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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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Remaining Fulfilment Update

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We wanted to send out another update as the last one was two weeks ago. For the majority of people that now have their Stones, we hope you are putting them to good use and testing their durability. We've seen lots of great stories and posts on instagram so keep them coming.

To those that are still waiting, once again we apologise for what has been a very long wait. What's been very disappointing for us is that the most delays have occurred in the US and UK, two parts of the world we really focused on when spreading the word about our new product. We are doing all we can to make sure they get to you as soon as possible, but the reality is once they are in domestic post, which they now are, we are here just willing Royal Mail and USPS on.

For those still waiting in the UK, we thought Royal Mail would be slightly quicker and that the last plain books would all be delivered yesterday, but as we're writing this we're getting a fair few Instagram messages from people receiving them today. So the last plain ones should be with you by Monday, and monogrammed books by Tuesday/Wednesday.

We do appreciate why you might be frustrated and disappointed with this wait but please understand that our misestimates have not been done to mislead anyone. At all points these were estimates based on the knowledge and information we had. At some points this might have been down to naivety (such as using Media Mail which we now know is not liked by the majority of Americans and is generally a poor service), though as a Kickstarter project we are not the finished article and aren't experts on fulfilment. But mostly these misestimates were circumstances we didn't foresee, which we have mentioned in previous updates and comments.

Ultimately what we want you to know, and we've said it before, is that we really want you to have your notebooks as much as you do! And while its taken longer then you or we expected, you will get them.

When anyone looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign comes to us for advice we'll be sure to tell them how important it is to have your fulfilment water tight and however long you think it will take, add two months.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Tiziana Tizi on

      Hello there! It is January 2019 and I have yet to receive my books. Is there an update? It has been way too long!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tiziana Tizi on

      I have yet to receive my notebooks and it is well into November. I am hoping they will get here before Christmas!

    3. Missing avatar

      Francisco J. Gonzalez-Franco on

      I never received my notebooks!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tony Bee on

      Still not received my order (0d0a1a798b3ac2af52886c45fd953985)
      Do you have an email address i can use to keep better comunication?

    5. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Masson on

      Hi there, still haven't received mine yet in Texas... any idea when that might happen?

    6. Alan Hamar on

      Still haven’t received mine yet in Canada...would you have expected that it should have already arrived?

    7. Stone Creator on

      Hi @James Conway, yours was a Backerkit pre-order, these have now been sent direct from the factory, the last ones went on Monday so should be with you very soon. If it doesn't arrive next week drop us a message.
      Hi @Marco Cornetti yours should have arrived, we'll look into it and get back to you.
      @Dillon Richards monogrammed books to Canada have been shipped, yours should be delivered by early next week.

    8. Missing avatar

      James Conway on

      August 15th and still no delivery of the books here in PA, USA? Any more of an update?

    9. Missing avatar

      Marco Cornetti on

      I ordered 4 books (plain, no monogram) for NY City and today 14th August I have not received anything yet. Any update?

    10. Missing avatar

      Dillon Richards on

      Hey guys, im from Ontario canada, i bought 2 mono stones and still havent received them. Should i be worried?

    11. Missing avatar

      Brian Morris on

      You guys told me to let you know if I did not receive my book by last week. I have not received anything.

    12. Stone Creator on

      Hi everyone, we have confirmation that all the US monogrammed books either went out from the US distributor last Tuesday, or directly today (these were backerkit orders). If you'd like more information feel free to send us a direct message and we'll get back to you asap.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Elsbernd on

      I am in the US and wondering when I should get worried that I have not received my monogrammed one?

    14. John Leung on

      Hi there,
      I am in Calgary,'s August 10th and I am still waiting for my book. I am hoping Canada Post has not lost it!

    15. Nicole Miyahara on

      I haven't received mine either, it's a personalized one. I live in LA. Can you check my order and please let me know what the status is? Thank you!

    16. Missing avatar

      Alicia on

      Hi, how long does it takes to get to Canada?

    17. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Heins on

      @Stone same for me... I'm still waiting for my Books! I was backer Nr.109 with two Books.

    18. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Peter, sorry for this, you should have yours by now. We tried to send you an email but it bounced back. Could you send us a message? Thanks

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter Seprus on

      Hey there @Stone!
      In your July 13th update you wrote that all, non-custom orders for "the rest of the world" (not UK or US) have been shipped. Can you confirm that orders from Germany were shipped? Or even better, can you check my order? : )
      Thanks and regards,

    20. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Mackenzie @Alex and @Scott we can see you're all waiting for monogrammed books in the US - we've checked the most recent batch of these to go out from our US distributors and your orders are on there. We're chasing for confirmation that all of the books have been sent and will let you know when we have it, really sorry for the wait so far.

