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The Worlds First Dual Bluetooth Pairing Wall Mountable Speaker System. Big, beautiful sound that refuses to compromise.

The Worlds First Dual Bluetooth Pairing Wall Mountable Speaker System. Big, beautiful sound that refuses to compromise. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 16, 2013.

About this project

High Snobiety: "Outfitted in a clean modern design, the PA1 delivers bold audio performance"

BLTD: "There’s an amazingly minimal bluetooth speaker on Kickstarter and I’m not going to show it to you? Please!"

Interior Design 2014: "It’s simple, stylish, smart yet sophisticated. Perfect addition for your modern home"

Studio Dope: "Studio Proper made it easy to love their newest design"

Sound now has a place - All bluetooth speakers require a surface upon which to lay the product, in wall mounting the PA1 not only are you reducing desk or table clutter, but the you open yourself into a more elegant relationship to your listening environment.

A speaker has one simple task; to produce beautiful satisfying sound, yet so many fall short. The typical gripe with battery powered Bluetooth speakers is that they are weak, prone to audio distortion and lack full dynamic range. 

Looking for a great Christmas gift for a loved one? Pledge for a PA1 and give out an Christmas card to tell that special someone what a great product they will be receiving in April 2014.

You can download the instruction and print your own PA1 Christmas card from this link here. The card will contain a web link which they can visit and read up on their new speaker system (webpage will be launched before Christmas)!

The PA1 is a beautiful Aluminum Bluetooth speaker, designed for what we believe to be most important: usability, great sound output and quality materials.

The driving force of the design was to provide everyday users with a true value design, which encompassed amazing sound without unnecessary elements, available for a fraction of regular wall speaker pricing. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our customer base and experience of making IOS accessories and fused it into the PA1. The visual styling and user interaction reflect the PA1’s intuitive intention – it’s a speaker that brings a new feel into the everyday home.

Great design & sound ought to be universal; we wanted to push beyond the norm of comparative products and were dedicated to designing everyday speakers that were just as beautiful and powerful in sound.

We decided to keep PA1 wired to avoid sacrificing power or sound quality, as is necessary with portable battery-powered speakers. This wiring allows us to power larger drivers, providing you with a fuller, well balanced and incredibly rich audio experience.

Not only can PA1 be installed in under a minute, its design is flexible, PA1 can be easily moved with a simple 'turn and click' motion to any room/space that you have a Wall Mount installed. Now you have the flexibility to move your music as you move around the house, whilst allowing it to work flawlessly as a permanently installed speaker. By leveraging our universal Wallee™ 'X-Lock', Mount Disks and stands, we're able to offer the best of both worlds.

 On, Off, and Pairing are all intuitive and within reach - no need to compete with multiple buttons or switches.

PA1 connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device. We've selected a premium Bluetooth module ensuring clear, consistent pairing and high quality audio streaming. PA1 also remembers up to 5 devices and automatically pairs when in range, so you'll only ever need to physically pair the first time you turn it on.

We're really proud to announce that based on early feedback we've worked with our internal and external engineers to add Dual Bluetooth Stereo Pairing (also known as True Wireless Stereo). This means that two PA1's will now pair together creating a true left and right channel stereo experience allowing two PA1's to be placed up to 10 meters apart. Now speakers can be placed at each side of a room for a huge sound experience!

3 years ago we developed our 'X-Lock' modular mounting system, dubbed "Wallee™", to enable mounting your iPad and iPhone across a range of mounts and stands. PA1 is designed around the same system, and looks great when used in conjuction with other components from our best selling range of Wall and Table Stands.

Mount your iPad alongside PA1 and you've got a complete, powerful entertainment hub. The modern day jukebox perfect for entertaining. iOS devices make for beautiful, capable media centres. PA1 is designed to work in harmony alongside your iPad or iPhone.

