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$23,680 pledged of $250,000 goal
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$23,680 pledged of $250,000 goal

New gameplay video

Another milestone achieved

We have our first donor claiming a limited tier of rewards!  Someone has committed to the $5000 reward tier, and when we are funded this individual will get a custom piece of artwork from the talented Liz Danforth.  An awesome reward for an art fan!

Working on communication

We believe that we had some trouble explaining Storybricks and what makes it cool.  This is one of the problems when you describe something that has not been done before.  Obviously we've communicated it well to some of you that have decided to back us, but we are working on a way to reach the rest of the people who don't quite understand why Storybricks represents the future games.

If you have any ideas, please share them!  Either contact us via email, or leave a comment on the Kickstarter site.  Again, without you we will not succeed, so please lend us your time and thoughts to get the word out.

New video of Storybricks gameplay!

We have uploaded a new video of Storybricks gameplay to YouTube!  This is in a very high resolution, so you should be able to watch it fullscreen and see a lot of the detail.  Hope you enjoy it!

An announcement soon...

Time to tease you again!  We have been working on a plan to let you get your hands on Storybricks at least temporarily.  Something to let you play around with it directly.  Watch our site or any of the Storybricks social media accounts for the big announcement!

Once again, thank you for your support and encouragement.  We're still working hard, and we hope to emerge victorious!  We have a long road ahead, but with you we will see it to the end.


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