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An episodic, atmospheric survival-adventure game that takes place in the 1970s Northern Quebec, Canada.
An episodic, atmospheric survival-adventure game that takes place in the 1970s Northern Quebec, Canada.
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Content Update, PAX East & Vertical Slice Early Access

Posted by Parabole (Creator)

Hi All!

In today's (big) update on our blog, we cover three things: The new content that has been added into the game since our last post, our trip to Boston for PAX East and our new plan for the Beta version of the first episode!  

We are working on a better way to be able to send our updates in the same format accross all platforms. For now, everything outside of our blog will be "summarized content" to avoid spending too much time on "porting" our posts to Kickstarter, Steam and our Newsletter. 

That being said, at any moment you can visit our blog and read a longer, more detailed, version of this update :)

The New Content

Above is a short clip featuring the English voices for the game. The "radio effect" applied on the voice is still work in progress, but the goal here is to make it sounds like the story is being told through an old radio. 

There is now an inventory system in the game. The whole thing is still pretty basic, but we are adding building blocks to it at a crazy rate. You can expect a video demonstration of the system soon enough :)

There are also wolves. Right now you can only feed them with meat or hit them with an axe, but we are implementing more ways to interact with them.

We have new pictograms :) We decided to hire a graphic designer to do the icon instead of doing them in our spare times. The result looks great!

Not-so-new, but now there are plenty of those 3D captions in the game. Sometimes the information is too short to be told through narration, so we "print" text on nearby surface as you interact with objects in the game.

PAX East

PAX East was huge and awesome!

We had a lot of visitors at our booth! 

The only problem we had is that our booth only had one screen with no headphones. For an immersive experience like Kôna, this was not the best setup ever. We had to learn it somehow!

The Lost Woods on Steam Early Access

Kôna on Early Access? Really? The answer is Yes. We believe that Beta-testing our game behind closed doors is not the best idea for a small studio like ours. Things such as controls, difficulty level and balancing will certainly benefit from a 3-month early access period.

We are working on a large, spoiler-free area of the game called "The Lost Woods" that contains most of the survival and exploration mechanics of the first episode. The plan is to release this area on early access in July in order to gather feedback and fix major issues before our official full episode launch in September.

It will be free for all backers who at least bought an Episode. The other ones will get the first downloadable version and won't receive updates unless they buy the Episode 1 or the Season Pass on Steam.

To the 10 backers who paid for beta access and Hangout sessions: We will contact you during the summer with many options. Options can include additionnal Steam keys, T-Shirts or other things. We will figure this out soon enough. We believe the game will be better in the end if more people get involved and we hope you will understand our position on this.

...and that is it for now :) Feel free to read our blog post if you want more information on any of the subjects of this update!

On another note

Our neighbors at Nine Dots are working on a survival and cooperative RPG called Outward, now on Kickstarter. You should defintely check it out :) They are also on Steam Greenlight campaign rolling.

Questions? Suggestions?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Fabio Alini Carlini on

      Bravo tout simplement bravo !

    2. Parabole 2-time creator on

      Those who did not buy at least the Episode 1 will get a downloadable version of the same build, but no Steam Key.

    3. Parabole 2-time creator on

      Early Access is free for all backers :)

    4. Evan Blyth on

      For those of us who paid for the full game already + season pass, how much more is Early Access? As much as I want to play, I don't want to buy it twice.