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Invest in turfs and recruits or conduct drive-bys in order to become the most powerful gangster boss in this 2-4 player strategy game.
Pre-orders are now possible through our late pledge page over at CrowdOx. Get your copy of Mobster Metropolis via the little button below.
Pre-orders are now possible through our late pledge page over at CrowdOx. Get your copy of Mobster Metropolis via the little button below.
556 backers pledged SEK 303,554 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kasper Busch Søvndal 2 days ago

      #400 comment :D Sorry. Could not help my self. Undskyld. :)

    2. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      @Ben thanks for asking.

      We've had to look into shipping again in detail after the campaign, due to the added components and new weight estimates from manufacturers. However our estimates from before the campaign still seems very accurate - which is great - so we do not expect any major changes for most regions. Small variations might occur depending of the final weight of the game, which we will not know with certainty until the manufacturer print the first games for approval.

      Also, the "Rest of the World" category has taken some time to go through, as prices varies greatly between different countries, which means separate fulfillment prices must be set for each country, regardless if there's one or ten backers from the country. Again however, our estimates looks good.

      We'll get back with final prices in due time. Due to currency fluctuations etc. its better to wait and charge for shipping closer to when the actual fulfillment will occur. So please be patient :)


    3. Ben on

      You mentioned that you were still finalizing shipment costs. Are the shipping cost that you mentioned in the campaign still the same?

    4. Missing avatar

      Giustina Casale Morton

      Glad to see I wasn't the only one freaking out that I might have missed out on the surveys!!! Phew...

    5. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      Hi Tham-My Tommy Bui,

      No, the survey haven't been sent out yet. You haven't missed anything. :D
      We're still working on finalizing the shipment-costs and will be sending out the survey as soon as we're done!


    6. Missing avatar

      Tham-My Tommy Bui

      are the surveys out yet?
      did i miss it?

    7. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      @Ben most certainly! But not before the weekend is over I'm afraid :) Thanks for checking in on us, we're still here!

    8. Ben on

      Will we have an update soon?

    9. Drewbacca

      Wait, they aren't called "Mini Double Boom Sticks"?

    10. Ash Westgate on

      @Murray Sawed-off is the US name Sawn-off is UK, AU variant... but all the same thing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Cali on

      Stormakten Productions, thanks for update and photos of the cards. I know the nitty gritty details of production are not much fun. But you never know who might be seeing these updates that will get that inspiration like you guys did and want to make a game.

    12. Murray Whiteford on

      I thought you had got the name of the card wrong. "Sawed off shot gun" as I have always know them as a "Sawn off shot gun"; but this looks like another of those situations where Americans call something one thing and us Australians call it something else. Whats it called in the UK?

    13. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      Update out!

      @Kenneth, we're on schedule. But that means that we still have quite some time before actual production begins. We're down to nitty gritty details in our procurement now. My last email to a producer was all about which exact millimeter sizes their sourced plastic rivets could come in. Great stuff :)


    14. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Cali on

      How's the status of production?

    15. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Blaut on

      What no facial scars!! Don’t want them too pretty. 😱👍

    16. Ash Westgate on

      Awesome, thanks @Karl looking forward to it.
      @Kasper, until then I'll see you in Brook City!! Lol

    17. Kasper Busch Søvndal on

      Wuhuu. I will look foreward to that @Karl :)

    18. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      @Ash & @Kasper

      We will send out an update in a few days (most likely Tuesday or Wednesday) about the progress and what’s happening behind the scenes. Tomorrow we are getting together to flush out some details and then we will share everything with you guys.


    19. Kasper Busch Søvndal on

      I am silently wishing something comes driving by tomorrow.
      But I am also used to the Roxley way, with news every 14th day about Brass and Dice Throne 2 :) I know they are a big business, so no pressure Stormakten :)

      Så vil jeg nyde vi fik en flot 9. plads i ESC Vikingerne styrer ;)

    20. Ash Westgate on

      Sooo quiet... hey gang, when do you think we will see the first post campaign update? Be good to know how things are going behind the scenes :)

    21. Ash Westgate on

      Zhang is gonna be cool!

    22. Bickwick

      Sweet. Voted for Zhang. Thanks guys!

    23. Ash Westgate on

      Awesomes as always @Joel.
      As I've said multiple times is this going to be epic.... it's going to mirror another KS campaign I'm backing which launched the other day... fighting on the other side of crime, I'm not sure if it's the done thing on KS to plug other project (well i know its certainly not done during a live campaign, not too sure about completed ones) so I won't mention the name, unless asked!!
      Keep up the good work guys and looking forward to the PM and updates!

    24. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      Hi guys!

