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Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
Explore and fight in a retro futuristic world. Swim deep into an oneiric, poetic and unique experience across dimensional planes
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    1. Gerard van Schip 4 days ago

      Its been 3 months without an update. Once a month a tiny email would rock.

    2. Nood Mahmoud Darwiche

      Any updates?
      Where can we see more frequent updates?
      You have a twitter or instagram? =D

    3. Gerard van Schip on

      I just had a crazy idea. All of us backers look for a friend who we would like to share the game with and upgrade our perk for them. Or if you tight on cash get them to pay you to upgrade for and extra key.

      Would that extra cash help push the game out on time for Xmas?

      PS, I saw the PS4 goal but not PS Vita? Why not?

    4. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Rick, Thanks. Cool music!!

    5. Studio Koba Creator on

      Sorry for letting you wait for long. Finally, we post the update.

    6. Diego Ribero on

      Hey guys! how is it going? The product seems solid and I'm sure we are all eager to see some more to enjoy :)
      Last update was in November 2017, any chance we get an update this month? Keep pushing, I'm very excited to see how the game evolves in the making

    7. Rick van Turnhout on

      This might be a long shot, but you guys should ask Dubmood to help out with the (already amazing) soundtrack! This guy is a chiptune hero (made awesome tunes for cracks / keygens back in the days). The guy fits your profile for the music style!…

    8. Missing avatar

      Jaime Thorin on

      Looking for this month update. Any news about Narita Boy are great news everytime. The game was looking rad in the first trailer and it's only getter better by the time. You have a winner here, Studio Koba. Do your best :)

    9. Studio Koba Creator on

      Thanks, Yotam! Your comment motivates us!

    10. Yotam Ivgi on

      Just watched the trailer again, headphones on, gave me goosebumps.

    11. Studio Koba Creator on

      Sorry for long silence. We will make the update in this month! Thank you for being patient with us.

    12. Missing avatar


      It's been 4 months since last update. How is development going? Did you hire additional developers? Are you still on track for a release by EOY? Any pictures or videos to share? A new update would be more than welcome.

    13. Studio Koba Creator on

      We would like to play our Narita Boy on the Nintendo Switch : ) Let's see when we can start. At first, we focus on what we promise, which is PC, Mac and Linux.

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Redwood on

      Just wondering if you are thinking about putting the game out on the Nintendo Switch? Since the Switch seems to have become the new home of Indie gaming, this would surely make sense? 😊

    15. Studio Koba Creator on

      Hey Lucien. We would like to push our pre-orders at some point. When we have more materials to show, we should think about it deeper. Thanks for the idea!!

    16. Lucien Storm on

      Just curious, but have there been any thoughts about making a demo? It would most likely drive a lot of interest in sales, and you could use it to direct people toward pre-orders, allowing for additional funding prior to release. You could also do pre-orders on some of the backer rewards like the soundtrack and comic book, or other memorabilia. Maybe that could even help reach the goal you need to do the Nintendo Switch port that people have been wanting.
      Just a suggestion.

    17. Studio Koba Creator on

      Hi @Daniel, We wish we can join it. We stay here for work in this year. Our baby Narita Boy needs a lot of care. Maybe next year we will join. Enjoy the event!!

    18. Daniel Marcucci

      Hello Studio Koba,

      Any chance you will be at PAX East 2018?

    19. Studio Koba Creator on

      We are working on the digital kingdom now. We will show something in spring : )

    20. Missing avatar

      Robin Charlton on

      I too would love to see a Switch or Vita version.

    21. Markus Stadler on

      I can't read what miles wrote ... but yes please make a version for Nintendo Switch.

    22. miles on

      ¡Una versión para switch sería un pepinazo! Ganas de tenerlo ya :)

    23. Studio Koba Creator on

      Cool! We wish we understand German. Thank you for letting us know : )

    24. Missing avatar

      Markus Wahl on

      Just wanted to let you guys know that Narita Boy was mentioned on Game Two, a german gaming show:…

    25. Lucien Storm on

      *chomping at the bit*
      Only a year to go, right? I think i can make it......

    26. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Ruthalas, some pledge levels can be upgraded to other pledges. We are sorry that not all pledge levels can be upgraded, digital reward ones only. I checked your pledge. Yours can be upgraded. You can make it on the Backerkit survey page. Thanks.

