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A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
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Steam Page, New Trailer, Doug Cockle, Insanity!

Posted by Stuck In Attic (Creator)

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! (approximate translation: we now have a Steam page and a cool new trailer, fhtagn!)

Greetings, backers! It's your favorite attic-dwellers, bringing you more Gibbous news from beyond the veil of time and space (right next to the fan and fully-blasting air conditioner). We hope this update finds you in good health, and excited to find out more about what we've been up to in the last couple of months since we've spoken. Here we go!

Trailer? Witcher? I hardly knew'er!

This has been a looong time coming, we know, but - like with anything related to the game - we wanted to take our time and make sure that everything was exactly as we envisioned it, and the trailer was no exception. Behold!



A few fun things about the trailer...

Doug Cockle, whom you might know as the voice of the Witcher, voices one of our characters! Yes, you read that right. We can't exactly tell you what character he'll be playing, since it would be spoilery, but what we can tell you is that heeeeee's not a good guy ;)

Hell yeah.
Hell yeah.


We are so incredibly thrilled and proud to have Mr. Cockle in our game, and I have to tell you - his performance blew us all away. Playing through the Witcher games, and watching and loving Band of Brothers, I would have never thought we'd be ever actually collaborating, but there it is. How incredibly cool is that?

Also, and I say it with pride, yet again - we have the best backers in the world. We could afford hiring such talent thanks to the paypal donations you guys sent our way even after our campaign was done, especially one particular bearded superbacker. Thank you again, Patron Saint of Gibbous! 

Another fun fact about the trailer: most of the music in it is actually Romanian / Transylvanian folk music heavily reinterpreted by our very own Cami. We told you we take this local flavor thing seriously! Here are original versions of all the pieces present in the trailer, in order: Blestem, Basmaua, Ciuleandra, Sunt Osanca. See if you can recognize them!

Trrrrrransylvania! Now with 100% authentic accents.
Trrrrrransylvania! Now with 100% authentic accents.


Oh, and we have a new website, too. Where was I?

Next up...

Wishlist Gibbous on Steam!

Oh my God, we actually have a Steam page. It's surreal!

Wishlist this baby!
Wishlist this baby!

You guys are getting the game on Steam already, so why wishlist, right? Well, here's the thing - Steam has become an insane place, where anywhere between 12 and 50 games are released, DAILY. Competition is insane, and realistically speaking, adventure games aren't exactly setting the world on fire lately. 


Steam's blasphemously hermetical abominations of algorithms favor, on their launch date, games with more wishlists. You guys are getting the game either way, but for us launching will be make or break, it will mean the difference between continuing to make games and create worlds, or going back to -- ugh, I shudder to even think.

Not that I even dare dream of it before we release, but there are so many stories in the Gibbous universe we'd love to tell, and that all depends on how this game does. So, if you can, please please please wishlist the game on Steam, and please tell a friend to do it, as well. Retweeting is appreciated, sharing on Facebook, upvoting this on Reddit, snap... chatting it on SnapChat (what even IS that?!), anything where as many people get their eyes on the game would be of great, great help to us. Thank you in advance. 

Do it for Kitteh.
Do it for Kitteh.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you--

Don's Crowd Sourced Interactive Text Adventure

Over on the Steam discussions, there's this weird first person account of one of Don R Ketype's adventures, one that takes place before the events of Gibbous. Have a Steam account? Love a mystery? Find the idea of collaborating in the comments, and helping Don get past obstacles, earning points along the way, exciting? If you yelled "Yes, yes, yes, YEEES!" like a madman to all that, Don R Ketype's Crowd Sourced Interactive Text Adventure is for you! (This is episode 2; episode 1 was solved way earlier than anticipated, you can read it here). 


But what about us DRM-free cultists?

Unnatural whispers from the outer spheres reassured us that Gibbous will be launching on GOG simultaneously with Steam. Your dark prayers have been answered, but feel free to add it to your GOG wishlist either way, if you haven't yet. 

State of the game? 

Game - done. Animations - done. Sound fx - done. Basically, everything else except the voices, done. Voices? 

Guys, we have really gone a bit crazy with voicing every possible interaction. I am super thrilled to announce that, with the exception of two characters, all the voices in the game have been cut, edited, and are being implemented. We are now at ~6500 dialogue lines in game, 6000 left to go. I don't want to bore you with the details, but it's a meticulous work that we need to take a lot of care with, lest Don suddenly start talking in Kitteh's voice and viceversa. You have been super patient and understanding, and we really appreciate it. 

