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A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
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State of the Game Address

Posted by Stuck In Attic (Creator)

Greetings, cultists!

I will try and make this update a bit shorter and to the point than my usual esoteric ramblings. We know you've been awaiting news of progress on Gibbous, and a lot of you have been looking forward to the beta. Here's why all that didn't happen. 

Health Issues   

The reason we've been keeping a bit radio quiet and also the reason there is no beta yet is that Don, our main voice actor, has fallen pretty seriously ill. Here are some updates from him:  

AUG 27th: I spent sat and sun in the hospital, having lost motor control in my right side and in severe pain. I’ve somehow damaged my spine and a nerve cluster and am seeing a surgeon.  

SEPT 30th: Multilevel digenerative disease, most prominent at the C5-C6 level where there is mild spinal canal stenosis. Mild to moderate right neural foraminal narrowing also present at C5-C6 level.  

OCT 18th: Scheduled meeting with surgeon in 2.5 weeks. Will be going under the knife shortly thereafter. 

 As you probably know, voices are usually the last game components to be recorded and implemented, since the script is being edited and adjusted until the last moment, as we play-test it. 

A pretty big chunk of Don and Lindsay's voices were recorded in early August, and the second, biggest chunk was scheduled for the last few days of the same month. We had planned a late Autumn release, and  Don's health problem came out of nowhere and completely threw us off schedule. 

Don and Lindsay recording voices for Don and Kitteh, early August
Don and Lindsay recording voices for Don and Kitteh, early August


You can probably understand that our concern for Don's health comes first, and since his diagnostic was uncertain for a pretty long time, we figured we would wait it out until we had solid information to provide you. He had a pretty bad period where he was under heavy medication, and after that he assured us that, as soon as he was feeling better, he'd be back in the booth. 

The good news!

The good news is that Don is recording his lines in the week starting with the 5th of November, and having his surgery right afterwards. All our thoughts are with him, and we alll really wish this hadn't happened. 

And, again, we apologize for the delay and for keeping you in the dark for a while, but we really didn't want to say anything definite until we knew exactly where we were; we preferred to wait for Don's situation to clarify.

What about the rest of the game? 

With the exception of one particularly tricky puzzle that we're still fine tuning (it's a pretty special one, and it also involves voice acting and an interesting collaboration - you'll see when you play the game!), everything other than Don and Kitteh's voices is in the game and working nicely. 

The Beta

As you can probably surmise, Don's illness is also the reason the beta didn't go your way yet. As you already know, the game is peppered with animated cutscenes that punctuate important plot points. The animations are done, but they don't make any sense without Don's voices, so you'd probably have a hard time understanding what's going on.  Normally, you would wait until you have the voice files and animate based on that, but we animated everything but the mouth movement and will add lip sync and tweak lengths once we do have the voices ( please don't tell other animators, they'll think we're bananas - we probably are, but we just couldn't sit on our thumbs and just wait around).  

As soon as the voices are in, we're sending the beta your way. Again, apologies - this was completely unforeseen, but we're getting back on track nevertheless. 


As we've promised previously, we're currently working on localizing Gibbous to French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian, and looking into more languages. Happy to report that the German translation is already done and about to start being tested, with the rest being worked on. 

Here's something you aren't necessarily aware of when starting work on a game: editing and implementing voice acting and localization is by far the most stressful part of working on a game. I'm constantly testing the game, hunting down missing or misnamed voice files, and there's thousands upon thousands of them and just one of me. Still, really happy we've chosen to voice everything - it all sounds so good! The world really feels alive. 

Release when?

Given what's happened, it's looking like very early 2019. Releasing on three different platforms and in at least six languages requires some heavy testing and optimizing, making sure the experience is just right when you get your hands on the game. Less frolicking and more furious testing this Christmas. We all really feel bad about delaying the release, but it's not like we've been sitting on our fingers in the meantime. We've put this uncertain time of waiting for updates from Don to good use, check it out:

What we've been up to in the meantime  

Since we were suddenly faced with a period of waiting for news of Don's health, we used that time to add even more custom animations to make the game look even cooler and more cartoony. 

