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A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
A comedy cosmic horror point and click adventure made in Transylvania. Lucas Arts style, Lovecraftian horrors, general insanity!
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Game Progress Update, Voices, Live Instruments and More!

Posted by Stuck In Attic (Creator)
Greetings, cultists! Is it summer already? Wow. We know we’ve been silent for longer than usual, but there are good reasons for that, reasons that I think you’ll enjoy reading about. Here we go!  


So, what the heck have we been up to since the last update?  

Finishing the game, that’s what! 

That’s right, ladies and gents - Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure is now playable from start to finish, and if “well, why the heck aren’t I playing it?” instantly popped into your mind, the answer is that there are still things that we’re diligently working on. Before going into detail about that, let me say that the team has been testing the game thoroughly ( bless Roxi, she’s a saint, only she knows how many times she’s played it) and, while we’ve been squashing bugs left and right, most were minor inconveniences, and none were game-breaking.  

Cultists. Cultists everywhere.
Cultists. Cultists everywhere.
Hmm, that sure sounds familiar...
Hmm, that sure sounds familiar...


Alright, back to what we’re still plugging away at:  

First and foremost, voices!  

This is the big one, folks. Here’s the deal with having custom responses for each and every possible item to item or hotspot combination: that means a TON of voice acting. 

We’re currently working with three, let’s call them crews - two of them Stateside (but not limited to American actors), and one here in Tirgu Mures, with local actors, in our own studio, plus the occasional collaborator.  

We couldn’t be happier with the results! Here’s a sample of the audio insanity:  


",,,And then you go like this!"
",,,And then you go like this!"


In case you’re wondering “Geez, Okay, what could be taking so long?”, check out the chart below:  


Just be clear, we’re not comparing ourselves with either Assassin’s Creed II or the Silmarillion in anything but number of dialogue lines and words, respectively. You’re free to draw comparisons after you play the game, wink wink!  

To also give you an idea of why things take so long, I receive everything in at least 3 different takes which I need to listen to closely, decide which one is closest to what I wanted, trim it, look up the sound id in a spreadsheet, copy / paste id from spreadsheet, export, rinse and repeat. It’s not the most conducive to sanity work, but I haven’t snapped and bitten anyone’s face off yet, so we’re good.  

Rodica, our Transylvanian innkeeper, inhabiting her role.
Rodica, our Transylvanian innkeeper, inhabiting her role.


Voice acting also plays a big role in…  


I’ve talked about this in the last update, and we’ve been making huge strides since! Basically, with the exception of a few things like tweaking lip sync, everything is animated and cleaned up. Cami has been editing and polishing them up in After Effects, we’ve both been writing special musical scores for each one of them, I’ve handled sound design duties, and we have our friend absurdcus mixing everything together so it sounds good. 

We can’t really show you what we’ve been working on lately, since it’s final moments of the game stuff, but I can give you an idea: the ending cutscene alone is 5 minutes long, and it's EPIC. I don't use that word lightly.

I do want to give you a taste of the animations, so here’s a sneak peek at one of the intro cinematics (yep, there’s two of them), with the disclaimer that the voices, fx and music aren’t yet mixed and mastered. 


Don Thacker is insane cult leader Brother Starburst, and constantly haggling him is Sister Halo, whose voice is our very own Cami! 

 And speaking of music, let’s transition to...

Recording live instruments! 

This was one of the stretch goals I was incredibly happy to reach, an oh boy did this pay off! 

Below is a video of one of my personal highlights of making this game. 

Rolli is an 18 year old local artist who is incredibly talented at playing the violin, and while I did expect our first recording session to go well, I didn’t think we’d be quite as blown away as we were.

I could go on about it for paragraphs, but I did annotate the video, so you can just watch it and get the same goosebumps we did when first listening to Rolli’s performance. 


That melancholic Gipsy violin is just incredible, especially given the fact that it was 100% improvisational, and it ties in greatly with the local Transylvanian vibe we’re infusing into Gibbous. Thanks again, dear backers, for making this kind of magic possible. 

The game soundtrack is currently over 4 hours long, and will be mixed and mastered throughout the following couple of weeks. 


Next up for live instruments recording: clarinet, piano, drums, and guitar. 

Sound Effects 

 ...Are 99% done. We’re still testing them throughout the game, tweaking this, lowering that, deleting and replacing the occasional one ( this is my first go at sound design, but I loooove it - and I'm also very self-critical). 

We've put a lot of work into making each screen's ambient sound feel different than the previous one, and the game really came alive aurally. 

More Polish! 

With the added forces of two extra programmers, we were able to do another couple of polish passes and enhance the environments even more. Here’s an example of just that: I’ve always loved how beautiful clouds’ shadows moving over hillsides looks, so we put that in the game via dynamic lighting. 

No, Buzz, you're not on drugs, it's a timelapse.
No, Buzz, you're not on drugs, it's a timelapse.


Mind you, the gif is at something like 20x speed, so it’s really subtle in the game, but it really contributes to atmosphere. 

Trailer and Upcoming Steam Page

 We’ve also spent some time crafting our launch trailer. It’s not done yet - we’ll probably show it off in our next update, which will come sooner than this one has, that’s a promise. We’re still in the process of choosing footage and constantly tweaking it. 

Until then, have this gif of Kitteh as she appears in the trailer:


We’ll soon also have a steam page, and once it’s up and running we’ll update again and ask you guys to kindly wishlist the game. 

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the absolute deluge of games that Steam has become in the past year, but the bottom line is that launching a game - especially a niche game like ours - is a crazily competitive and risky endeavor, and we’re going to need all your kind support and encouragement to make sure that Gibbous makes a splash and allows us to keep making games.

