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Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
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    1. Missing avatar

      Sea on

      This is a game of passion, take the time you need!! We believe in you!

    2. Ronnie Viklund

      The important thing is that you are on track and that you guys are communicating with us.

    3. Matthieu Espinasse on

      This is super ok for me.
      I never saw a game released at the first evaluated time from kickstarter but still back game with full agknowledgement of that, and I'm super ok with that. Main goal is to support a team and help making a project, not ask for a rushed one.
      It's like a time traveling gift that we're offering ourself in the futur, and that's super awesome.
      There is some games I backed for the concept, visual, or novelty and that I probably won't even play but I still think they need some support and some love, but yours is definitly not one of them and it really is thrilling!

      That said, OMG the animation are sooooo smooth I love it! it's getting freaking greater and greater!
      Wish you the best.

    4. Gabriel T.C. Doering on

      Keep on pushing and innovating! Life is a learning experience, we are very excited to watch you all develope this game and look forward to seeing what you have dreamed up. Keep up the good work!

    5. Tesla Volta Games on

      As someone who works remotely for a software company... I completely understand your decision for being together. It sounds like the right decision. It sucks for the wait, but, as someone in the business of software development, I get it. Good luck with the remainder of the project.

    6. Missing avatar

      DanGraf on

      What amazing imagination and pixel art!
      Clearly your skills in worldcraft, visual storytelling and animation are very strong - it's awe-inspiring and I want to see more, but I am also worried.
      Beautiful pixel worlds and juicy combat animations alone do not make good game mechanics.

      Your comfort zone can be a crutch to lean upon too heavily - please focus your efforts on solving the hardest problems first. I believe that gameplay design is the most lacking element of your trailer - and this is the thing you must solve first, before all the story and world and art and animation etc. <3 Much love and best wishes for the road ahead!

    7. Missing avatar

      Merlin Bartholomäus on

      I think your passion, devotion and LOVE for Narita Boy became apparent in your campaign, that hooked so many in the beginning and still shines through every update you've given so far. I backed your project because I believe in your vision and dedication to deliver an outstanding, astounding game in the end <3

      You never promised an update frequency and I'm always happy to hear from you, however long that might take.

    8. Chris Laursen on

      Now that you are surrounded by retro games do your research and find the game with the best movement mechanics and the game with the best shooting animations and the game with the best music and the best level design and the best story and take all these elements and steal them and put them in your game to make it fucking awesome. Prince of Persia 2 for Mac comes to mind for some of those things :) Make that music emotional…

      ¡Vaya con dios!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bas Kok on

      It is looking amazing, keep up the good work! Quality trumps everything else when it comes to video games, so no worries for taking longer than first anticipated.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nestor Maso Perez on

      Tranquis y a darle caña al proyecto sin prisas. Confiamos en vosotros y en que la cosa acabe genial. (aunque si pasamos por allí una cañita no vendría mal xD)

    11. A. P. on

      It's good to hear from you, finally. You have my faith and patience - as long as you promise not to leave us in the dark again. Please post some updates more frequently. A few lines is enough.

    12. Chris Vera on

      Art takes time! Please don't rush it or burn yourselves out. Stay true to your visions. Speaking as a former game-dev, stick with your passion and don't let the flame die out.

      This looks AMAZING. I am in love with it - and truly cannot wait to go on an adventure in techno-narita-land. It will be worth the wait.

      Les deseo todo lo mejor y no puedo esperar para ver qué otras cosas tienen en futuras actualizaciones, cuando tengan tiempo, por supuesto!!

      Un fan desde Australia :3

    13. Michael St. George Matatics

      As long as you don't give up and give it your all, I'm cool. But please don't make the mistake of maintaining 'radio silence' again! You've got to let us know what's up or else we won't know what to think. Now, I'm not saying make an update every day, but how about once a month for progress updates (so we know you're still at it and not, you know, imprisoned or dead), plus an unscheduled update here and there for big news or important changes? I think that would be best. But thanks for catching us up with you and not giving up on Narita Boy. Best wishes!

