Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game

by Studio Koba

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    1. Mark Videon on

      We believe in you!

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      Benjamin Weiler on

      Just so you know, I respect and applaud your decisions very much. Giving a game that touch of uniqueness is a very important thing, a thing that is not easy to achieve. For my part, I am very glad you still took it upon yourself to add it. I think it is time well spent, even if it delays the games release in the end. Keep doing what you are doing, you have my full confidence.

    3. Gerard van Schip on

      Dude don't worry about delays. The campaign clearly sold a narrative game experience and that is what we signed on for. You can't rush a good story. Don't give up on your vision! We can wait.

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      Benjamin Debon Mountain on

      Good to hear from you guys ! There are two games I'm desperately waiting for. The Last Night and Narita Boy. And I'm ready to wait more for both of them because I want to spend a unique moment when playing them.
      What I read here confort me in the fact that you're gonna do good.
      Keep on working hard !

    5. Shannon Mullins on

      We believe in you Narita Boy!

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      slackclive on

      take your time dudes. you only get one time to make a great first impression!

    7. Vitor Spencer on

      I don't mind waiting longer, the materials you are putting out show us how faithful you are to keeping faithful to all the ingredients that made us back this project. Keep at it as you've been, we can't wait to get our hands on it, but will surely wait to enjoy its experience! Oh... and thanks for teasing us more with the screenshots ;-)

    8. A. P. on

      You have chosen the right path. Keep going, you guys!

    9. Jess Nicholls on

      Respect! We can all appreciate that it takes a while to nail those things :) looking forward to seeing where you land on it in the future!

    10. Andrew Shulman on

      It seems you are on the right path and we who’ve chosen to follow will take the steps with you along this journey. Keep moving to your truth.

    11. Adam McClendon on

      Looks great! Keep up the great work!

    12. TheTolsonator on

      Really digging the decisions you're making and respect the desire to make things as close to perfect and as best reflective of your style as possible. Keep it up!

      And while I'm here, if there *ANY* chance we could get a high-res wallpaper version of the tower and moon picture? That looks INCREDIBLE

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      Robin Charlton on

      Thanks for the honest update. I too fully support the decision to stay true to the vision. I’d much rather wait a year and see you make an original gem of a title.

      It’d be great to get more updates and insights into the development process. The odd wallpaper would be nice too. :)

    14. ԀΔ√!Ԁ on

      proud to wait the game you want to achieve, go on guys ! go on Narita Boy !

    15. Chazz Doomington on

      Delighted to read of your progress. Please do take all the time you need to ensure you are satisfied with what you have created. I look forward to playing whether I have to wait 3 months or 3 years.

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      Edward Silva on

      Take all the time you need. It will be worth the wait!

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      Still super excited for this game! We can tell that hard work and passion are being put into this project so we are very patient. Everything about this game looks and sounds amazing and we can see the progress. Looking forward to it and keep up the great work!

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      winni2 on

      That’s exactly what I want to hear. Fantastic, thank you!

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      Delays are just a natural part of Kickstarter projects so there’s no need to worry. Just keep working hard and I’m sure y’all will make a great game! All I ask is that you keep us regularly updated on the progress on the game or at the very least keep in touch. Just so we know that we haven’t been forgotten about.

    20. Jason Roy on

      It's good to hear that you're not just releasing for the sake of a deadline. There's PLENTY of entertainment out there for everyone while we wait for your gem, so no pressure! With this attitude, I believe you will create something that will be cherished and remembered!

    21. ポール ウェッブ on

      I hope Nintendo approaches y'all about bringing Narita Boy to the Switch, it belongs there.

    22. The Fast Hero

      I was attracted to Narita Boy at first because of the atmosphere of the game. It has a unique look and feel, which is important with the huge amount of indie pixel art adventure games available right now. I'm very happy to hear that the gameplay will also be a unique experience. Take all the time you need, and I can't wait to experience this art for myself

    23. Pitayon Tabares Tortolero on

      Thanks for the update, keep telling us about the advances. Good way to work!