Before, you'd just see Don standing in a basement he previously woke up in. Now you get to actually see him do it:


Examine dusty books? Animation for that, too: 


Before, Buzz would just tilt his head down when talking to kids or people that were sitting or laying down. Now he crouches down to their level: 


Chatting to someone? Leaning against a table sure looks a lot more natural than just standing there: 


As for Kitteh, well, she's just being Kitteh:


...The kind of stuff that's overlooked in most games. Well, we're not most games! 

We've also tweaked the game a lot to allow for more friendliness and quality of life. One of those things is increasing character speed, and allowing impatient players to double click and Benny Hill all over the place. Check it out:



Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? No? You will in Gibbous, because NOTHING escapes Kitteh:

Kitteh is always watching. ALWAYS.
Kitteh is always watching. ALWAYS.


Heck, even the menu watches you!


As you can see, we're using every bit of time we have to polish Gibbous as much as possible, and have it be a joy even just faffing around in the menus. 

Winning! (not in Charlie Sheen voice) 

Gibbous recently won its first ever award, Best Visuals at DevPlay 2018! 


Getting recognition for all the hard work we've put into making this game look excellent felt really, really good. Woo! 

I also managed to break the award 15 minutes later. It's Okay, it just came off its little stand, I knocked it over with my foot because I was nervous, because indie game legend Rami Ismail was playing Gibbous! He really liked it, and gave us some super useful onboarding advice, suggesting a couple of features that would help folks who've never played an adventure time easier understand what they need to be doing. 

Rami plays Gibbous! And likes it!
Rami plays Gibbous! And likes it!


Gibbous at AdventureX 2018

We'll be showing Gibbous at one of our favorite yearly events, AdventureX London 2018! We love hanging out with our people, the adventure game crowd, so if you're there, come say hi and talk adventurin'! 

Whereas last year we were just visitors, this year we actually remembered to apply and be exhibitors - and the kicker is that the venue is the British freakin' Library (yes, they should rename it to that). 

See you there?
See you there?


The Art of Point and Click Adventure Games a great book (and they're not paying us to say that), and you might come across some familiar stuff. Hmm!


3.0 update

3.0 does visit every once in a while, but it's clear she's been deeply offended by the stricter access policy. 

3.0 doesn't visit as often as she used to.
3.0 doesn't visit as often as she used to.

However, we have newcomers Garfield and Zeus over daily, so the cat presence quota is being filled and then some.

Please to let in and give treats k thx
Please to let in and give treats k thx

That's it for this update 

Okay, this update didn't turn out as negative as I expected it to be. It had its share of bad news - and I hope you're not too mad about us holding out and only updating when we knew exactly where we were standing - but the good news is that it looks like we're over that particular bump. We're still on track. 

Once again, we all extend our apologies for being delayed, but no one can predict health issues, and there was really nothing we could do but wait it out. We really hope you understand us not willing to ditch Don the moment he got sick, and we appreciate all the patience you've shown. We wish Don the best with surgery, and hope he'll have a speedy recovery.            

Thank you again for understanding, we know you're looking forward to playing the game - so are we! Life just hits you out of nowhere sometimes. There's nothing more we appreciate than the trust you guys have put in us, and we feel terrible for the delay, but it was completely out of our hands. Now that it's coming back into our hands, there's nothing that can stop He Who Dreams at the Bottom of the Sea from rising. 


Liviu, Cami, Nicu, Roxi, Orsi, Zeus, Garfield and 3.0 occasionally


PS Shoutous!

You guys know the drill already - here are a couple of adventure games you might want to check out:

Lamplight City

I love the atmosphere in Lamplight City, I like that it takes some very courageous steps toward letting you be an imperfect detective - and suffering the consequences. I wish I had more time to play it, but you can!  Get your steampunk detective on. Click the pic below to visit its GoG page. 


