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Beer Diplomacy has been solving the world's problems, one beer at a time, for a few months now. We are hoping to give our show a makeover & relaunch

Beer Diplomacy ( is a weekly show about political and social issues, for the geek in all of us. We discuss current political and social issues with big names from the Social Media and podcasting world. Previous guests include Leo Laporte, Tom Merritt, Jim Louderback, Baratunde Thurston, and more. We've got lots of great guests booked for the future as well.

Problem is, the show is pretty scrappy. I run it from my apartment in Brooklyn, with only my PC, webcam, and inexpensive audio mixer. Thanks to the wonders of social media, we have been able to get some of the biggest names in podcasting to join us for some booze and discussion. After 23 episodes, we feel it is time that the look of the show match the quality of content and guests.

In order to achieve this, we are looking to purchase a high end Mac, new audio equipment, new cameras, and a macbook pro so we can take the show on the road as well. We have done 2 episodes on location, but had to rely on the generosity of friends to come out and supply sufficient equipment for us to pull it off. We'd also like to develop an iPhone/Pad app to help promote the show.

We also need the proper software to run the show on a mac.


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