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Help two fans make the definitive film on Bill Nye The Science Guy and his quest to change the world with science!
Help two fans make the definitive film on Bill Nye The Science Guy and his quest to change the world with science!
16,850 backers pledged $859,425 to help bring this project to life.

The SXSW Premiere, Rave Reviews, and now... THE REST OF THE WORLD!

Posted by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg (Creator)

Howdy Scientists!

Consider the following: the world premiere at SXSW was a smash hit! There were many many Kickstarter backers in attendance, so thank you to everyone who came out to Austin and saw the film. We literally could not have made the movie without our amazing backers!

The film, so far, is being positively received— the reviews are excellent (Variety, IndieWire, Austin Chronicle, Hollywood Reporter, Movieweb, Roger Ebert, Tracking Board, Ars Technica, The Concordian, Stat News, and Inverse) and the audience reaction has been really effusive and warm. We had to turn away 1000+ people who came to the premiere, which was a bummer, but showed us that the demand for a documentary on Bill Nye is bigly YUGE.

We had a blast celebrating with The Planetary Society. In particular, we loved hanging out in the green room with board member Bob Picardo. If you’re not yet a member, what are you waiting for?! As Bill likes to say, “Space brings us together.”

The Q&A after the premiere was a reminder that we are not alone: Bill Nye had a profound impact on many young adults who entered the STEM fields because of his show. Many questioners shared emotional and personal stories about how influential Bill was to their becoming a doctor, physicist, biologist or science journalist, etc. Wow, just wow…

Our favorite part of every screening is seeing the thousands of names at the end of the film who helped produce this movie. The experience during the four screenings has become predictably familiar: the audience first stares, smiles, laughs, and then finally is in shock at how many backers supported the film! Almost two years hence, YOU still hold the record for the documentary film with the most backers. We posted the end of the credits— see if you can spot your name!

The film is still looking for a home, so stay tuned for where the film ends up! Can’t wait to share the movie with all of you!

Always and forever— SCIENCE RULES! David & Jason


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    1. Drake Phillips on

      Hey, had some friends go see the showing and they didn't see my name, are all backers names in the credits? Also great work, you've been crazy busy and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ignatius D'Anna on

      Sh1tiest credits ever. So disappointed. Everything Bill Nye lately is becoming a joke.

      Hopefully this film does the original Bill Nye credit and not the new age nonsense especially after this credit BS.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ezry on

      Why is this show so fucking garbage? I thought this was supposed to be a show about science.…

      Fucking shameful.

    4. Eric Kaeuper on

      When will the premiere for backers begin?

    5. Dave Kliman on

      is there a link for backers to view online?

    6. Akule

      Sent a DM, as I am a lightsail backer.

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lipscomb on

      Pledge $35 or more


      Kickstarter exclusive, custom-made & beautifully designed Bill Nye Film coffee mug featuring C8H10N4O2 (the molecular formula for caffeine) and Bill's catchphrase: "It's not magic, it's science!"

      ***Also you get the entire digital collection, all rewards under $35, plus your name in the credits of the film.***

      I might be mistaken for my particular donation for a "Doggie Bow Tie" as a credits kudos is not mentioned there, but a pledge for $35 qualified for mention in the credits. May not be mine, I can admit fault after re-reading, but it's been two years since you started this and all the sudden we're getting e-mails and updates about this... which hey, great, thanks for not screwing your backers. I hope for this project's continued success.

      This is something most of us were very excited for, but forgot about. You should understand that your verbiage in contacting us should reflect your lack of doing so. You should have mentioned in your e-mail that people who pledged enough to receive homage in the credits are there. Ultimately, whether or not intended, it showed a lack of respect. Many of your backers clicked your e-mail link with their hopes up over something they felt good about supporting, only to have those hopes dashed. They may not have qualified for the credits mention, but... well, you know; little things matter.

      Kthx. :^)

    8. David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg 2-time creator on

      Also @Nick Hare we used the backerkit data entered by each backer to fill in the credits. For use, you had entered "Nicholas W. Hare" which is what is in there. Do you have something different in your backerkit profile? Feel free to DM

    9. David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg 2-time creator on

      Hi Backers! Just a note: in order to have your name in the credits, you had to donate $50+. Please message us directly if you backed at $50+ and don't see your name.

      Kthx mgmt.

    10. Vanessa Solis on

      I don't see my name :(

    11. Missing avatar

      James on

      I didn't see my name either :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Victoria Warren on

      I didn't go to the premiere, but I think my name is supposed to be in the credits. Although, maybe it is only supposed to be in the movie Lullaby. I can't remember so many kickstarters for me. When will we receive the DVD so I can actually experience the movie before the general public.

    13. nick hare on

      Sooo, unlike a bunch of the backers my name is in the credits. Buuuuttttttt it's spelled wrong. Any way to update it?

    14. Brandon Brumage on

      Wow, thanks for missing so many names... People LOVE it when you tell them "we put all of the backer's names in the credits", but it turns out you missed TONS of them. Never felt so much under appreciation before...

    15. Missing avatar

      Robin Hadden on

      My community just viewed "After the Flood" produced by Leonardo Di Caprio. It screened at our local school and was sponsored by the town's energy committee. There was a great turn out and a good discussion followed. Will the Bill Nye film be available for such screenings in the future?

    16. Torakuma on

      My name wasn't in the credits either :(

    17. Rigalic on

      I'm still waiting for a refund... how long has it been now? I'm to the point I'll just call my bank to get a charge back

    18. Missing avatar

      Kenny on

      Yep, to join that very large boat of others, missed my name too.

    19. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lipscomb on

      Yeah guys, looks like you missed a few names... Mine included. Still happy to support Bill, but you guys aren't really putting much into this yourselves. Little things can matter a lot. ;\

    20. Ashley Gondek on

      This has been such a messed up Kickstarter from the beginning. Your credits are alphabetical by first name - Ashley Marie Gondek isn't listed. And I know damn well I filled out the survey and typed out how I wanted my name listed. Seems I'm not the only one. Ridiculous.

    21. Missing avatar

      Amanda Pittman on

      Name isn't in the credits. �

    22. Missing avatar

      Augustus Crosby on

      Lmfao I realized I might have submitted my pretransition name cause this was like two YEARS ago.

    23. Kathleen Rose Muir on

      So many backers!!!! I found my name at :13 seconds, so happy :3

    24. Derrick Dodson on

      Same here - missing from credits

    25. Agent 17 on

      When you check credits and realize that the name you submitted isn't listed... FeelsBadMan...