Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure

by Stuck In Attic

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    1. COWCAT on

      Those characters shadows on the scenery (and lightning) are very impressive. I'm trying to do that for my new game but encountered some obstacles, so seeing it work so well makes me jealous :p

    2. Vryl

      I backed Thimbleweed Park. It's been fun so far, but I will warn people that Ransome the clown doesn't play nice - some of his insults may be inappropriate for children.

    3. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @COWCAT Are you using Unity? Hit us up and maybe Nicu can help you out!

      @Vryl True, but at least it's beeped :)

    4. COWCAT on

      Nope, still using GameMaker Studio but I'll keep that in mind. I'm still at the prototype stage so I'll come back to this later :)

    5. Matt Combes on

      Lookin' sweeeeeet guys. Very excited with what you've been pumping out.

    6. Kain G. D. Lacroix on

      Got scared for a sec there, thinking it was a "we bought a boat cause we thought we had so much money, now we're out of funds, project canceled" update. Better "stuck in attic" than stuck in development hell! Good job, team, keep going!

    7. Mykll Valiant

      Yay another game in the works from COWCAT! Everyone go check out his Demetrios game. Worth it.
      I am reminded of my first contact with the SIA folks.
      Me: "Can I combine a couple of tiers?"
      Liviu: "No."
      Me: *shakes fist* "I'll show you!" *creates additional KS accounts*

    8. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      @Matt Thanks!

      @Kain Nah. The yacht will only be here by August, problems with the shipping, and I guess the gold plating takes a while? No idea. In the meantime we're working on the game to pass the time, anyway.

      @Mykll: I still feel bad you had to make additional accounts, MYkll :D We were just so overwhelmed by the whole Kickstarter thing (and still are, to some extent).

    9. Porcupine on

      Fools - of course it takes until August for the yacht to arrive, the ship shipping company has to hire a bunch of Vikings just to yank it out of the water and carry it over the next weir or barrage dam every few miles on this grand river of ours. You totally should have went for the gold plated Zeppelin instead, that attic sound like a perfect mooring opportunity...

    10. Mr.Monttu

      We need to run another kickstarter for better cutscenes! B)

    11. Mykll Valiant

      Someone say Vikings?

    12. Missing avatar

      Voelker_1999 on

      Awww, I just love hand-drawn animated shadows! This game looks brilliant, and I'm confident it'll play just as fine :) Thanks a lot for the nice update, I'm really looking forward to the documentary! Unfortunately, I'm afraid I won't have time to join your Twitch stream on the 5th of May, but I'll make sure to enjoy your documentary ASAP. You seem like a bunch of really really nice people, and I love how you pour your passion into your game. Keep on being awesome! And please don't forget to include your cats in the documentary! ;)

    13. Virgiliu Ionescu on

      Great update guys. Good luck with the docummentary.
      I didn't know about Thimbleweed (talk about living under a rock), but now I'm stuck in the library. The books and answering macchines messages recorded by backers are just too much fun. Nice way to involve the backers

    14. Meike Thomas on

      Wow, one year already! The work and vigor you guys put into this is beyond amazing. I've said this a few times but I'll probably keep saying it periodically: I LOVE the animation and art and those effects! And everything else! There's just so much love and work put into this and it's going to be SO worth it!

      Ahhh, and Thimbleweed Park! I'm so glad you guys kept plugging it on Twitter because I had NO idea, but the moment I saw the screenshots I knew I needed to have it as soon as it's out. I lived and breathed those old Lucasfilm games!

    15. BigD on

      Looks great. Fantastic update. Can I have a ride on your yacht when it arrives?

    16. Stuck In Attic Creator on

      Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words, everyone!
      As soon as the yacht is here we'll probably go on an intercontinental cruise, gathering all backers along the way - something like the Love Boat crossed with survival horror, with a different passenger bumped off or gone missing every day, just to keep it interesting.