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An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
An immersive game of combining tea flavours to make your perfect blend.
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☕️ Update 2: An Online Surprise & Stretch Goal Unlocked! 😃

Posted by Dan & Connie Kazmaier (Creator)

Y'all keep surprising us in good ways so today we're going to surprise you! ❤️

Thanks to our friend and playtester Kenny over at Overboard Games, we've launched a FREE Tabletop Simulator version of ☕️ Chai! He and his team did a bit of a British comedy instructional and playthrough video live on last night, which you're welcome to watch here.

You'll be able to give ☕️Chai a try online if you already have TS, so hop on over to Steam and give it a chai!

And oh my, you've blown through ANOTHER stretch goal! Congrats on introducing the librarian tea customer to the game! We all love a good chai, but how about a delightful rooibos with vanilla, sugar, and milk? Sounds like a solid 8 points to us! 😃

And okay fam, you've read this far. Here's the scoop... we're going to let 5 backers in our incredible communi-tea create their own ☕️ Chai customer cards! We'll let someone each week create a description of a unique tea character that our lovely artist Sahana Vj will illustrate! ❤️

This goal is unlocked at $35,000, but we're going to let everyone get a head start on it as we'd love to start working on a piece of superfan-inspired character art by the end of this week too 😃.

Each week 1 winner will be chosen. To win, simply be the most active backer on social media! Show some creativi-tea. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,, wherever will make the biggest splash. Make a meme, sing a song, share a post, make a special tea recipe, write a review... chai, err, sky is the limit! 😂

We can't wait to see what y'all come up with... our communi-tea is the best!

Enjoy a cuppa ☕️ as you start or end Day 2,


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    1. Dan & Connie Kazmaier Creator on

      Thanks so much @Monica! We're just finishing up the graphics for the next 6 SGs! :D Some surprises too...

      And thanks @mrduer - we originally had colour coordinated teacups, but because players can fulfil more than others over multiple turns (small cards vs. big) it got a little confusing putting their orders into other coloured cups. Will look into what we can do with the teacup quality, though! -Dan

    2. mrduer on

      I vote for bringing the colour coordinated mugs into the physical game as a SG!

    3. Monica Elida Forssell

      Wow! A lot of good surprises there!! Can`t wait to see what more you will bring to the table.