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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 10 2015
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 10 2015


Tabletop Soundtracks: Elemental Adventure Path is a new collection of tabletop gaming soundscapes, sound effects and songs to set the mood and inspire creative gaming sessions for fantasy themed games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Game of Thrones, Call of Cthulhu or miniatures games like Warhammer, Warmachine, Descent, Malifaux etc. (no endorsement implied, these are just examples of games that might be aurally enhanced by this project).

To celebrate the upcoming release of the new Adventure Path for the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game, the focus of this collection is Elemental magic, monsters and environments!  That means lots of fire, water, air and earth effects!  Currently the package includes 100 TRACKS for THREE HOURS of audio, but can be extended beyond that with Stretch Goals (see below).  Here is a sound sampler including snippets of tracks included in the audio package:

*Please keep in mind these samples are streaming mp3s at 128kbps. The original files can be delivered at full lossless quality with no compression artifacts.

Elemental Adventure Path includes ambient backgrounds, soundscapes and songs. These were created for encounters, adventuring and setting the mood of a tabletop gaming session.  The ambient tracks were inspired by the seminal fantasy worlds of J.R.R. Tolkein, George R. R. Martin and Gary Gygax and range from about 2-10 minutes long; most can be looped.  Effects tracks are shorter and can be used by the DM or players to reinforce the action or events as they unfold.  These effects tracks range from only a few seconds long to about two minute and some can be looped.  Please message me if there is a specific creature or environment you would like represented in the package! 


The tracks in this collection are designed to be cued up in a soundboard app for use while playing tabletop games, board games, RPGs, etc. Many free or inexpensive soundboard apps are available for almost every operating system or mobile device.  The soundscapes can also be cued up on a typical mp3 player, iTunes, etc., but soundboards allow for a fast and graphically intuitive way to play back the tracks as the mood of the game changes.

Non-exclusive commercial use: most of the other tabletop gaming audio projects out there restrict the use of the soundtracks to non-commercial home use only. I am not placing that restriction. The purchase of this collection of music, effects and ambient sounds also gives you royalty free non-exclusive permission to use them in your own projects like a podcast, video game, app, play, movie, etc. “Non-exclusive” because everyone else who purchases the collection is allowed to use them as well. 

Pay What You Wish: as an experiment I am going to offer this collection on Kickstarter using the PWYW model.  You may pay as little (to the Kickstarter enforced minimum of $1) or as much as you wish.  Please preview the tracks in the Soundcloud audio player above to gauge how useful you think this audio collection will be to your gaming sessions or creative projects.  The last three hour collection of RPG audio (Epic Soundtracks II) was offered at $25 on Kickstarter and now retails for $40.  


Tabletop Soundtracks:Elemental Adventure Path will be funded if the $100 goal is reached.  For EVERY $1000 over funding we reach I will ADD an additional 5 minutes of material to the package. For example, if the project hits $4100 funding I will produce an additional 20 minutes of material. If the project hits $12100 I will produce an extra HOUR, etc etc. The additional material may be creature tracks, dungeon sound effects, encounter music, etc. I will be asking for input from backers for what kind of tracks they would love to have for their gaming sessions!


To more clearly gauge the effectiveness of the "Pay What You Wish" model I am not offering "Add Ons" for this project.  However, if you missed out on any of the gaming audio projects that I successfully funded and delivered in 2014, they are now available on Bandcamp for immediate download!


After payment for the project is processed and production of any stretch goal material has been completed, download codes will be emailed to backers. The files can then be downloaded in your choice of lossless or compressed audio formats: WAV or MP3 320.


My name is Strangelette, I have been independently producing music for about a decade.  I successfully funded, produced and fulfilled seven gaming audio projects on Kickstarter in 2014.

Thank you for listening, I hope you find these soundscapes will bring more depth and enjoyment to your gaming!

Risks and challenges

This is my eighth audio project on Kickstarter. The previous projects were successfully delivered on time to hundreds of backers around the globe, chosen as Kickstarter staff picks and featured on gaming websites.

Here is what people are saying about my previous projects:
"This music is truly amazing and evokes the imagination. It is a must for solid immersion."
"Really solid tunes. For those on the fence, this is an immense value!"
"The tunes and the effects etc sound absolutely awesome, nice one Strangelette."
"My players were really pleased, they even thought I had ripped a video game soundtrack! The mood of the party was enhanced by your work."
"I'm already blown away by the quality of these products."

This project will be delivered digitally via download codes. The biggest challenge will be creating additional stretch goal material if those goals are reached. I believe I am prepared to meet the challenge and will post updates to keep backers informed.

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