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A universal paste extruder for virtually any desktop 3D printer. Go beyond plastic: print silicone, nutella, wood filler + much more.
A universal paste extruder for virtually any desktop 3D printer. Go beyond plastic: print silicone, nutella, wood filler + much more.
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Discov3ry Production Update - February 11

Posted by Structur3D Printing (Creator)

First Beta Units Shipping Early Next Week!

The moment we at Structur3d Printing have all been waiting for is finally here. Completed units are going through the last bout of rigorous testing for quality after which they will be securely packed and shipped to you! We appreciate your patience at this final stage of our Kickstarter fulfillment.

Sourcing, Manufacturing and Testing (Beta Backers)

Enclosure – We have the enclosures for the Beta Backer units and are now busy completing the assemblies and testing each unit.

Custom Brackets - The full batch of Beta Backer brackets has been delivered. Assembly is well underway and standard procedures are being established for efficiency.  

Hardware - In house for all Beta Backer units. Some additional custom parts are being manufactured in house (3D printed in ABS) on our printers. The motors have arrived for the Beta Backers. Remaining motors are currently being ordered.

Cartridge Kits - All syringes, tubing, connectors, and tips are in stock, and the cartridge kits are currently being assembled. A reminder, additional kits can be purchased through our website.

Manufacturing and Testing - Units are undergoing testing and optimization. Any required adjustments are being identified and remedied during this early Beta manufacturing phase.

Shipping and Packaging – Options are finalized on how we will package and ship your Discov3ry to its new home. All materials for packaging are in our manufacturing facility.

Kickstarter Fulfillment

  • Beta Backers - Estimated delivery for February 2015.  
  • Production Batch #1 Backers - Estimated delivery March 2015.  
  • Production Batch #2 and #3 Backers - Estimated delivery for April 2015 and onwards.
  • Kickstarter Backer Hall of Fame - Names from newly completed surveys are updated every Wednesday. Can you find your name
  • Backer T-shirts - All of the T-shirt backers who have completed their survey have shipped. Newly completed surveys shipped once per week. More shirts available on our website
  • Nutella Selfies - The world's second Nutella selfie was given to backer #2; delivery will be ongoing for remaining backers. As always, if you haven't given us your shipping address yet, just go over to, and enter the email address you use on Kickstarter.

Epic Print of the Week: Play-Doh Circuits

A think-outside-the-box company called Inventery Inc. is combining Play-Doh with 3D printing to come up with some fun, yet ingenious applications, namely using it to build circuits. The projects they come up with are great for Maker kids of all ages. This Instructables page even shows you how to make your own conductive dough. 

Here is a 3D printed game controller which uses Play-Doh to complete the circuits – notice that the buttons are also made of Play-Doh - and it seems to work without a hitch for Pac-Man. 

And here is a musical alternative – Play-Doh circuit for DIY mini drums. 
Just goes to show you that soft materials have an immense range of function. 

For more info on these check out the 3DPrint article.

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