      Sorry for the lack of updates! Yes, Zhang will be the last gangster to arrive to the Metropolis. We'll get back with more info on him and the other characters in future updates.

      Yesterday we spend the evening looking into the punchboard setup with included Stretch Goals. Looks like we'll end up with 10 very crowded punchboards!

      For the first time since we started our campaign, we also allowed ourselves an hour of playing other board games: Bärenpark and Kingdomino. Two great production-meeting-filler-games! :)

      We'll get back with a regular update once we have some more content ready. For now, most of our work will result in emails, excels, layouts docs etc.

      Bloody best

    25. Bickwick

      Who is the new gangster?

    26. Missing avatar

      Killerriegel on

      It was just a try :)

    27. Ash Westgate on

      Great, thanks as always Joel!

    28. Bickwick

      Thanks Joel!

    29. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      Damn, I always forget to sign with my name.

      ... /Joel

    30. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      @Ash We will update the complete rulebook, both with regards to the components we've unlocked, some typos backers have found, as well as a larger and better square format (we used A4-format before to make it easy to print for playtesting). The rulebook will definitely improve in many ways! :)

      @All With regards to the insert. We will of course look into that when we discuss final production prices with manufacturers, but we really can't promise anything now. Please understand that this campaign is rather small volume-wise, and our margins are very limited as we tried to press the basic pledge down as far as possible. We also really wanted to reach as many SGs as possible and kept each new goal as low as possible. We're definitely doing this for the love of Mobster Metropolis, not for profit.

      @Killerriegel comparing us this to the UBOOT campaign is flattering, but not really fair :) They had over 8000 backers - much more room to be flexible with costs and addons. That being said, every single one of our Gangster Backers counts for at least 100 UBOOT backers in my book (heart) ;)

    31. Ash Westgate on

      Ignore that comment - I misread and thought you added the 'attacking' players values together!

    32. Ash Westgate on

      Just been reading through the rules again - quick question... but during the drive-by phase can a player op to 'support' another player in defence? i.e. Red and Blue both sent drive-bys to yellows Speakeasy.... rather than Red & Blue both attacking, can Red declare they are support Yellow and therefore adds a plus 1 to the defence of the Turf?

      Also (and I am sure this is in hand) but I take it the rulebook will be updated with replacing all mentions of the word 'Drinkery' with 'Speakeasy' - quite amazing how many mentions of there are in mechanic/phase examples!

    33. Baret C on

      I wonder how much profit would have been made on those 10 backers. I’m sure some of us would be willing to chip in to get the required amount.

    34. Bickwick

      I think we were ~$630 short. About 10 backers.

    35. Missing avatar

      Killerriegel on


    36. Missing avatar

      Killerriegel on

      Yay! All essential SG achieved...can we now get the insert? During the Uboot camapign we also received the last SG for free...

    37. Andreas on

      🍾 Congrats to Carl,Karl and Joel! You made it! And to the rest of us 🙇...Now the fun/tough part begins. Production :) Can't wait to see this now UW lit box on my shelf.

    38. Missing avatar

      Marcus Hellberg on

      Hooray to us all!!! I always throw the insert anyway so no dealbreaker for me.

    39. Baret C on

      Really disappointing about the insert. Is there no way you can make it work out? We were so close to it.

    40. Bickwick

      Bummer about the insert but more happy we got the card upgrades and custom tokens. Hooray for us all!

    41. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      Wow! Those final hours! Insane! THANK YOU all Gangster Backers! Update coming asap!


    42. Ash Westgate on

      Congrats guys... just missed the moments... shame we didn't quite hit the final insert SG (we were so close....), but can't wait to get my hands on this!!

    43. LInsoDeTeh

      Congratulations for a great campaign! Let's hope for an insert add-on now. :-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Don Danielle on

      Congratulations, guys!

    45. Kasper Busch Søvndal on

      Congratulation @Stormakten. What a journey. It has been a true Mobster story... so exciting. I can’t wait till the game is in my hands.

      “Made it ma! Top of the world!”

    46. Kasper Busch Søvndal on

      @LInsoDeTeh +1 for add on game tray. Or maybe someone want to donate the last stretch :D

    47. LInsoDeTeh

      Just in case: Could we purchase the insert as an add-on? Really not looking forward to buy it for 50$ at GameTrayz :D

    48. Ash Westgate on

      oh man - this is going to finish while I'm driving home!!
      Regardless now of where we now finish this has still been a great campaign and I can't believe the leap we made over the past day or two... awesome work everyone!

    49. LInsoDeTeh

      Oooouuuu, will be tight for the 309k

    50. Stormakten Production 2-time creator on

      @Baret that is true, but I would recommend not pledging for shipping now, otherwise we risk paying fees for those money twice. That wouldn't feel gangster at all :)


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