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Battle and adventure as a clan of dragons in this browser-based game. Breed dragons in hundreds of colors and patterns.
819 backers pledged $38,557 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sonya Ireland on

      Hi, any info yet on whether my backing went through? I still have not received a survey.

    2. Rigardt de Vries on

      Hi, would you be able to let me know if I successfully completed my survey. I wasn't too sure if I did it right.
      Thank you and congrats on funding.
      btw Dragons rule

    3. Stormlight Workshop Creator on

      Feel free to put in filler such as "Digital" or "N/A" if you are not receiving a physical item.

      Sonya, we received your survey response and it appears there are no errors at this time. We will be posting updates on the status of digital and physical items.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ssassoo on

      Putting in fillers, you say...? I thought about that one as well! *cough*

      I asked here, as I hoped there might be a more.. official.. way. Maybe. Well, I'm okay with putting in fillers as well. *shrugs* As long as it works out, right?!

      I know what the survey was meant for, I think I just put it misunderstandable in my comment. ^^ (Sorry! ^^)

    5. Latin Javelin on

      Ssassoo and Xikelle, if you are not requesting a physical reward, and are not comfortable in putting your shipping imformation out there, I don't see why you couldn't put fillers if the areas for your address. I know I certainly did, heh.

      Ssassoo, one of the big things about the rewars surveys is the FR team checking to see if you wanted a combination of things instead of just the highest reward for your money. After all, maybe you wanted a button set and "gilded" instead of All The Things? That WOULD require a shipping address, but it's the exact same form and monetary amount. The easiest way to make sure nobody forgets vital information is just to make it all required,which is what Kickstarter has done. C:

    6. Xikelle on

      I'm in a similar position to Ssassoo, and am curious as to what others in the position of not backing a tier with a reward needing shipping have done, as in whether they've actually put in an address or what. What it is that would be recommended or preferred, or something.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sonya Ireland on

      I pledged for the $55 backing and never got anything in my email, neither has my husbands Amazon account been charged (which we linked to my Kickstarter account because he has Prime). I only thought to check on this today as I had not heard anything and wondered where everything was at. Am I one of the ones who could not be charged? I see I missed the deadline for paypal too. I'm just confused as to what happened here.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ssassoo on

      Hi there

      My pledge and chosen reward level (All The Things) does not hold any physical items, as far as I am aware of. Is there any way to only give out my email to you, instead of also shipping details? I feel quite uncomfortable with this, as there's no real need for it and I really did not expect I'd need to provide these kind of data for backing your project. I chose that reward level on purpose.

    9. Stormlight Workshop Creator on

      Hi Tatiana. You're showing as having pledged and been successfully collected!

    10. Missing avatar

      Tatiana on

      Oh, gosh. Please disregard that last message! xC
      I refreshed the page and poof, there it was. My apologies.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tatiana on

      Hi there,
      My backer history shows that I have supported this project and I received the receipt from Amazon Payments on the 9th of April, but I've yet to receive any surveys in my inbox. Would you care to check on it? I donated enough for an Imperial pack. Thank you!