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Pre-orders are now possible through our late pledge page over at CrowdOx. Get your copy of Mobster Metropolis via the little button below.
Pre-orders are now possible through our late pledge page over at CrowdOx. Get your copy of Mobster Metropolis via the little button below.
556 backers pledged SEK 303,554 to help bring this project to life.


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Mobster Metropolis – Create your syndicate, rise to power

SEK 303,554


Carello, the godfather of the Metropolis has just died. Now gangsters gather and scheme to create their own legacies. Are you intelligent and ruthless enough to become the leader of the most powerful gangster syndicate in Mobster Metropolis?

Mobster Metropolis is a strategy game where participants compete to create the most powerful gangster syndicate. Invest in turfs and recruits to generate income and defense, or scheme and attack other players with Drive-bys to take their money. The player with the highest gangster reputation wins the game.


A game of Mobster Metropolis is played in five rounds with nine phases each – two main phases (The Invest Phase and the Drive-by Phase) and seven shorter phases with events or simple procedures.

The number of players determine how many of the Metropolis’ (the board’s) districts that will be used; 3, 6 or 9. Each district gets one random District Tile which grants it unique attributes. Both the Newspaper and Police Decks are combined by five cards each, which varies for each game (one round 1 cards, one round 2 card, etc). The Mobster Deck, the Black Market Deck, the Bank and the Legacy Tokens are placed next to the board. Each player gets an inventory with Turfs, Recruits, tokens, etc. in their color. Each player also gets one Gangster Character with unique abilities that will be unlocked during the game. See rulebook below for full overview.

The first Newspaper phase provides the board with resources, which varies each game. The following ones allow you to bid for various assets and advantages.

The draft phase invites you to cunningly plan ahead and draft cards that will benefit your plans for this round.

Invest in illegal businesses such as brothels, distilleries or even casinos to generate income for your syndicate. Recruit dealers, madams or thugs to work the streets. Or buy autos to conduct drive-bys and spend money at the black market to get weapons for increased attack or defense.

Prioritize between income and defense for all your turfs. Place your tokens facedown in order to not reveal your plans.

Use the unique Drive-by Selector to target any turf (buildings) on the board in order to send your autos to conduct drive-by attacks, or to defend your turfs from other players. Be prepared for excitement and some unpleasant surprises when everyone reveals their Drive-by Selectors simultaneously and place their autos accordingly. (We also provide an optional but quite handy digital version of the selector, for mobile phones only, free to use here: Digital Drive-by Selector.)

It is time for you and your competitors to reveal how you prioritized between income and defense during the Delegate Phase. Did your opponents see your drive-bys coming?

The Police conduct raids each round, striking hardest at the players with the highest gangster reputation. As the deck of police cards will vary each game, you should make sure to be prepared.

You and your opponents take turns to play out drive-by attacks, where autos and combat cards provide bonuses to either attack or defense, while defense tokens represent static defense. The winner gets reputation and, if attacking, steals income.

It’s time to collect income, return defense tokens and sell unused cards in order to prepare for next round.

The game ends after the fifth and final Collect Phase. The player with the highest gangster reputation has created the most powerful syndicate and wins the game. 

Do you have what it takes to make the city yours?


Please help us spread the word to unlock social goals for bonus content. Share and retweet the linked posts below, and heart our BGG page. All three interactions together contribute towards the next social goal. We will update the counter above at least once per day. Your support here will of course indirectly help us unlock regular stretch goals as well!

  • Asymmetrical setup with several elements that change for each game. 
  • Great mechanics, solid components and beautiful illustrations that all contribute to the overall theme.
  • The economics that comes with the creation of your own crime syndicate and its murky businesses.
  • Interaction and conflicts triggered by events, cards and drive-by attacks.
  • Unique mechanics and parts, such as the Drive-by Selector.
  • Card-based combat reminiscent of Blood Rage, facedown token placement reminiscent of Game of Thrones. 
  • Room for a wide variety of playstyles, tactics and strategies.
  • Clear and structured game flow.
  • Balanced gameplay, without any dice but lots of punchboard :)

An awesome game with a stunning theme. Mobster Metropolis has been thoroughly playtested and we are extremely happy and proud of it as we launch this campaign. As such, our stretch goals will focus mostly on upgrading or increasing the components that make our game a balanced and fun experience.

Kickstarter Limited, with all stretch goals included. It will be hard to get hold of Mobster Metropolis outside of this campaign.