Interchangeable fabric covers allow you to personalise the aesthetic to best match your environment. Covers will initially be offered in Black and White. Backers will also be able to choose between either Black or White braided power cables.

Machined Aluminum Unibody construction for unrivaled rigidity, with a fine bead blast, anodized finish.  

Our driver arrangement provides full stereo sound through 3 drivers. 1 tweeter for clear highs, and two large stereo drivers for deep, warm mids and lows.

We're the 3 year old industrial design studio behind the Wallee™ range of iPhone & iPad cases, stands and modular mounts. Based in Melbourne, Australia

As a company, we are obsessed with customer service and work hard to deliver product happiness no matter what. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep our backers and customers happy.

We back our product so strongly that we openly invite anyone to visit our studio in Melbourne, Australia to meet the team and put these speakers through their paces in person.

Have further questions? Or just want to learn more about PA1 from the designers behind the product? We've set up an exclusive Skype account that you can reach us on anytime we're in the studio. Call us on Skype username 'studio.proper.kshotline'.

We appreciate you taking part and supporting this exciting product, and we're proud to offer deep discounts on PA1 to our backers for the duration of this campaign.  PA1 will retail at $250.00 once our campaign is completed.

We’ve spent the last 10 months developing this wonderful product focusing on everything from sound quality, use case scenarios, modularity, Bluetooth connectivity and aesthetics.  After 6 exhaustive rounds of prototyping, and months of rigorous testing, we believe we are ready for production. Here is our anticipated schedule..

We have partnered with Shipwire to handle warehousing, logistics and the final leg of distribution and shipping. They have successfully shipped our products to customers world-wide for the last 2 years, and have plenty of experience handling Kickstarter product delivery.

We're obsessed with designing for people, and feel there's no better way to do that then to allow the kickstarter community and existing customers to participate in making this exciting project come to life.

Press Kit Download Link:

Risks and challenges

This is our second Kickstarter campaign, and we know all too well that every
pre-production product has inherent risks and challenges, some of them unforeseen.

We've been developing and manufacturing consumer products for close to 3 years and have a deep understand of the entire process. We consider our manufacturing experience to be one of our greatest strengths at Studio Proper. Through selling our current range of products, we have very strong existing manufacturing relationships.

We've spent the last year working hard vetting factories, coordinating assembly of the final product, and cultivating positive, personal relationships with our suppliers (this is really important in China!). We've finalised the product design focusing on manufacturability, developed working prototypes, and we have structured QC for every unit that comes off the production line. We've also completed detailed site inspections for the manufacturers that we've selected.

We've learned an immense amount along the way, and we've taken pre-emptive steps that we hope will mean there are no surprises along the way. We've invested a lot of focus pre-Kickstarter, to get to a point where we're confident the product is proven and manufacturable with minimal alterations.

That said, producing anything has challenges. International holidays can often slow down production time and there's always the chance for unforeseen issues, but we're confident that once we begin manufacturing with the funds this campaign raises, we've done the hard work upfront to make sure everything goes smoothly. Past that, we've created a supply chain that can scale and distribute effectively.

Our 4 strict promises to our backers are:





We are very proud of this product, and very dedicated to bringing it to you. Let's make this happen!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • 1 Mount Disk = 1 Mounting Location.

    Mount Disks are designed for permanent installation to ensure a secure and robust mount.

    You will need a separate mount disk for every room you wish to mount in! So if you you want the flexibility to move the speaker between two rooms or more, then you will need an additional Mount Disk for each location.

    More mount disks means more mounting locations.

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  • Soon after our project is successfully funded we'll be sending around a 'backer survey' to collect all of that information. We'll make sure it's clear and easy for you to communicate exactly what you've chosen. Thanks!

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  • Sure! In fact, we'd love nothing more than to hand you your PA1 in person! Feel free to pledge without shipping for local pick-up. This is how to do it!

    1. Enter your pledge amount.
    2. Select you reward.
    3. At the bottom of the screen see this:

    "Since you're outside the US, be sure you've added $35 to your pledge amount. In the US?"

