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Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
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Narita Boy on the "Gameband", the first Smartwatch for Gamers!?

Posted by Studio Koba (Creator)

We saw this cool Kickstarter campaign and wanted to share: Gameband, the first Smartwatch for Gamers. 



Gameband is one of the most powerful smartwatches on the market (check out their page for a handy comparison chart), and unique in that they tailor to gamers. 

Apart from standard smartwatch features, Gameband allows you to store games like Narita Boy on the watch and play direct from the watch on another PC. Plus, they have Atari and Terraria branded Editions and exclusive mini-games! 

Check them out here!

Working on the new trailer.

Posted by Studio Koba (Creator)


We are working in a new trailer! We gonna release it in the last week of Kickstarter! 

In the trailer we would like to show the 80s dimension, races from the Digital Kingdom and many other things wrapped with the epic of the Narita Boy vibes.

I would like today to share a little screenshot I ve been making recently!

Thanks for your support!

ps-The other day it was "Nito"´s birthday, our animator! This is the animation I (Ed) made as present! Fellows are friends aswell!


Narita Boy Sketches!

Posted by Studio Koba (Creator)

Busy? Yes we are!

 But there´s always an idea coming up, a character waiting to be drawed, a leisure moment between emails. 

That´s why today we want to share with you some sketches we have been doing recently.

Thanks again for your support. Your hope and help make us strong!


The Guardians of the Core

Posted by Studio Koba (Creator)

Today we bring an early concept we made about the Guardians of the Core. Three titans who protect the Core, each one belongs to one colour beam of the Trichroma. However, their week point is the Silent Eclipse, a weird phenomenon that happen once every many centuries. 

 Stay tuned! Thanks for your support!


#Naritaboy Port for Casio A-168?

Posted by Studio Koba (Creator)

#Naritaboy ports for Xbox ONE, Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch? Cool! But I would love one for my Casio A168 :D