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An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
2,596 backers pledged $135,883 to help bring this project to life.

☕️ Update 22: 🎉 CONGRATS COMMUNI-TEA! 🎉

Posted by Dan & Connie Kazmaier (Creator)


 We're both beyond words... to our entire communi-tea whether you were part of the 2,596 of you who pledged... thank you ever so much for making our dream a reali-tea! ☕️ Truly. Thank you SO much ❤️. This is the end of the campaign but really the start of a journey for both of us as a couple, and as a communi-tea...

WOW. 😍 On the last day we blew past the last stretch goals, UNLOCKING everything!

 It's now official, we'll be creating the biggest 4 goals! 🎉

  • Our communi-tea requested and unlocked the add-on 📙 Colouring book! 
  • We're going to develop a ☕️ Chai Companion App for iOS/Android phones!📱
  • The Deluxe Edition will now include 5X Multicolour teacups! 🌈
  • AND stop being such a tea-se... we're SO excited that the Deluxe Edition will feature a gorgeous GameTrayz Insert! ❤️

These were all goals that we dreamed up together. Thank you for letting us know what you wanted throughout our journey, and it's unbelievable that we completed 35 stretch goals over the campaign! ❤️  

 Remarkably, we also completed our X10 social stretch goals for unique customer card art 🖼 throughout the entire game! 😃

  •  Retail copies will now feature X40 unique customer cards!
  • The Deluxe Edition will feature X55 unique customer cards! (40 from retail, 5 superfan-inspired, 10 mystery) 

 After Connie came home from teaching we went for a celebratory dinner! 😍 It was beautifully ironic that the place was called Big T's! We don't think we'll ever stop saying tea-rrific puns 😂, and we enjoyed some unsweetened tea with our platter for two.

Thank you for all of your encouraging words of support, especially as the Kickstarter wrapped up! ❤️🙌We're going to answer each and everyone's questions over the next few days, but take a tea break ☕️ everyone... we've done it! 😍

Our next step is to focus on getting the pledge manager up and running! Any questions about playmats, colouring books, metal coin add-ons, shipping, etc. will be addressed through the pledge manager. 😃 We'll keep you in the loop, tea-m!

Rest assured, if you missed out on the campaign by mere ⏰ minutes, enter your email through the link above to be notified when the pledge manager goes live! You'll still be able to pledge 😊. And yes, for those of you who have already asked, you'll be able to upgrade your pledge level, +add-ons or even discounts with group buys!

You are all tea-rrific, communi-tea! ❤️

-🧔🏻 Dan & 👩🏻 Connie

p.s.  ❤️☕️ Chai made it into the FINALS for the TOP-20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2019!

 🎉🎉 VOTE for ☕️ Chai 5X in the categories: 'Overall,' 'Original/Innovative,' 'Family,' 'Solitaire,' & 'Artistic' to help our chances!

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    1. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      Thank you so much @MeepleCritic, and wow, you included ☕️ Chai as #2 in your top-25 games of 2019 in front of games like Wingspan? Wow.... thank you so much! ❤️ -Dan

    2. Meeple Report on

      Congrats! You guys ran one of the best campaigns I have ever been a part of. I really appreciate how committed, open, and responsive you both have been towards the community. It really payed off!

      I can't wait until the game is ready. I also hope we get to feast our eyes on the playmat design!