Do-or-die for the gangsters of the Metropolis. The harsh reality is that without successful funding, there simply won’t be a Mobster Metropolis. We have a great game, but not enough funds to produce it ourselves. 

We can only make Mobster Metropolis a reality together with you. That is why every single backer truly warms our (arguably cold) Scandinavian hearts (thank you, thank you!).

Shipping will be charged after the campaign via a pledge manager. We have discussed prices and fulfillment with a number of well-known professionals both within the EU, US and other regions. Please bear in mind that these prices are best estimates. We do of course aim to negotiate best rate possible when we know final game weight and included stretch goals, as well as the geographical spread of our backers.

  • USA: Does not include Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Shipping to these three states will be $25 USD.
  • EUROPE: Does not include UK which will be $10 USD, Croatia, Greece, Norway and Switzerland which will be $25 USD, and Cyprus and Malta which will be $35 USD.
  • SWE PICKUP: We will arrange pickups in Stockholm (at friendly game store Dragon’s Lair), Gothenburg (Location TBD), Norrköping (Norrköpings Brädspelscafé) and Malmö (Playoteket). Additional locations in Sweden may be added if the number of backers allows. Rest of Sweden will be priced as EU: $15 USD.
  • EAST ASIA: Includes Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • REST OF THE WORLD: Shipping will be determined for each country according to the number of backers, geography, as well as local laws and fees.
  • WE SADLY CANNOT SHIP TO: Afghanistan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Syria, Russia and Ukraine.

We gladly welcome any retailer to take part in our first print run and order multiple copies at a retail friendly price. For single copies, please feel free to use the ‘MOBSTER METROPOLIS’ pledge as everyone else. We will manage all retail pledges via the pledge manager after the campaign. For now, please: 

  • Pledge to the 19 SEK / ~$2 USD ‘RETAIL ONLY PLEDGE’. 
  • Send an email to with the name of your store, the URL of your store's website, and your store's physical address. Additional proof of business might be required. 

Our final suggested retail price (MSRP) will be decided upon according to the number of stretch goals funded in the campaign. It will be higher than the ‘MOBSTER METROPOLIS’ pledge level.

Mobster Metropolis’ gameplay and rules are done and have been playtested thoroughly during the last few years. Our inhouse designer is nearly done with all art but will need some time to finalize and polish everything, as well as adding design for some potential stretch goals. We have already procured production with no less than seven different producers, such as Panda Games, Wingo and Longpack. The final production partner will be decided after the campaign, in order to secure as good quality as possible according to the price impact the number of backers, and each individual stretch goal, results in. To summarize, we are not too far from being ready to print and backers will have their game in January 2019.

Read more about the company in our bio or visit us at: Instagram Facebook Twitter 

Risks and challenges

This will be the first board game we fund and produce via Kickstarter. We humbly acknowledge the fact that a project like this can be prone to both mistakes and delays, even for experienced publishers. Having said that, each one of us has around ten years of experience from copywriting, design, production and project management related to various consumer goods. We have learned a lot during the journey so far with Mobster Metropolis, but also have great use of our experience and know-how from past projects.

We have taken several steps to prepare for the final stages after a successful funding:
* Mobster Metropolis is 95% complete and playtested. There are just some art design remaining, including potential stretch goals.  

* Production prices has been procured with no less than seven different board game producers (including stretch goals). We will be able to choose production partner according to price impact from stretch goals and backer quantity, in order to get as good quality as possible. 

* Fulfillment and shipping has also been procured and we have chosen well-known and experienced partners. Final fulfillment will require quite some administration, that is unavoidable. But we are as ready as possible beforehand. 

* We have built a network of contacts within the board game industry with people we trust for advice and cooperation. This is an extremely valuable asset for a any publisher, regardless of previous experiences. 

We have no doubt in our ability to finalize, print and ship Mobster Metropolis to our backers. All the way during the month leading up to final fulfillment, we will make sure to communicate regularly with you, our backers, and involve you in the project whenever it is possible.

A big thank you for believing in us and Mobster Metropolis!
Carl, Joel and Karl

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    Your surname will be used to name one of the streets of the Metropolis. For example ‘Anderson Avenue’ or ‘Cooper Boulevard’. It will be printed on all Mobster Metropolis boards in a nice way that won't interfere with the game experience. (Some names might need a slight tweak to fit with the game, we'll sort that together with you.)

    You will of course also get a copy of Mobster Metropolis, including all stretch goals.

    All founders will get an honorable mention in the rulebook.

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