Striped Swipers

"Follow a trio of burglars as they quest for pirate booty, and try not to get haunted in this cartoon-style adventure game!" That's the tagline. Josh is a single developer that has been working on this for quite a while, so if you want to give him a hand making his adventure happen, his Kickstarter is happening right now. Click the pic below to go to the Kickstarter page.


See you next update.

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    1. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @T: Thanks! Doing our best to make the most of the situation.

      @Banni: Yeah, Don's been going through some rough stuff, we're all rooting for him. About Buzz's crouching, what I meant was people literally sitting on the ground, not on chairs :D I agree it'd be weird to just crouch down next to folks sitting at a table. That's what the leaning animations are for! We've also decided to include that kind of stuff because, while Don can be a bit more distant and suspicious of people he's interrog-- uh, I mean, talking to, Buzz is generally a happy-go-lucky guy and will prefer getting down to their level. Hope that cleared it up :)

    2. Banni Ibrahim on

      Oh God, that is horrible news about Don, hope he gets better. I thought it was that person trying to sue him over his own work that was causing the delay with both this and his game, I had no idea that after he finally got all that mess resolved he started to have such severe health issues.

      By the way, one quick comment about the talking animation. You said it's for "when talking to kids or people that were sitting or laying down", it makes sense to lean down like that when talking to kids or someone on the ground, but should he also do that when someone is just sitting down? People normally stay standing up when talking to someone sitting down, leaning down like that is kinda awkward.

    3. T on

      Oh my gosh! Good luck to Don on the surgery going well! And kudos to you guys for getting so much extra polishing done while you wait for news. I would probably be too busy worrying to do much, so I'm glad you're all able to multitask. Kitteh looks incredible, she's honestly so pretty and intriguing. Glad to see 3.0 is still hanging around too.

    4. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Kendrick: Thanks so much! Knowing that you guys have our backs has always been a great motivator to make the game as awesome as we humanly (and felinely) can :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kendrick Hernandez

      Thanks for the updates, and I hope Don's surgery goes great! These new animations are on par with the quality I've come to appreciate from Stuck In Attic. Y'all are excellent!

    6. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Frodo: Many thanks! Yep, we're all rooting for Donatello (just calling him that because I know he hates it :D)

    7. Frodo

      These new animations are wonderful! I love them, especially the one with Kitteh's eyes watching you.

      But as others have said - Don's health comes first!
      Hope his operation is a success, and he regains full movement with no pain.
      Please give him all the time he needs.
      Tell him not to rush things - just let himself heal first.

    8. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Tomimt: Thanks... Silver linings, right? :)

    9. Tomimt on

      Well, the good thing about all this is, that you've managed to put more time in shining what already was looking like one of the best looking adventure games in ages. It is just a shame how you got that extra time.

    10. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Bruno: I've only pasted a few updates of many from Don; it felt weird doing it nevertheless, even though we obviously had his approval. Thanks for understanding. He's been going through some pretty rough times, and still is, so we've tried to keep the nagging down to a minimum :) We're just happy he'll be able to do something about his problem, and happy that we don't have to recast. I know from experience how tough it is to keep a balance between working to make your game the best it can be and staying healthy; I've had to stop myself from pulling 12 hour days once I realized my health was worsening (hey, I'm not 20 anymore, when did that happen?!). Nevertheless, the game is coming and it will be worth the wait!

    11. Bruno V. on

      I don't quite understand the timing between the time Don said he was going in for surgery and the week(s) he's supposed to be recording, but I'll echo others and say please give him all the time he needs. There's not much you can do to fix a spine once the damage is done, and I'd hate to think his situation was made worse so I could play a game sooner.

      I also agree that the work you did in the meantime looks great and will help set the game apart and enhance the experience. It'll be a nice break from the new norm if the game releases with a lot of polish and no major bugs that need patching. Also, if you need it, I can probably set some time aside to look over the French translations.