Between tweaking the cinematics, selecting and editing the voice lines, mixing and mastering the music,  testing the game (it takes us 6 hours just to frantically click through it all), it.. Just.. Takes a lot of time, and it's just me and Cami doing this. Please know we are working as fast as we can, but at the same time we don't want to skimp out on quality or butcher the experience. We really appreciate your patience.


Beta Testing!

Can't wait for Gibbous? Can't wait until it releases, and want to give a helping hand squashing bugs to a small team sustaining itself mostly on caffeine, enthusiasm, and way too little sleep? Now's your chance to beta test Gibbous. Please send an e-mail with the subject "HAIL CTHULHU!" to liviu at reea dot net if you want in!

Fair warning: this time there will be a LOT of the game that you'll be testing. We're still discussing exactly how much of it, but there's the possibility that it might be in its entirety (minus the very, very last scene, maybe). If that's cool with you, drop us a line and be like a Starship Trooper - enroll in the first line of defense against those pesky bugs. 

Delivering on Stretch Goals


When we launched the campaign, we really weren't even considering that we'd be overfunded, but stretchgoals went from very lofty and distant dream to reality. We can't stress enough just how much we appreciate you going the extra mile financially for us, so we're doing the same thing with Gibbous, delivering on everything we've promised, plus one goal we haven't actually reached (animated cutscenes).

Yes, the game WILL be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. We did our best to get things moving as fast as we could, but an expansive script plus the fact that Don (the actor) is partly re-writing Don (the character)'s voice lines so they sound more noir-ish meant that we had to wait until we had final script before sending it to be localized. Which, it being almost the size of the freakin' Silmarillion, will take some time to translate.

Still relevant, in case you missed it last update
Still relevant, in case you missed it last update

Gibbous was made possible by people from all over the world, who would understandably want it to release in their language, since that stretch goal was met. We've thought long and hard, and came to the conclusion that we'd rather take a bit more time and have all the localizations ready at launch rather than patching the game later. It's not fun to have backed a game and have to wait until it's finally patched in your language, we know, so we hope you understand that it's the kind of delay that makes sense to everyone. We honestly didn't expect to be overfunded, so we made a better and bigger game that will take some time to localize. We thank you again for your understanding. 

Live Instruments

Talented local accordionist Sebastian bringing them feels!
Talented local accordionist Sebastian bringing them feels!


This has been one of the most rewarding stretch goals, and we feel it will really make a difference in the atmosphere. 

Everyone loved last update's video of Roli, so without further ado, here he is hitting it out of the park again. We can't WAIT for you to listen to the entire soundtrack, it's... It's MAGICAL!


...Goosebumps. Goosebumps all the way.

Lovecraft Day

Howard Phillips Lovecraft turns 128 today. He's our greatest inspiration for this game. Today we pay tribute to the worlds he created, worlds he encouraged other weavers of dreams to share in. Happy #lovecraftday! 




We're a bit sad to report that, ever since the owner of the place we're working in decided to plate the wrought iron gate and fences with impenetrable plastic (ugh), 3.0 hasn't been visiting us. It's been more than a month. We know she's Ok, we see her hanging out in the park across the street, we leave food out for her, but she's a free spirit and refuses to be confined to a courtyard. Come back, 3.0!

Come baaaaack!
Come baaaaack!

When the Stars Are Right

We know you want the game. We want you to have it too! We're working incredibly hard, trying to polish everything to a shine, and we can hear you screaming "When, WHEN?!!!", believe us. All I can say is "As soon as it is humanly possible to deliver this game in the best form it can take!". 

We made sure that we created an experience where every time you enter a new screen you're in awe of what you're seeing, hearing, and interacting with, that's done; now we need to make sure that the gameplay itself is just as polished, bug-free, and truly ready to be devoured. If you do have to see for yourself before release, don't forget to enter the Beta.

Please please please don't forget to wishlist Gibbous on Steam, tell a friend, and share it on social media! It would mean the world to us.

Thank you so much for reading, we hope this update got you as excited about the game as we are, and look - we want to release this even more than you do! It just needs to be freakin' awesome when it launches. We wouldn't have it any other way, and I know you guys feel the same. 

Tired-but-excitedly yours,

Liviu, Cami, Nicu, Orsi and Roxi. And maybe 3.0, we're not sure.


