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Help MICA graduate students produce a poignant and innovative short film with the help of seasoned professionals and lots o'undergrads. Read more

Baltimore, MD Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on August 12, 2011.

Help MICA graduate students produce a poignant and innovative short film with the help of seasoned professionals and lots o'undergrads.

Baltimore, MD Shorts
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Hello all,

First and foremost, we want to thank you for taking the time to read this.  We would like to start out, not by talking about our film, or our talented crew right off the bat, but about why this project is special enough to us and our community to ask for your support.  As most of you know at least one member of our core crew, you know that we are comprised of ambitious talented students and professionals who produce poignant, beautiful work on our own, but we believe this film is an opportunity to produce something greater than us, here's why:

Our Goals; Why Are We So Excited About This Film

Our goals in producing the film, Something That Sang to You, are two fold. First, we hope to achieve a level of artistry with sophisticated workmanship and professionalism that, thus far, none of us has had the opportunity to individually achieve. Secondly, and most importantly, we want to realize a work of art we all believe in that can only be accomplished by a unified team. 

We have an impeccable team of artists, filmmakers, and performers banded together for this project. For us this film is an opportunity to work as a collective group while we are still in graduate school and have a readymade community of artists and resources at our disposal. Most of the students involved in this project have never had the chance to work on something of this magnitude; however, the individuals that have will be able to offer their guidance and talents of mentoring to help us to rise to the occasion. This is a chance for everyone involved to be part of something much larger than themselves as well as a chance to involve numerous undergraduate students for supporting roles as this project progresses.

We are also proud to the have the support and resources from our school, the Maryland Institute College of Art our current graduate program at the Maryland Institute College of Art that we feel we owe so much to., the Maryland Film Commission, The Baltimore City Film Commission, and the Maryland Lawyers for the Arts, and to produce a product that we can use to promote the amazing qualities of these organizations that have supported us as well.

This film will be shot primarily within the Baltimore City limits. It is our hope that the film will also represent the vibrant arts community of Baltimore and our current graduate program at the Maryland Institute College of Art that we feel we owe so much to. The great city of Baltimore is heavily invested in the arts, particularly community and group driven arts projects and organizations, we have no doubts that the communities will we are a part of will help us to secure secure many more of the elements necessary to complete this project.

Our intended audience will primarily be film festivals and gallery attendees. We are all as much visual artists as we are filmmakers and will be submitting this project to festivals and artistic calls, museums, etc. The broad dynamics our group brings to this project will allow our final product to be accepted in the realm of fine art as well as on the short film festival scene. We have no intentions of profiting from this project as it is first and foremost art, therefore we will not be actively seeking any commercial exposure for Something That Sang to You. We hope to use the film as a springboard to larger projects.

The Film

This proposed short film, Something That Sang to You, is an intimate psychological portrait of a young man in the midst of a failing relationship, who lacks the age and faculties to understand that no blame is to be laid as he desperately seeks a reason for the split. The film will combine innovative visual and sonic elements, taking cues from expressionism, American and Nikkatsu noir, to explore the main characters mental implosion.

What We Already Have and How We Will Use It

We will be shooting with multiple Canon 5D digital cameras with Cinelux color through Zeiss prime cinelenses. We have access through MICA to use cameras, sound equipment and post-production software, computers, and space.  We will have several seasoned professionals in the film industry who have offered their talents to this project. We will be employing undergraduates in positions while filming as well to provide them an opportunity to contribute and learn from a professional production.

What the Money We Are Raising Will Go Towards

The money we raise will go primarily to:

  • Equipment rentals (Mainly Zeiss Cine lenses and a steady harness for the 5D)
  • Permits
  • Staffing of some professional positions
  • Festival entry fees
  • Arts Lawyers (if necessary)
  • Master use, festival use, and synchronization right for music
  • Set security
  • Insurance
  • ASCAP licensed musicians


Shooting tests, casting, location scouting, and crew assembly are already in progress. Some principle photography could start as early as August 2011.  Principle photography would wrap in December 2011 and post processing will be completed by late March 2012. The proposed premiere date for the film is April 2012, and festival submissions would begin immediately.

Please contact us at and visit our website at

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Some of our previous personal work can be viewed at:      


  • We simply wish to raise as many funds as we possibly can to pay for this short film. Kickstarter fund raising ONLY works if your goal is meet 100%, so by lowering our 'goal amount,' we have a better chance of actually collecting the funds you have so generously given us!

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