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Steampunk and Lovecraft inspired soundscapes for gaming with alternate history and Cthulhu mythos board games and RPGs!
Steampunk and Lovecraft inspired soundscapes for gaming with alternate history and Cthulhu mythos board games and RPGs!
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    1. Nadim Alam on

      Thanks a lot, downloaded my files. That was super quick from you. Amzing. Heard a few tracks already and they sound great, will listen to the rest and then somehow copy them across to my iPhone. Although might have to wait for the 128gb iPhone 6 to come for that :D

    2. Christopher Green on

      Got everything! Thanks so much!

    3. Praemus on

      Just got my code from Bandcamp in the mail.

      Thanks a lot for the amazingly fast fulfillment process!

      You definitely have another backer, should you do something like this again.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Hi Strangelette

      Congratulations on another Project Successfully Funded !

      If your taking suggestions it would be good to see a track along the lines of "Deep Ones", read "Shadow over Innsmouth"

      Along those lines another suggestion would be "Attack of the Deep Ones" with some firefight going on against them

    5. Missing avatar

      Derric Johnson on

      I'm really excited for this. I'm a high school teacher and always looking for ambient tracks to give my classroom a soundtrack. Thanks a ton for this! I'm going to rip my room number plaque of the wall and put one up that says R'Lyeh.

    6. Rowan Gray on

      Well as I'm getting Shadows of Brimstone soon I'd be interested in some cthulu atmos music with a slightly western feeling (although not too much that you couldn't use it for any non-specific cthulu based game).

    7. Missing avatar

      Strangelette (deleted) Creator on

      Stretch Goal #2 today! Let's keep adding more material to the project!

    8. Bernhard Tischler

      Ah, this will boost my Call of Catthulhu Sessions :-D

    9. Missing avatar

      Clear SKies on

      Congrads on your continued success with Kickstarter, I got the Cyberpunk sound tracks and have loved them,

      Looking forward to this installation and seeing what creative works come through you.


    10. Galit

      And.... congratulations! You're officially a KS Staff Pick! =)

    11. Akimotos on

      congrats on funding already :) i loved the previous soundpackages and this was a nobrainer. I'll intend to use the sounds in my games (doh...) and in RealmWorks ( ) when i do so i let you know how and where and what i have used. I'll make sure that you will be properly credited. :) -- bit i have to do a lot of work on my side before i even get to the fun part of adding sounds to the RPG. but a promise is better then not knowing. You could even create a sound library to sell to other DM's (not all of us are checking on kickstarter.)
      as i said. i let you know. :) for now: onward! to the stretch goals!

    12. Missing avatar

      Strangelette (deleted) Creator on

      WOW! Fully funded in the first 5 hours! I am humbled by your support and very excited to produce this collection! The great news is that now that the project has been funded we can start to hit stretch goals that will add additional new material every $1000. PLEASE post your requests here in the comments, or send me a personal message and I will try my best to cover them all in the stretch goal material!

      @Cathal, thank you so much! I love Netrunner and it was one of the games that really pushed me to create the first Cyberpunk collection. I just checked out Quicksilver and your suggestions sound great! The helmsman's signal and crashes/explosions could be applied to a lot of period games, so they will make great additions, will do!

    13. Cathal Mc Ginley on

      Good luck with the campaign, Strangelette! I grabbed the Cyberpunk soundtracks a while back, and it's been accompanying every game of Android: Netrunner since then. I have several Steampunk-themed games, so backing this on day one was a no-brainer. The standard and variety of the demo clips sealed the deal.

      Stretch goal sound effect suggestions! My most-played game (and the first game I backed on Kickstarter) is Quicksilver: the Great Airship Race, so

      1) the "ding-ding-ding-ding" noise you get when the helmsman of an airship changes its engine speed.

      2) various crashes and crumps, as when two armoured vessels collide, or one collides with a mountain, or one gets hit with a howitzer shell. I'm thinking splintering wood and grinding, screeching metal. Ideally in various intensities from mild damage to catastrophic. (This could double for steam engines and other machinery exploding in other games.)