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An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
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☕️ Update 20: We've UNLOCKED 11 Stretch Goals—🔶 Azul-like tiles! 🎉

Posted by Dan & Connie Kazmaier (Creator)

Communi-tea, it's our moment! 😍 Our ☕️ Chai game is just about to enter the last 24-hours of the campaign, and over the past couple days we've UNLOCKED 11 stretch goals!

  • Another 5 customer cards have been added to the Deluxe Edition!
  • The Deluxe Box is also getting a facelift with a gorgeous linen finish!
  • A beautiful playmat is unlocked and being finalized as an add-on after the campaign!
  •  3 unique customer tips will be included in the Deluxe Edition!

But y'all have done even better... here's our top two favourite UNLOCKS! 🎉

 🔶 Azul is one of our absolute FAVOURITE games of 2018... we've played it dozens of times, and have fallen love with the colourful 🌈 Starburst-sized tiles! It's a temptation not to eat them 😂.

We've found the acrylic 🔶 tiles being used in other games too, and are SO excited to now have them in our beloved ☕️ Chai! We're using a high grade acryllic 🔶 tile as well now! It'll give such a satisfying *clink* when you drop them into a customer cup...

Earlier our communi-tea unlocked 5X Wild Pantry Tokens in the Deluxe Edition,and y'all were adamant that 5X Wild Tea Flavour Tiles were also needed for our market board!  

Now we'll all be able to figure out in the game if we want to buy a new WILD tile for a gold coin that just popped out of the draw-bag, or a couple 🍓🍋🍃 instead! The wild tiles and tokens will provide excellent flexibility 😃.

We'll write an update in a little bit here about the social stretch goals too! Just a few more to UNLOCK, and 8 more uniquely wonderful STRETCH GOALS to unlock as well!

Onwards to GameTrayz, communi-tea! 😍

Let's do this fam,


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    1. Tony Lang on

      Will the tile be transparent/translucent?

    2. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      @Diana @Monica - I love the dedication here! Eating tea and drinking coff-tea! ;)

    3. Diana, Mistress of Pineyapples

      I'm gonna eat tea the rest of the month but I need this game -just changed for deluxe-

    4. Monica Elida Forssell

      Guess I need to find myself a coff-tea to celebrate with tomorrow! :D

    5. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      Hi @Pablo! Great question - yes you'll be able to in the pledge manager, but we're encouraging everyone to help back if they can right away to help with the stretch goals! 😃 Either way thank you so much for your support. -Dan

    6. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      Haha, love it @Fernando! ❤️ What a great future update my friend! -Dan

    7. Pablo Castro on

      Hi, if I pledge $ 1, can I change my pledge in the pledge manager for the Deluxe edition?

    8. Fernando Costa

      It's the final coun-tea-down!