Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game

by Studio Koba

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      Gonzalo Miranda on

      Looking great. But I may suggest two things. When the man is talking maybe a typical 8 bit dialogue sound could make it more interesting aaaand please, make Narita able to run on those stages, I know you probably wanted to keep the movement style like Double Dragon but I think it´s a little bit odd. Good Job. Everything is looking awesome.

    2. Yotam Ivgi on

      wow, just wow...

    3. JC on

      Exciting news! Great work! I can't wait :) I have to say though that I prefer the old font for the word "Boy" in the Narita Boy logo - I think it looks more "80s" the old way.

    4. Gary L on

      This 80s trailer is just awesome! Can the whole game be just the beat em up?!? Please????

    5. A. P. on

      Good job! Kepp going, guys!

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      Shinji on

      Fucking awesome

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      Wiran Chiyarach Ju-gup on

      Waiting for it and thanks for doing super cool game for us.

    8. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Gonzalo Thanks for your comment. The 8 bit dialogue sound, that something on our To Do list. We will work on it!

    9. Studio Koba Creator on

      @GaryL, Don't worry it is in the 80's only. Hack and slash in the Digital Kingdom!

    10. Peterious on

      Wow. That looks amazing!! Will there be a progression system for Boy in the 80s levels? Something like the move unlocks in Double Dragon or the level system in River City Ransom?

    11. Nick May

      Brilliant! Really looking forward to this (I like the little MJ homage in the soundtrack - nice touch)

    12. Missing avatar

      Douglas Cartee on

      This is looking incredible. How diverse will the 80’s levels be? Are they all this sleazy looking city, or do we get to see different neighborhoods with new enemies and the like? Also, please tell me you can steal some punk’s skateboard and ride it around. That’d be sick.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matteo on

      Are you guys thinking of using any audio middleware tool for implementing music and sound fx? (Wwise, fmod)

    14. Time Warden on

      Amazing trailer! I think every backer is beyond excited. Hope you guys get to enjoy some time off for the holidays :)

    15. Studio Koba Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback!. Yep, the 80s will have a progression system. So far the 80s will be a 35% of the whole game. We gonna desgin diferent location, that´s the funny part, as a big hommage of games like double dragon, final fight or street of rages. Also a parallel but a connected story will be explained on there.

    16. John Archer

      Amazing... simply amazing.

    17. Sheldon on

      You guys are doing some amazing work. Keep it up and take your time xoxo

    18. Tesla Volta Games on

      Wait I thought this game was a platformer and not a beat 'em up? Did that change? Did you genre jump?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jerome Detraz on

      This looks promising but you need to work on the fonts... currently the font used for the subtitles is very jarring with the theme of the game. You should try a monospace font like Rational-TW.

    20. John Bernardsson on

      This looks fucking amazing! Please continue this awesome work, Narita Boy could be a REALLY GREAT game :)

    21. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Tesla, It is going to be a beat 'em up in the 80s, hack and slash in the Digital Kingdom. The beat 'em up part is a new idea. We believe the beat 'em up fits well in the 80s.

    22. Bence "BenyoBoy" Kósa on

      Beat 'em up? WOW, now I'm even more happier that I'm backed this project, it looks rad af! :O :D
      Just a quick question: during the beat 'em up sequence, can you run? I'm asking because in the trailer I didn't see any running animation and the walking seemed a bit slow for me.

    23. Studio Koba Creator on

      You can not properly run however we are working in a dash to speed up and chain some combo mechanics. With this new event gameplay in the 80s will be much more dynamic.

    24. Brandon Shockley on

      No updates for about 4 months.

    25. Missing avatar


      Sadly with Kickstarter that is never the case. No news leads to upset backers and scammers. More often then not I’m afraid.

    26. Not-So-Bored Games on

      Looks incredible. Take your time to get it right!