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Silo Mesh Card is the modern multi-tool for your pocket. Keep it in your wallet or let it become your wallet. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 24, 2013.

Silo Mesh Card is the modern multi-tool for your pocket. Keep it in your wallet or let it become your wallet.

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Uncrate "a versatile little addition to your pocket"

Cool Material "just 1.5mm thick, weighs just 12 grams and... actually has some ingenuity behind it"

Desire This "about time someone created a light weight user friendly multi tool"

Cult of Mac "The Mesh Card is a wallet so small and slim that it’ll fit inside a single card pocket in your own fat wallet"

A Gentleman's Word "save your pocket from ‘fat wallet syndrome’"

LoveThat Mag  "the modern day Swiss army knife multi-tool"

Crafted from Titanium with scratch-resistant TiCN coating, the Mesh Card is built to last and includes removable silicone band for holding cards and currency. Thin and versatile; this ultra-light wallet is also a Smartphone stand, bottle opener and will even help shield your credit card details from RFID theft

In your Wallet

At just 1.5mm (0.06") thin and the same outline as a credit card, the Mesh Card is slim enough to slide into any wallet unnoticed. Pull it out to crack open a beer, set up a mini cinema or take a hands-free Skype meeting (wherever you and your wallet travel). The titanium acts as a shield against contactless credit card theft, so you'll instantly receive an RFID-blocking upgrade to your humble wallet. 

As your wallet 

The Mesh Card was also designed to be used as a standalone wallet (with a few extra tricks up its sleeve). Super slim and only 12 grams (0.42 ounces), the Mesh Card may be one of the slimmest, lightest and strongest wallets ever made. With Silo's proprietary removable silicone band (included), the Mesh Card will easily hold up to 8 cards and several notes, making it the perfect slim-down night wallet or everyday wallet for the minimalist. The optional polycarbonate bumper card (included) can be used to separate your RFID credit card from the Mesh Card to enable contactless transactions (disabling the RFID shield). Alternatively, the bumper card can be used as a top plate cover for your standalone wallet.

Built to last 

At Silo, we don't believe in using inferior materials. Aerospace grade Titanium has been selected for its exceptional strength to weight ratio and natural resistance to corrosion (will not rust). The premium quality matte black TiCN coating (the same PVD coating used on some high-end watches) adds surface scratch resistance. The silicone band has exceptional strength, memory and operating life. Similarly, the polycarbonate bumper card is versatile, super tough and built to last. The Silo Mesh Card will outlast your old leather wallet, your credit cards and your Smartphone. 

Considered design 

Through refinement during prototyping and testing, the geometry of the Titanium Mesh Card reflects all that is required for functional performance - nothing more and nothing less. The grid structure creates a lightweight, high strength product that is also unique and minimal. The Smartphone stand, bottle opener and silicone band clip are seamlessly and discretely integrated into the product. The silicone band complements the Mesh Card and is secured to resist detachment during use. It’s obviously not the first wallet (or minimalist wallet for that matter), far from it, which is why we’ve tried to add value passively, creatively and without compromise. Ultimately, we think you’ll like having a Mesh Card in your pocket.

Your Help

To bring this product to life, Silo needs your help. All of the processes used to create the Titanium Mesh Card (Hot wire EDM, de-burring, stone tumbling, machining, PVD coating, laser etching, compression moulding and die cutting) require significant investment for full production. Silo has already invested in the refinement of these processes and prototype tooling (some of which can be utilised for production), however your pledge is needed to commence mass production and ensure product viability. You'll be helping a start-up launch a new product, and in return you'll receive one of the very first Silo Mesh Cards that you can't buy anywhere. 

Prototyping the Mesh Card

At Silo we love a good (and bad) prototype. We’ve made several rough prototypes in our workshop to test concepts and outsourced more refined manufacturing processes as we moved along. We’ve learnt a lot along the way and didn’t arrive at the final design by accident. Various geometry, plate thickness, machined detailing, raw materials (6061 Aluminium, various SS grades), raw material manufacturing processes (stamping, laser cutting, water jet cutting), surface coatings (raw, sand blasting, stone tumbling, anodising, powder coating) were utilised and tested. We could have selected any of these cheaper materials and/or processes but it would have been a compromise (thickness, strength, memory, weight, corrosion resistance, RFID shielding capabilities, look, feel and/or coating resilience). In the end, we’ve designed a simple (yet considered) premium item.