      @Vryl: From what I've seen the guy ran out of money, partly due to health issues of his own, but was still working on it in his spare time. Still active on his forum but has apparently chosen to disregard his backers completely. Looking at the forum now, news came a few days ago and it looks like he may not be with us much longer... (check the updates)

    12. Missing avatar

      Raymond Cason on

      Damn, that sucks. Hope the surgery goes well.

    13. Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) on

      I wish the best for Don!

      Another kickstarter I recommend is Nick Bounty: The Dame with the Blue-chewed Shoe, which is made by Mark Darin, formerly of Telltale Games. If you mourn the loss of Telltale and/or prefer their more humorous games, back this game!

    14. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Rene Thanks, I think he's reading the comments, I know he'll appreciate it!

      @Vryl Can't really comment on other Kickstarters, all I can say is one game is a freakin' handful, can't imagine working on more... Yikes.

    15. Vryl

      Oh, hey... Roehm to Ruin is actually still being worked on? I pledged on that thing years ago and haven't heard anything since. I assumed he'd shelved it indefinitely to work on his new series, which was started in the same project.

      Moral: never pledge on a project where they're making multiple things.

    16. Missing avatar

      Rene Gollent on

      Yikes! That sounds pretty scary, I'm amazed he's going to be recording at all before surgery. Wish him all the best!

    17. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Mr. Monttu: Thanks for being there always, Mr. Monttu :)
      @ET3D: Yay, thanks! We just love working on this game, that's the thing. We couldn't stay away from it if we tried. I wish I had that Kickstarter link earlier, would have included it in the update shout-out.

    18. ET3D on

      And just a shoutout for The Uncertain: Light at the end (, which unfortunately is far from its goal and has only 31 hours left.

    19. ET3D on

      Good luck to Don with his surgery, and thank you Stuck In Attic for being awesome. :) I get to see a lot of 'sorry, we're late due to life problems' stuff here on Kickstarter, but not as much 'but look what we managed to do in that time'.

    20. Mr.Monttu

      Godspeed to Don!

      Great update as always. Waiting for your next game project already ;)

    21. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Thanks Frank! We really appreciate it. You guys are the best backers we could ask for.

    22. Missing avatar

      Frank Smith on

      Dear SIA team,

      PLease take ALL the time you need, I'd much rather wait for a good game than have a notsogood one in a hurry and as for Don, PLEASE make sure to completely take care of any and all of his health needs before even thinknig about the game. Had a few health careas in my family over the years, so know it's nothing to be take nlightly.

      Please wish Don all the best from me and (I'm sure) all other backers.

      Thanks for the effort you're putting in and can't wait to play the game,


    23. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Eberhard: You're right, that's the most important thing! Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for understanding. Quality has been our #1 concern throughout this project.

    24. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      The most important thing is, that Don is on his legs again, has control over his movements, and don't suffer to much pain any longer.
      It could have ended completely different!
      So we are lucky to keep the voice you (and we trough the updates) got used to, and are keen to get the game in 2019. Early enough as long it is good! :-)
      Quality isn't late, it ripes.

    25. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Cisco: We really appreciate it! Don will definitely feel good reading your kind thoughts. And apologies again for not responding earlier. Juggling a lot of chainsaws here :D

      @Kevin: Thanks! Yeah, we love putting small and lovely stuff like that into the game, I think it's part of what will set it apart!

    26. Kevin Kthulhu on

      Don, get well soon! Thanks for this update, I think Kitteh's eyes following the cursor are pretty neat, also the animations ;) keep on rocking, can't wait for this gem!

    27. Cisco Jimenez

      Thank you for the update guys! Our thoughts go out to your voice actor. I can't believe how amazing this project has been to watch from inception to finish.

    28. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Benjamin: Thanks for understanding! Means a lot to us. Keep going we will! :)

    29. Benjamin Hüll on

      No worries :) Just keep on going :) And good luck to Don!