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An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
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☕️ Update 17: Happy New Year 🎉 & Massive Art Stretch Goal! 🎨

Posted by Dan & Connie Kazmaier (Creator)

🎉 Happy New Year Communi-tea! 🎉😍

WOW, has 2018 been an adventure! 😃 And we’ve already written day 1 of the next book called 2019 😊📔. We’re going to try to play a 100X1 challenge to get through our unplayed games, stay healthy as we wrap up the ☕️ Chai Kickstarter (5 days left!), and enjoy more time with each other 😊.

🎉 And here's a lovely surprise for y'all...

Our dear Chai Board Game Community group was unanimous today in wanting a massive stretch goal for unique card art in ALL 40 customer cards in ☕️ Chai! The game already features 20 unique cards, so let's make the remaining 20 happen with some fun! 😃

There's 5 DAYS left, so let's get the word out!! 😍

We wrote down some ideas this morning, and realized you've already unlocked 2 cards, and are well on our way to more! ❤️ Let's do this...

Everyone in our communi-tea has already been so supportive, so we're thankful in being able to reward you this way! And our talented and lovely artist Sahana Vj has confirmed she's able to do more artwork 🎨, so we're very excited to offer something truly unique with y'all!!

Hope you had a lovely New Years Day!

p.s. Thanks for helping us tell the world about ☕️ Chai! Here's where you can find & tag us online! Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | BoardGameGeek


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    1. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      No worries at all @Elizabeth 😊! Great question. We're indie designers so it's hard to get our game into distribution (friendly local game stores, or even big box stores like Target), so there's just a handful of retailers at the moment who have pledged for copies. Both the Retail and Deluxe copies are discounted from the MSRP (suggested retail price), which is listed on the main page. Hope that helps clarify! Feel free to reach out any time 😊. -Dan

    2. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      Thanks so much @Vince! 😊 You're the 16/15 avatar today! So excited to see another social stretch goal unlocked! -Dan

    3. Elizabeth Weaver on

      I'm pretty new to kickstarter, so please pardon the noob question. After the eligible backers get their initial games for their support, will the game then be available for general purchase anywhere, and is there a projected cost for the final boxed game? Thanks for any help.

    4. Vince Rostkowski

      Changing my KS avatar now!

    5. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      Hey @mrduer! We just put this update out about 12 hours ago - we'll be sure to update it every day on the main page 😊 and include in future updates which ones have been unlocked... excited to see we've almost unlocked another few already! -Dan

    6. mrduer on

      Curious to see an update on the social SG ...