Thanks again for all your support, patience and understanding

Digital Comic Tier 

 Heads up, everyone who backed us at at least the $40 level - the link to the digital comic prequel has been sent to your Kickstarter private messages. 


We’re trying to avoid mass-communicating via e-mail since this whole GDPR insanity started, so if you do want to contact us at contact at gibbousgame dot com or gibbous at reea dot net, make sure you give us your written consent to contact you back ;)

Keeping in Touch 

As always, we try and stay as communicative as possible even outside of the Kickstarter updates, so feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and read our blog. Also, we do our best to do hour-long team streams every week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, so check out our Twitch, or our Youtube channel for the VODs in case you can’t tune in live. 

Fan Art

We're blown away that our little studio that hasn't even released an official game yet is receiving fan art! This was made by Rasvisboi, and we were impressed by how many game, team and stream-related Easter-eggs he managed to squeeze into it. We love it, dude!

Complete with Communist Cheetos! Now that's knowing your streams.
Complete with Communist Cheetos! Now that's knowing your streams.



All is well in 3.0’s world. She's been taking her time, moving from chair to chair, bothering everyone equally. Well, not everyone - she only does this to girls; make of that what you will. 


We’ve even had the couch cleaned so she can more efficiently spread her layers upon layers of shed fur all over it.

Back to it! 

 Alright, these voices won’t edit and implement themselves. It’s really close now, guys. 

Rare found footage of Stuck In Attic, rushing to get Gibbous done already
Rare found footage of Stuck In Attic, rushing to get Gibbous done already



Liviu, Cami, Nicu, Roxi, Orsi and 3.0 


PS: Shoutouts! 

As has been our tradition, we can’t end an update without some shout-outs to some good indie adventures out there! And there are quite a bunch, so let’s take a look at them: 

Unforeseen Incidents is a classic-style point and click by Backwoods Entertainment which I’ve been enjoying quite a bit in between work sessions. It’s a bit Twin Peaks-y, a bit X-Files-y, and comic book-y all over. Worth your time and dime! Click the pic to go to its GoG page. 


Detective Gallo is a comedy point and click with great art, and yeah that’s a chicken dressed up in a detective’s coat, how cool is that? Click the pic to go to its GoG page. 


And, last but definitely not least,  Gray Dawn is the result of 3 years of work of a personal friend, and it’s… it’s stunning. It’s hard to believe that - much like us throughout most of Gibbous’ development - Gray Dawn is the work of just three people. 

Just check out the trailer on their Steam page, it’s AAA-looking stuff, and having played it I can confirm that it’s the good kind of surreal. I think Gray Dawn and Gibbous are the two indie games that draw most from local Romanian aesthetics, music and myths. Click the pic to go to Steam its page. 


 That’s it! See you next update.

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    1. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Ivar Really leaning toward that. We didn't want to promise anything when we did the Kickstarter because everything was so new and crazy, but as soon as the game is done and out of the gate we will start to seriously look into that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ivar Severinsen

      Really hoping you guys end up going with the big box for the physical version, I need a big Gibbous box front and center on my shelf 😉😉

    3. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Hehe, thanks David! That's super nice of you. Yeah, we love promoting these games, they're all great and they deserve your attention.

    4. David Barto on

      Just popping in to say hi all, I also wanted to say how much I really appreciate the studio's game suggestions with all the games out there nowadays. When considering point & click, I take Stuck in Attic's suggestions at the top of the not well known point & click game category. I also wonder, is Liviu the brother I never had? B| who knows...

    5. Sven_Q45 on

      @Stuck in Attic
      Yeah! :)

    6. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Yay! KOTOR Rocks! ;)

    7. Sven_Q45 on

      I just read the update. Very nice. Someone told the numbers of the dialogs. I knew the numbers of KOTOR my favourite non adventuregame. :)

    8. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Tean His entire extended family ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Tean on

      Did you hire Gollum as an actor?!

    10. Corwim on

      Absolutely understand @StuckInAttic, thank you for keeping us drm-free folk in mind. :-) And thank you for the shoutouts you added, definitely see a few there that'll tide me over until Gibbous is fully locked and loaded, ready to take over the world (well, the gaming part of it at least ;-) ). Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the future updates (which are always super entertaining in their own right btw, kudos on that!).

    11. Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt on

      Awesome update!!! Can't wait for the final game :)

    12. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      ... I mean Corwim, whoops! :D Kickstarter and their non-editable comments. We'll also talk about the physical releases in a future update, right now we're working around the clock to get the game per se done. Thanks for understanding :)

    13. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Corwin: Can't say anything official yet, sorry - but we'll announce something pretty soon about non-DRM. Sorry about being vague, but I only want to say stuff that I 100% know will happen :)

    14. Corwim on

      Aaah, this game continues to look (and sound, that violin music!) absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to finally play it. Good luck on finishing and polishing up those last bits, bops and pieces, you guys continue to rock! :-)

      Quick question(s): any news on whether the game will launch on as well? And I may have missed it, but has there been any decision made on the big box versus dvd style box for the physical release? Just curious. :-)

    15. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Woohoo! Thanks, guys. We've been busy bees! :D

    16. Missing avatar

      alejandor on

      Now this is what I call an update!

    17. Werehare on

      Thank you for the update. I love seeing the behind the scenes videos. The violin stuff was very cool and put a big smile on my face. Excited!! :D

    18. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Hey Aneurin! It really depends on how the game will perform. We'd love to be able to make them purchase-able. Fingers crossed that we become a hit! Heheh. Thanks for your support.

    19. Missing avatar

      Aneurin Price on

      Are any of the physical goods likely to be available to buy at some point, or are they KS rewards only? I'm so excited for this I desperately regret not backing at a higher tier.