Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure

by Stuck In Attic

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    1. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Ah, it's such a wonderful feeling to get e-mail after e-mail with "HAIL CTHULHU!" as subject. It truly warms the heart, it does :)

    2. mabec on

      HuUuUuge update!

    3. Adam Alderman

      So excited. Watching the loops and hearing the music made me feel like a kid again. So excited to play this. I just wish I could feel that rush of getting off the school bus again and booting the game up through a 3.5 floppy disk. Ahh...those were the days...

      Keep up the amazing work team!

    4. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @mabec: It was even longer, but it was starting to rival War & Peace so I left some for the next one :)

      @Adam Thanks, it really means a lot! I know exactly what the feeling you're describing is, and it's one of the driving forces behind Gibbous :D

    5. Porcupine on

      Maximum respect to Cthulhu for still using Winamp - although it figures, it takes a Great Old One to know one...

    6. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Porcupine: Yep, much like the Great Old Ones, old habits die super super hard!

    7. Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt on

      That's an amazing, super dense and super interesting update, guys!

      (and I don't say that because of the Lancelot mention - really - but thanks so much by the way :)

      I'm super impressed by all this georgeous work and all your fantastic animations! Can't wait to play it!!! HAIL CTHULHU!

    8. Álex Hernández-Puertas on

      Switch before fridge! Switch before fridge! Switch before fridge!
      (The summon only works if you say it three times)

    9. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Lancelot: Always good to hear from you, happy to have finally met in the flesh!

      @Álex : Oh yeah, definitely. The fridge is a very far-term goal, unlike the Switch ;)

    10. Tomimt on

      This is really shaping up one of the better projects I've spent my money on. The kind of that gives hope for Kickstarter. And yeah, the Journey Down 3 is a pretty solid game. Fun too.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Galbreath on

      Whoa! I see a cycle here. I've just finished Bertram Pt. 2, just downloaded Journey Down Pt. 3, and now see serious progress on Gibbous. All are cool games. Any more of this sort of game I should be looking at? Keep up the amazing good work, Stuck in the Attic! Really looking forward to playing the game!

    12. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Tomimt: Really appreciate the kind words!

      @James: Thankfully, adventure games are alive, kicking, and - it seems - on the rise. Do give Darkside Detective a try, too, it's one of the funniest games in recent years. Thanks for the support!

    13. Chelle Destefano

      Soooo excited about this beautiful game. The scenes are also drool worthy! :) the cat made me laugh so hard lol. I loved the collaged image too. That made me very excited to play the game! Thank u for the update :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      Awesome to see things getting close to the finish line, go for it guys!

      If I may sneak in a little comment, it's that the voice acting for the intro cutscene prototype is bland and lacks intonation. The voice needs to rise and fall more, even for a jaded detective type... it also helps people whose native language is not english follow along more easily.

    15. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Thanks for the replies, everyone! We're reading all comments and taking all feedback into account.

    16. ET3D on

      Looking forward to the Android version.

    17. Sven_Q45 on

      Nice. :) Yes it was an awesome party as always. :)
      So you thougth about beta testing now. Great. :)

    18. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @ET3D: Same here! :)

      @Sven: It was great meeting you in person! :)

    19. David Tocados on

      It's not humanly possible to release this year, isn't it? Waiting to hear more of it. Love the music.

    20. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @David We're pushing really hard to get it done by the end of the year, but I'm afraid to make any promises. It's stuff like working remotely with a lot of voice actors, and translating, that is a bit hard to gauge. On our part, we're working 7 days a week to churn out the huge amount of assets and putting it all together... Small team, huge project. Hopefully our programmer getting a minion will speed things up. We'll keep you updated monthly. Thanks so much for your support and understanding.

    21. Paul Cook

      What a wonderful update - so nice to see you enjoying your journey as well :)
      Really looking forward to this one!

      "Peace and Love'craft to all..."

    22. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Thanks so much, Paul! Yes, trying to make this game as good as possible, and make the most out of it :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Voelker_1999 on

      Everytime you post a new update I'm overwhelmed by all the art... yeah, that should be the right word (english is not my native language). It's all oh-so-beautiful. The pictures, the animations, the music, THE MUSIC!!!, and, oh yes, the cutscene! It's all so ... beautiful. Gorgeous. And it's all done by a small team I'Ve never heard of before this kickstarter campaign. It's wonderful that all of us backers gave you the chance to create this game, but seeing this kind of makes me sad that there are so few games where I feel as much passion as I feel in Gibbous. I know, there are games like that, but I wish there were more. But anyway, I'm so glad I found your game, and I backed it, and I hope many people will get to play and enjoy it! So you can make more games ;)

      Keep on the great work, but please, don't wear yourselves out! We need you to make more great games, so please, watch your health :)

    24. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Voelker_1999 Thanks so much for the comment! Yeah, about that health thing - both me (Liviu) and Nicu are just recovering from the worst bout of flu - or whatever it was! - possible, so we'll all probably try to take it a bit easier and try to get more rest :) Again, comments like yours are what keeps us going, nothing makes us happier than you guys being happy with how the game is progressing!