    4. Click the IN THE US? button - and this will not add the $35 shipping then you will be able to come and pick it up when were in stock.

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  • If you have already pledged at a level, to receive another speaker, just double the value of your pledge

    For example

    # If you pledged $120 for an Early Early Bird, then to receive two speakers, up your pledge to $240 (Noting that you only have to pay the $35 shipping fee once if it applies)

    # If you pledged $150 for an Early Bird, then to receive two speakers, up your pledge to $300 (Noting that you only have to pay the $35 shipping fee once if it applies)


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  • Yes! The PA1 power adapter ships with interchangeable sockets for international compatability.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    THANKS + LAUNCH PARTY! You're invited to join us at our Studio in Melbourne on Nov. 21st. You'll meet the team, see the PA1 prototype, and enjoy some live DCUP beats (Performed through the PA1). Launch party is open to ALL BACKERS (while space lasts).

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $120 or more About $120 USD

    VERY EARLY BIRD | You're in the trenches right beside us, helping us get the ball rolling. We will only be offering 200 Proper Audio PA1 in Anodised Aluminum at this heavily discounted price (52% off RRP). Be the first to get crystal clear sound in your home for only $120.

    At this discounted rate we just ask that you help us get the word out!

    Reward includes:
    1 x Speaker + 1 x Wall Mount Disk. Add $50 for Speaker Stand. [Add $40 for iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini Case + Wall Mount kit.]

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 195 backers
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    Pledge $150 or more About $150 USD

    EARLY BIRD | Maybe you've been busy, we get it, and we certainly don't want you to miss out. You're still getting a great deal for one Proper Audio PA1 speaker at this reward level (40% Off RRP) Don't wait, these will go quickly.

    Reward includes:
    1 x Speaker + 1 x Wall Mount Disk. Add $50 for Speaker Stand. [Add $40 for iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini Case + Wall Mount kit.]

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 34 backers
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    Pledge $180 or more About $180 USD

    SPEAKER + MOUNT DISK | You're getting a Proper Audio PA1 speaker because you love great design, superior sound, and unrivaled utility. (And still 28% Off RRP) You'll be part of the first batch of speakers that ship. Thank You!

    Reward includes:
    1 x Speaker + 1 x Wall Mount Disk. Add $50 for Speaker Stand. [Add $40 for iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini Case + Wall Mount kit.]

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    13 backers
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    Pledge $190 or more About $190 USD

    SPEAKER & IPAD/IPHONE MOUNT PACK - Everything you need to mount your iPad or iPhone beside your PA1 Speaker.

    Includes: 1 x PA1 Speaker, 1 x PA1 Mount Disk, 1 x Wallee iPad or iPhone Case (Available for all iPads and iPhones) and 1 x Wallee Mount Disk (for iPad or iPhone).

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    Limited 1 backer
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $240 or more About $240 USD

    ONE IS GREAT - TWO ARE BETTER | You asked for it, we made it happen! PA1 now comes ready for dual bluetooth pairing, allowing you to pair to two PA1's simultaneously for a true L/R channel experience. PA1 still works in full stereo when used individually, but dual paring allows for an epic audio experience. PA1's can be used up to 10 meters apart in dual pairing mode. Reward includes 2 x PA1 + 2 x Mount Disks. Add $50 for each Speaker Stand. [Add $40 for iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini Case + Wall Mount kit.]

    Estimated delivery
    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    39 backers
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $480 or more About $480 USD

    A HOUSE FULL OF SOUND - Includes 4 x PA1 Speakers & 4 x Wall Mounting Disks

    With dual pairing mode now part of every PA1 you can mount them throughout your home and listen to them in every room. Moving from room to room? Simply pair to the PA1's within range and enjoy powerful, enveloping sound.

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    Ships to Anywhere in the world
    3 backers

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