General Specifications

What's included with a Mesh Card?

The Mesh Card package includes: 

  • Silo Titanium Mesh Card (black) 
  • Removable silicone band (black)
  • Bumper card (black). 

Smartphone stand compatibility 

The Mesh Card does not fix / attach to the phone, it simply supports the phone in an upright, angled position (in both landscape and portrait orientation). Whilst originally designed for the iPhone 4/4s, the Mesh Card can easily slip over the side of many Smartphones (including the iPhone 5/5c/5s). Depending on the thickness of the Smartphone, this angle of orientation will differ. For example, an iPhone 4/4s will prop up at an angle of 70 degrees whilst the thinner iPhone 5 will prop up at 55 degrees. For best fit, Silo recommends the Mesh card for use as a stand on a Smartphone with square end measuring thickness of 7.5mm-9.5mm (0.3”-0.37”). Unless the combined thickness of your Smartphone and case is within this tolerance, you will need to remove your Smartphone case to use the Mesh card as a stand. The Mesh Card can be extended in length by protruding the bumper card beyond its natural length (whilst maintaining support from the silicone band). Effectively, this can increase the capacity of the stand (even supporting the iPad mini in landscape orientation).

We've tested the Mesh Card with many different Smartphones - the results included below. 

Moving Forward

Without any major hiccups we’ll be running tightly to the timeline below. There are unavoidable lead times to factor in (such as time for Kickstarter to release funds upon project completion, supplier payment and production scheduling, Chinese New Year holiday, etc.). However, we are determined to deliver project rewards as soon as we can (without sacrificing any quality along the way). If there are any issues - as a backer you’ll be the first to know.

Friends of Silo

You can find us here - Silo, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

This is where we'll post our news and updates, we've also included some FAQs on our website

Unsure of anything? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve put down the tools..

Risks and challenges

We want to move forward without any nasty surprises just as much as you do. Whilst there are always risks involved with delivering something new to market, we’ll be doing everything we can to minimise these uncertainties.

Team Silo is manned by professionals with Industrial Design and Project Management backgrounds. We tackle design and project problems on a daily basis. We’ve tested working samples, invested in prototype tooling, sourced great manufacturing partners, arranged thorough quality control processes and engaged our logistics providers – all to help this project travel as smoothly as possible. We’re sure there’ll be surprises along the way but we’re ready for the challenge.

Thanks for helping us towards our goal.


The team at Silo

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  • Contactless credit card theft involves would-be thieves using RF antennas to retrieve your credit card details (without your knowledge, whilst your wallet is in your pocket). This affects credit cards with contactless payment capabilities and is becoming more prevalent as access to these scanners becomes easier. The Silo Mesh Card helps shield RFID transmissions by acting as a Faraday cage, keeping your details safe from hackers using common RFID gear. For best results, the credit card to be protected should be placed up against the Mesh Card. To disable the RFID-shielding capabilities, the credit card must be spaced out from the Titanium Mesh Card (using the optional bumper card will achieve this).

    Please note that Silo has tested the RFID shielding capabilities using testing instruments realistic to the intended usage scenario and does not claim to provide 100% RFID blocking for all RF antennas (including expensive, high powered antennas)

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  • The Mesh Card can open bottles with cards and cash intact.

    To open a bottle you can slide down your cards and cash to reveal the bottle opener section of the Mesh Card. All your cards and cash can remain tight and sturdy under the silicone band. Once you’ve opened your drink just slide your card and cash back into position.

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  • All raw, sharp edges have been removed from the Mesh Card prior to coating. As such, scratching to your Smartphone should not occur through normal use (as a static stand). However, being a metal part, Silo does not recommend that you keep your Smartphone and Mesh Card together in dynamic environments (the same way you would not go running with your keys and Smartphone screen in a pocket up against each other). The team at Silo has been using the Mesh Card as a stand for the iPhone 4 without any noticeable scratching or marking.

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