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A quarterly magazine focusing on casual board games, with news, reviews and many interesting articles!

Thank you to all of our backers!

We are very happy to be able to continue production of Casual Game Insider! We have received an incredible amount of support from so many wonderful people and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

If you missed out on the campaign, you can still purchase a subscription on our website. Be sure to also follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter for even more casual game goodness!

Casual Game Insider is the perfect resource to learn about great casual games, read up on interesting topics related to casual gaming, and share with your friends to get them interested in gaming!

CGI is published quarterly in print and digital formats and focuses on casual board and card games that are relatively easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for all ages. The first year of publication was funded here on Kickstarter, and we have had a very rewarding and successful year. In addition to our many direct subscribers, we now reach 2,000 game stores with the help of 3 major game distributors (ACD, GTS, and PHD). We also have the magazine available on the iPad through a 3rd party app (HP Magcloud).

We now need your help to fund another year of publication. If we gather extra support, we also hope to expand our reach by publishing directly to Apple, Android, Kindle, and Windows marketplaces and increasing our retailer distribution. Please help us continue our dream!

"Your wonderful magazine was brought to my attention at my local gaming store and it was a delight to read through! It is refreshing to find a source that focuses on casual gaming." - Reader & Author

"Casual Game Insider is a fantastic source for casual games for the whole family. I read it! I love it! Thanks for creating such a beneficial source for us to find new and exciting games!" - Subscriber

"If future issues keep providing useful information such as this, I will look forward to my upcoming issues of Casual Game Insider" - Castle Perilous Games & Books (read the full review on ICv2)

"I read it cover to cover last night! What a Great Magazine, THANKS!!!" - The GameBoard

"We're pleased to see that this came together so well" - The Game Crafter

"The magazine is wonderful. Great font, terrific photos and incredibly informative articles. Kudos!" - Subscriber

"I have subscribed from Kickstarter, I think probably one of the best investments" - Subscriber

"Love the reviews from Casual Game Insider. Because of them, my wishlist is growing" - Subscriber

"You're serving up exactly what I've been looking for! ... Thanks again for creating such a cool resource with CGI!" - V3 Games

"The magazine looks awesome! Congratulations!!!" - FunQ Games

"I'm glad I found [Casual Game Revolution]! It really captures what I like about games, and made me realize why I always had trouble finding a 'category' of games that I like" - Reader

"I like the direction of the magazine" - Subscriber

If you have a message to share about casual games, pledge your support to our project to receive highly discounted Kickstarter rates on ad and sponsorship packages. These rates will not be available after the campaign ends.

Why sponsor us? We are the only magazine devoted to casual games and we have the most targeted audience available.

  • Reach 2,000 game stores, buyers at major retail chains, and our direct subscribers by advertising in Casual Game Insider
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Please add up the total for all of the above options you would like and pledge this amount at the SPONSORSHIP reward level. Ads can be reserved up to 1 year in advance (any of the next 4 magazine issues). Ads for the Fall 2013 issue are due August 10. For more detailed information about ad specifications and deadlines, please refer to our media kit. To inquire about ad availability, please contact us.

Magazine production is an expensive undertaking in terms of production costs and time commitment. By turning to Kickstarter, we hope to gather enough readers and sponsors to ensure that we can continue to sustain our production costs and expand our reach to digital marketplaces and even more game stores. Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We already have 4 magazine issues under our belts and have learned a lot about the publication process. Our design and shipping processes are solid and we have a printer lined up to continue producing the magazine. The biggest risk to this project is the actual content of upcoming magazine issues, since it is not finalized until each issue goes to print. Each quarter, we are faced with the challenge of creating unique and interesting content, and we rely heavily on volunteer authors to help us provide it. Fortunately, we now have many capable authors lined up and a year of experience putting together content that has been very well received.

We found during the production of the first 4 issues that some articles are at a higher risk of not being delivered on time or written to our standard of quality. We have learned how to mitigate these risks by identifying which articles are more likely to fall through and planning for backup articles in case they are needed.


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