PS : Shoutouts!

Can't do an update without letting you know of exciting indie Kickstarters or adventure game releases! 

You're on Kickstarter right now, right? Well, stick around on the 5th of September, because Nighthawks, the brain child of excellent writer Richard Cobbett and master pixel wrangler Ben Chandler of Wadjet Eye fame, launches then! Enter a decaying city as a fledgling vampire out to climb from rags to riches. Feed your endless hunger. Run your own nightclub. Master secret powers. Embrace the night and live its stories. Gather fellow outcasts and bind them with favours, with potential allies including vampire magician Madame Lux, con-artist turned cult-leader Maze, and insane doctor Samuel, whose withered brain considers no fate worse than death. Click the picture to visit their website.


Speaking of Wadjet Eye, if you're an adventure game fan, do NOT miss out on Dave Gilbert's latest release, Unavowed. It's already a success, and for good reason - the game is excellent, and you should be playing it right now! Click below to go to its GOG page.


And back to Kickstarter, our friends 2Fat2Fly games are entering the final three days of their super-successful campaign for board game Moonshiners of the Apocalypse. We've played it and loved it, its art is exquisite, check it out while it's still on Kickstarter!


See you next update. 


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    1. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Paul: Thank you! We really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. I'm fighting the urge to say just how kick-ass the game will be! :D

    2. Paul Cook

      very nice and detailed update as always = many thanks for the work you all put into this.

      antici.... pation indeed and re-echoing(?) the comments ref 'when it's ready' and not before :)

      i still wait. patiently... seemingly alive ... are we all dreaming ... are they aligned... are they right... consider the implications is all i ask lest madness engulf us all.

    3. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @BlackGauntlet: It is not always that the Shining Trapezohedron lights up in unearthly, indescribable colors and bestows its incommensurable power upon our feeble limbs, and after it does, we tend to fall into this blackened, unholy state prosaically known as "burnout". Mere humans we are, and as mere humans we toil.

    4. BlackGauntlet

      "As soon as it is *humanly* possible to deliver this game in the best form it can take!"?

      Then you are doing it wrong, f'taghn!

    5. Frodo

      Stuck In Attic - it's a shame you made the text adventure steam-only.
      Many of us don't like steam, because we don't like DRM in our games.
      Really hope the next one will be DRM-free, so I can buy it. ( :

      Come back, 3.0!

    6. Jared Foley

      Wishlisted - can't wait.

    7. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Daniel Thank you, we appreciate it! :D
      @Sven Got your mail, you're in! ;)
      @Frodo Aaaargh... I decided on the Steam forums because most people have a Steam account already and it makes participation easier. So sorry about that, but not to worry - I plan to do another one at some point, also a prequel, and we'll figure out a way everyone can get involved. Thanks! And yeah, still waiting for 3.0's return. We'll have to somehow smuggle her in :D

    8. Frodo

      Would love to have that text adventure! Where can I buy it DRM-free?

      Shame about 3.0. I also thought she was your pet. *sad face*

    9. Sven_Q45 on

      @Stuck in Attic
      I did. Hope it worked. (read my PM)

    10. Daniel Miller

      Great update, have wishlisted on both Steam and GOG!

    11. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Sven: We still need to figure out some technical stuff, but it won't be long! You can send the mail now, though :)

    12. Sven_Q45 on

      When will the betatesting start?

    13. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Jackie So did we! Apparently, she's nobody's cat. Heheh. Thanks for wishlisting!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jackie Hildebrant on

      Looking good! Wishlisted!

      Aww 3.0. I thought she was your cat??

    15. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Chris - Yep. I admit we went that route in order to drive home the point that there is a LOT of voice acting in the game, and you're right, some people seem to be distracted by it. It's also due to that fact that at the time of making the trailer we hadn't yet received all voices, and the Steam page HAD to go up ASAP. Thanks for your feedback, glad you liked it nevertheless!

    16. Chris J Capel on

      Love these big epic updates!

      Excellent trailer and news - although if I had one criticism, I think you should've turned off the dialogue subtitles before recording. It's a bit distracting, especially when someone else is talking over it. Trailer 101 - if you have someone talking, and aren't showing the entire scene of that person talking, the voiceover cannot be over a scene showing someone else talking. Otherwise the audience assumes it is that person talking. Otherwise an excellent trailer, looking great!