    27. Ruthalas on

      Is there any way to upgrade a pledge now that the kickstarter campaign has ended?

    28. Adam McClendon on

      Agreed, made me think of Double Dragon, Moonwalker, streets of Rage :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Atsuro Tandai on

      It was an amazing trailer update!
      Sukajan Narita boy is the best! !

    30. Lucien Storm on

      @adam & @yotam you guys might enjoy my playlist :)…

    31. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Adam @Yotam Thanks : )

    32. Adam McClendon on

      Sometimes I come here just for the game trailer...

    33. Studio Koba Creator on

      Here's the survey recovery page link.
      You can enter your email address to receive another survey link. Hope it works!

    34. Missing avatar

      Rascot on

      Studio Koba,

      1) i think i miss the survey but i dont know.

      2) i'm having some troubles because i have different mails here and in backerkit, i also write you a mail with the explanation,

      Thank you ^^

    35. Studio Koba Creator on

      Hey Sebastian!

      1) We would love to share all the art but if we wait few weeks we prefer to deliver a gameplay trailer with a lot of updates to show in what we spend our time along these months. I swear I am the first one I wanna do it. But I believe that making something cinematic and cool, people will appreciate rather than a bunch of sprites. We trust in the surprise and the hype component. Hope you understand. But anyway, for being clear in the next few weeks a lot of new stuff will be shown!
      2)- Oh! the money for narita Boy is just for Narita boy ´s purpose, of course. Not enought for making anything else also no time enought to spend in anything apart of Narita boy. We are working 12 hours average every day to make a homemade amazing game. So, don t worry about finances. Narita Boy´s money is only for it´s development.
      Thanks for your message and please commmunity, feel free to share your doubts, messages, wherever you wnat.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Levenson

      Studio Koba,

      I had a few questions in regards to your most recent update and comment post:

      1) You mentioned on several fronts updates on the game enemies/locations/etc. - Can you produce some screen shots or concept art to show us these updates?

      2) Perhaps I missed this in the original campaign post, but you mentioned in your latest comment working on "future games" - can you please elaborate on this? Furthermore, is the money used on this project being used to fund other games?

      These are just some general concerns I have, and I'm sure are shared by the community as well, so any feedback that alleviates this would be appreciated. We are all excited to see the final product and hope for the best.

      Thank you, and please let me know if I was at all unclear.

    37. Studio Koba Creator on

      Hey folks, dont worry and never loose the faith about Narita Boy´s project. Things are getting awesome, we are doing very nice work and working very hard everyday. We have backers and future gamers in mind. We wanna surprise you and we want you be proud of what we are doing. We gonna deliver something amazing, promise, just trust us and never loose the faith on Naaariitaa booy!

    38. Missing avatar

      Atsuro Tandai on

      Wow, this update #34 is only text. Is not there a video or something of the prototype? I

      I wanna listen to new music!

    39. Missing avatar

      YP on

      I'm starting to worry about the quality of this project given the lack of professionalism of the updates.

    40. Studio Koba Creator on

      Thank you for waiting long. Our summer update is here.

    41. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Gerard and @Alex, Thanks for your comment. We are the very small team and tiny indie game studio. We have plan and schedule. But the roadmap may not look like the one you expect. We try to innovate something awesome and new. We keep reviewing our plan and schedule time by time. So far we are on the schedule. We do our best to finish the game by the time. Thank you.

    42. Studio Koba Creator on

      @Luke, So far we plan to release in the Steam only. Something we have to study about other retailers.

    43. Studio Koba Creator on

      Sorry to answer late. Thank you so much for extra pledges through the survey. Unfortunately, we haven't reached the stretch goal of consoles. At this moment, we focus on PC, Linux, and Mac as we promised in our campaign. We would like to have other consoles in the future but we don't know yet when.

    44. Missing avatar

      Atsuro Tandai on

      Why do not update anything?

    45. Missing avatar

      Luke on

      Will Narita Boy be available to purchase from DRM-free retailers such as GOG or the humble store?

    46. Missing avatar

      TTV.GlobalDutchy on

      If you guys were at e3, you would have gotten 250k easy

    47. Missing avatar

      Alex Horb on

      Is there a roadmap on when you hope the game will be completed?

    48. cris

      didn't realise this never hit the console stretch.
      any way to get a refund?

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