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Battle and adventure as a clan of dragons in this browser-based game. Breed dragons in hundreds of colors and patterns.
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    1. Xikelle on

      One of the recent Tumblr posts says that all the backer codes have been sent out, is anyone else in the position where they have yet to recieve theirs (and yes, I have checked the junk folder)?

    2. Overread on

      Patrick since I've got mine now I can say that you'll get an email which will give you a list of bonus codes. Most of them will be codes you enter after creating an account for Flight Rising to unlock the free option. One code might also (depends what you opted for) will be an account creation bonus that you enter when you make your account on Flight Rising (you enter it during account creation so don't forget to).

      You don't have to reply to the email or anything, just wait until the registration setup is enabled on the Flight Rising Website (which won't be till the Wednesday 5th June). You just have to sit on the codes and wait :)

    3. Patrick Momodu on

      and what do we reply after?

    4. Patrick Momodu on

      what will we get in a message you send us?

    5. Patrick Momodu on

      what will we get in an email?

    6. Tynieka Krause on

      Is there anyone else who finds it so amusing that so many have their birthday the same day the site is opening~? I think it's pretty awesome, personally. If it had of been one day earlier, the KS Early Access Code people would be allowed on on my mother's birthday. ^^ Since we're throwing Birthday remarks around.

    7. Jennifer Lewis on

      One of the many reasons I'm so excited about this is because it opens on my birthday, and this year is like, the scariest birthday ever for me, so it's nice to have something that makes it better. I know it's a total coincidence, but still, thanks for putting some good back in mah birthday ^w^

    8. Stormlight Workshop Creator on

      @Dré Kozar: The email will be coming from

    9. Dré Kozar on

      Which email address will the early access be coming from? That way we can just white list it. Or is that still TBD?

    10. Missing avatar

      Julian Ridley on

      nice, super excited!

    11. Pao-Lan Ladouceur on

      You'll be opening on my birthday ! That's a wonderful gift ^_-. And I'll be able to look into it beforehand. I can't wait !

    12. Jarlis on

      Woo Hoo! Looking forward to the launch! What a great way to start June!

    13. Overread on

      Sounds like it will be a fantastic start to the month!

      Looking forward to the launch! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Rodney on

      WOOHOOO! I can't wait till june 5th. I can't believe the release date was released on my birthday. =)

    15. Missing avatar

      Joshua G on

      wow, me and the GF had a scary accurate guess on when this would be opening.

    16. Matthew on

      Yes! I have been eagerly awaiting this for months.

    17. Mew on

      Looking forward to this! ;w;