGames

"This is one worth supporting, unless Alter has some nefarious plans to move the seed money into Swiss bank accounts. Wait a minute!" --Kill Screen

Neocolonialism is the game that I have always wanted: a really fun game with strategic depth and with real-world, socially constructive implications.

The game is about ruining the entire world via unchecked capitalism. This is a game of tense negotiation, staggering sociopathy, and sarcasm. This is a game of world conquest without any armies or war--you never own any piece of land, but you will become a powerful influence throughout the globe.

In Neocolonialism, you will:

  • Buy votes in national parliaments
  • Elect a Prime Minister
  • Exploit the working class
  • Make free trade agreements
  • Manipulate the International Monetary Fund
  • Liquidate your assets into your Swiss bank account.

If you want to know more about real-world neocolonialism, read this.

Good question! Two reasons:

1) To evoke a sense of discomfort. You're playing as the Man. You are not the Good Guys.

2) To exemplify the north-south dichotomy of the world, wherein the southern hemisphere is generally poorer than the northern hemisphere.

A lot, actually. I started working on Neocolonialism in Fall 2011 as a side project, but have since made development of the game my full-time job.

There is a free, playable alpha prototype at It is Windows-only, and is missing some important features (like the ability to connect to the Internet). I have been releasing updates every few months. I hope to arrive at a feature-complete beta sometime this winter, and have a final build for $10 in Summer 2013 (the software itself will be free, but you will need an online account to play). This final build will be compatible with Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, and hopefully iOS as well.

I have also been demoing and showcasing Neocolonialism at all sorts of festivals and events--I was at MAGFest from January 3rd-6th, and will be at PAX East in March.

Because even though much has been accomplished, I'm not done yet! Nor can I finish without some additional funding.

I am right now living off my savings, which means that time and rent money are basically the same thing. The $10K I ask for will cover life's expenses into the summer so that I can finish Neocolonialism and release it. Without the additional money, I cannot complete this project.

The rewards are mostly self-explanatory. Some things worth mentioning:

The Game:  The listed August 2013 is an estimated time of completion, rather than an actual deadline (see "Risks and Challenges").

The Beta: I am hoping that this will be done before PAX (late March) and I'll keep you updated about this, too.

The Cool Wallpapers: These will be a large Subaltern Games logo and an upside map of the world.

The T-Shirt: It will look like this:

The Corporate Logo: Currently, in the game, you have a tiny icon, your 'corporate logo', which symbolizes how many votes you have in different regions. In the next release, there will be a large version of your logo on the screen on the bottom right, as well as the option of seeing other players' super-sized logos. If you donate $250, send me a design idea and, if you'd like, the name of your corporation, and it will be in the game in both large and icon-sized format.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As a newcomer to the video game industry, I have often arrived at deadlines either drastically early or drastically late. The good news is that, should the kickstarter succeed, I WILL complete Neocolonialism. However, although I have listed the estimated time of completion as August 2013, and the estimated release of the closed beta, each of those could be off by a few months, give or take.


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