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Strange Monsters is a music and words collaboration of imaginative fiction and poetry set to original contemporary jazz.
Strange Monsters is a music and words collaboration of imaginative fiction and poetry set to original contemporary jazz.
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Free Poem: Infidelity

Posted by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (Creator)

We're so close! We only need about $1,400 more, and we've got 8 days to get it! Please donate, pass the word along, send good-luck vibes our way--every bit helps! And thanks so much to everyone who's helped us so far. We couldn't have gotten this far without all your support.

The easiest way to describe Strange Monsters is as an album of my writing read by actors and accompanied by Peter's music. I've been talking a lot about the fiction that will be included in the project--and the sample track (please listen if you haven't already; we think it turned out great!) is fiction. But there will be also be a track of about 4-5 poems. These poems will cover topics of sex and death, silence and noise, light and dark. We've arranged the poems to form a sort of narrative, and Peter's already written haunting piano music to play behind them.

One of those poems is "Infidelity," a poem that appeared years ago in the Austin International Poetry Festival's di-verse-city anthology. I'm offering it for free reading below. If you like it, please share, donate, comment, let me know!


I've married infidelity. The ring around my finger
stings acid rain against my skin. Its raw mark
burns permanent the way I never was. I lingered

too long in the ice air. Frost clings to me
where your hands once were. If I were shocked by your spark,
I would have abandoned infidelity, let you wring

its scrawny neck, take down the eyesore body, that dead ringer
for a woman unwrapped on a pedestal. But I peeled the arc
of her hips, burning temporary. I’ve been known to linger

in your steep footsteps. When you asked me to find a key
to please, I found freedom in a foreign kiss. It was stark.
Infidelity asked me before you; it slipped a ring 'round me.

Flattered, I fell into sheets without you. Foolish bringer
of ache, I wronged your sleeping promise. Our bed was dark,
and I held your fire for light. But shadows permanently linger.

I stroke them. I fall and finger
the soft flesh folds. They ask me, do you take this mark
to be your lawful-wedded-wife? Infidelity does. This ring
is a crackling ember. It will soon burn out.

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