Narita Boy -The retro futuristic pixel game

by Studio Koba

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    1. Josh Mathews

      You guys told me specifically that a PS4 per was going to happen. Here's the message as proof:
      "Hey Josh, dont worry. Trust me when i tell u that the port of ps4 gonna happen. Trust us. Narita boy not gonna be cancelled and i promise that u will enjoy this game on the ps4! Believe me!"
      Come on guys. Don't let me down.

    2. Foster G on

      Congrats Kobans! Let's make PC energies and destroy the digital darkness.

    3. Jesse Rosenbaum on

      Congrats again to you all. Very excited for the final game �

    4. Conrad Yonosenada

      Excellent. Now let's make it happen!

    5. Danika Esden-Tempski

      Congratulations on reaching the second stretch goal! This game is beautiful, looking forward to following the progress. :D

    6. Wisp on

      All the power to you, Studio Koba! Narita Boy will make a mark on video game history.

    7. Giovanni on

      Can't wait to use the almighty TECHNO SWORD!!!

    8. Nood Mahmoud Darwiche

      Narita Boooooooyyyy!!
      Can't wait. Did we get the second stretch goal? Extra developers and enemies.

    9. Nicola Del Monaco on

      Congratulazion for your success!

      I was wondering: Nintendo Switch Dev Kit isn't too expensive, so you could consider a Switch version, don't you think?

      And it supports a lot of frameworks and engines, maybe it could be added without too much effort...!

      I love your game!

    10. Studio Koba Creator on

      Thank you so much to all beautiful comments!! We couldn't sleep last night because we were so excited.

      We guess many people are concerned about the consoles. As we wrote in update who knows what future holds. We would like to release on these consoles positively.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sam van der Meer on

      Awesome that the campaign was a success, happy to do my part.

      Do please keep us posted with any console developments though, as I know that's the ideal for me and many others. Looking forward to the game regardless!

    12. Studio Koba Creator on

      Yes, we keep updating! We are aware of backer's strong wishes towards the consoles.

    13. Nuria on

      Proud of you Studio Koba Team!
      #First step overcome!
      After a repair dream ...wake up & wellcome to your dream-reality now!
      All my support.
      Nuria García ;-)

    14. John Blythe on

      Proud to back this.... love the art style and well... Pixel art always wins in my book :-) Sad we didn't get to the Console versions, especially as I just got a Nintendo Switch, I believe it would be awesome to play on the go and at home.... fingers crossed there is a port to that system, I will gladly buy it again to have it on Switch. :-) Good luck guys, can't wait to play this thing.