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      Leo Viale on

      Great! Don't rush it, the aesthetics of the game and art, same as the music and atmosphere are incredible, please don't loose that, and make the combat, gameplay and story interesting too, don't rush it, make it perfect! :D

    25. Adrienne Tilley on

      Your work is truly inspiring and I'd much rather have a game that makes you happy as well as us. Keep up all the good work, I'm excited to see what kind of unique mechanics you guys come up with!

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      Iván on

      Gracias por la actualización y mucho ánimo. Espero que se cumplan todas vuestras/nuestras expectativas. Y como dice otro comentario por ahí, ojalá salga en Switch.

    27. Guz Forster

      Gosh, kudos to the character animator(s). He or she knows what (s)he is doing. Amazing job.

    28. Guz Forster

      BTW, Narita Boy would be even more amazing with the proper track. I recommend you guys check a band called "Magic Sword". They do amazing retro-modern-80's video game style music.

    29. Luis G. Castellano on

      Aspirar a crear Arte y no otro videojuego más me parece maravilloso. Os doy las gracias por ello y estoy impaciente por sumergirme en el resultado final en cuando esté disponible :) Muchos ánimos con el desarrollo! Creo que vais por el camino adecuado.

    30. Eros VI on

      Tras el indiscutible éxito de Nintendo Switch y sus positivas ventas en su eShop sobre todo en juegos indies, espero que podáis conseguir que algún inversor os de un impulso para realizar la versión para dicha consola. Creo que venderíais muy bien.

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      Ryan Palmer on

      Speaking for myself, the world and aesthetic really is one of the bigger selling points for your game, among many. I love it, and am very glad to hear that you're especially interested in focusing on these aspects. Super excited to get my hands on this.

    32. Studio Koba Creator on

      Guys, thanks a lot for all your comments. We feel a lot of support from you!

    33. anton garcía seoane on

      Animo equipo, que ya lo tenéis!
      Da gusto leer vuestra reflexión y saber que vuestro planteamiento es ir más allá del clásico “plataforma”... Estáis haciendo/programando ARTE, bravo... Cómo dice un póster que tengo en la pared “Vivan los tachones; son el camino a algo mejor”. Y esto es lo que os está sucediendo :-) Os mando mucho positivismo y motivación desde Barcelona, donde espero con ansias probar un poco de vuestro elixir pixelado próximamente... Sin duda la espera habrá merecido la pena. Un fuerte abrazo Mr. Fornieles y todo su team, stay tuned!

    34. Eric Tsai on

      Super excited! It's looking great!

    35. Wisp on

      I was incredibly excited for this adventure from the very beginning - now I am positively brimming with a wild, purely magical anticipation!

      All of you at Studio Koba are the most wonderful wizards <3

    36. Studio Koba Creator on

      The backers are the wizard, who made this production of Narita Boy happen. We are the team with all backers. Thanks, guys!!!

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      Alex Horb on

      You guys are friggin' awesome

    38. microbians on

      Impressive. Please communicate more with us, your backers ;)

    39. Juri Andrea Cristini on

      Months have passed....any update yet? gameplay videos?

    40. Eli Weeks on

      Last we spoke, you mentioned testing might be starting in autumn. How's that goal coming along? We're excited to hear from you guys.

    41. Giovanni on

      hey guys, any news? cheers

    42. Mahan Harirsaz

      Still looking forward to this, and glad you took the time to make it special! Any news? :)

    43. Elijah Atkinson

      The progress looks great! I love your game's art and the combat mechanics look very fluid. It looks like this game is going to be an amazing piece of art. I look forward to exploring your game world. Keep up the good work!

    44. Guz Forster

      No updates since April guys. We’re past mid September. Please give us something.

    45. Guz Forster

      Ok, October. No updates. This is going... nice.

    46. Gerard van Schip on

      I think half a year between updates is a bit much. We are not asking for the game but there should have been something to report in half a year?!