    14. Missing avatar

      Hugh Grant on

      Ánimo con todo, merecerá la pena contaís con todo nuestro tricroma, A veces estas cosas pasa, lo que no pasa tan amenudo es explicarlo de forma tan sincera. Y se agradece mucho. Un abrazo y mucha suerte con todo!

    15. Yotam Ivgi on

      Took a peek at the video and stopped, I don't want to spoil anything from this game.
      so I watched the trailer again.
      and again.
      and again.
      I love it, can't wait, take your time...

      Seriously - happy to hear that you guys found the space and configuration that you can be most effective. keep up the good work.

    16. Missing avatar

      Maya on

      Le trailer est magnifique !! C'est deja super cool tout le boulot que vous avez fait. Continuez comme ca !!

    17. William T. Nicholls on

      Honestly wasn't expecting the game to come out for several years so by all means take your time. It took my studio 5 years to finish our game and the game was better for it since you only get one chance for that first impression. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    18. Aarón Maturana on

      No os preocupéis, chicos. Dadle caña pero sin prisas. Haced la mejor obra posible. Que el tiempo no sea un limitante, por favor.


    19. Guz Forster

      Hi. Thanks, finally, for the update. But my confidence in your guys is way compromised now. I understand that you went through difficult times, BUT WHY NOT REPORT THOSE in more frequent updates? And as far as secrecy goes? I'm sorry, screw that. Consider us your investors - WE WANT TO SEE PROGRESS. And that is not shown.

      I and I believe many others that backed your project, will only start regaining trust in you if you REALLY post REGULAR, timely updates. I've backed hundreds of projects. That is how responsible creators act. So please, act responsibly from now on. We all want to play your game because it will be amazing. Don't mine our trust in you. Right now, it is your most expensive thing to lose.

    20. Mark Videon on

      Good luck, we believe in you!

    21. Kabocha Kun on

      Tranquilos, hacer un videojuego como la vida misma, es un proceso en el que uno va aprendiendo sobre la marcha. Lo importante es darse cuenta de los errores, admitirlo y rectificar a tiempo. El trailer me ha encantado y se percibe una maduración en el conjunto del juego, tanto en el arte como en la jugabilidad. Las animaciones quizás necesiten mas fluidez? ;P Imagino que aun tenéis mucho por hacer y por pulir así que darle duro.
      Un fuerte abrazo para Eduardo y el resto del equipo. 頑張って!!

    22. Eric Chon on

      All good, everyone! Game development is hard and filled with unintended delays. Keep up the great work! A quality product >>> timely but half-finished.

    23. Davide Ruga on

      Take your time guys, we all want a finished and perfect product. Put the time it takes.
      A finished product "made and finished" is more important than the all the games released in recent years (gone out and then update for 1 year and half for reach its normal form..).
      I highly esteem you. Have a Good work!

    24. Gandalf Bartholomäus on

      What's a year...? I'm just thrilled for this game to see the light of day, so take your time and give it your best. Doesn't matter if you delay it another year, as long as you follow through :) Keep up the good work guys, you're doing great!

    25. Missing avatar

      Marcos on

      Take as long as you need, we're all waiting for Narita Boy to blow our minds!!!

    26. Missing avatar

      ricky on

      Thanks for the update and video. Delays are normal and it's worth waiting rather than rushing. Keep up the good work :)

    27. Marco A. Mangàni on

      My younger brother is working at Rockstar, developing "Dead Redemption II"...they also had to delay their product. So, if a big one like Rockstar was forced to do it I do not see why you can't.
      Keep going. It will be an amazing game!
      All the best

    28. Jordan Hill on

      Game is looking great so far!
      Take as much time as you need Id say.
      I would rather have a finished game. Then a game that was rushed out the door and feels broken.

    29. Riccardo Albertini on

      keep it up guys! I think a delay was necessary, but be focused ;)