      @Sam Oxley we've just had a look and your reward went in with the Backerkit preorders so will be sent out direct by the end of this week, we've sent you a message with more details

    21. Missing avatar

      Sam Oxley on

      Hi, I have still not received my books. Can you confirm if all UK orders have been sent please. Thanks

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Macey on

      I’ve waited now two weeks or so since my last comment regarding non-delivery (and having been promised after that comment that the notebook would arrive soon). Throwing in the towel at this point - first experience backing a project and it had not been a positive one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Alex Wiener on

      I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the books I ordered, however have not received any of them. I ordered some standard notebooks, custom, and the mini. located in the U.S. what is the deal?!

    24. Mackenzie James King on

      Hi Stone Team!

      Still super excited about receiving my Notebook, but I have still yet to receive it in the mail! What's the deal?!

    25. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Dani I've had a look and we did forward your new address on and ask for it to be updated so apologies this wasn't done. The solution now is to give FedEx a ring with your tracking number and ask them to redirect the parcel.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kathy Dowd on

      My 25 logo embossed books arrived today. Although it took a while to get them, I am happy with the final product. Thank you!

    27. Missing avatar

      Dani Dank on


      I'm in the US and have yet to receive my order.
      Just received an email from tnt? for possible delivery by the 8th... however, I'm a little annoyed as I messaged weeks ago that my previous address had changed (I expected to be receiving this early summer).

      I went through the correct channels and was given an email to contact for said change. My annoyance lies with the fact that my address was never changed. I do have a forwarding address with USPS, but tnt says it will be delivered via 'fedex' now.

      Please contact me asap regarding this issue.


    28. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Susan Padgett sorry to hear this, we've sent you an email.

    29. Missing avatar

      Susan padgett on

      I received my today I’m in the uk. Little disappointed with the monogramming the a and p are touching together no space and also first page of book looks like a water mark

    30. Missing avatar

      Susan padgett on

      I received my today I’m in the uk. Little disappointed with the monogramming the a and p are touching together no space and also first page of book looks like a water mark

    31. Missing avatar

      Agnes on

      Just received my Stone book! Thank you

    32. Missing avatar

      Theresa on

      Hi, Following your reply to email about not receiving the book, I did so using the only address I could find. This apparently went to the Backerkit email address. After two days I heard from them saying they had now forwarded it to you. Have you got it yet? That was two days ago. Still no sign of my books either. :( I see you have used Hermes, good luck! I once had a parcel worth over £200 stolen by them as have many others. They are impossible to deal with if you have any queries! Please can you get back to me or give me a direct email to use. Thank you.

    33. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Jocelyn really sorry you're still waiting, the gift boxes have been sent direct, we're just waiting for tracking info and will send it over once we have it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jocelyn Santiago on

      In the US and I still haven't received my order. Has anyone one else in NY or Eastern US received theirs yet?

    35. Stone Creator on

      Sorry @Wendy Baird, the plain UK books should have all arrived by now. Please send us a message if it still hasn't been delivered at the end of this week.

    36. Wendy Baird on

      In the UK and no sign of a delivery... any update?

    37. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Pat, sorry to hear this, please send us a message and we'll give you an email address to send photos of the damage to so we can get it sorted. Thanks

    38. Missing avatar

      Pat on

      Hi It was great to receive the books ,but after such a long wait I have received no pocket note pad which I was expecting and 1 of the note pads is damanged on the front so not very happy.
      Not sure what happens going forward.

    39. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Theresa, yes yours should have been delivered by now. Please send us a message if you haven’t received it today or since you commented.

      @Michael Smerda, @Luke Pilkington, @Maisonobe and @Jennie Gwynn thanks very much for your feedback.

      Hi @Daikaiju sorry you’re still waiting, the last monogrammed books for the US arrived at the distributors last week so should all be out now. 2-8 days is the USPS estimate.

      @Matthew we stated that orders had left the factory and have explained that some were going to distributors first. As we said we’ve been giving updates as best we could based on the information that we had. As asked in reply to your direct messages, please let us know at the end of this week if your reward hasn’t arrived.

      @Chantel Oukami could you send us a message with more details and we’ll look into it for you?

      Hi @Christine we’re glad to see from your direct message that your book arrived.

      Hi @Rob Davies, sorry your memo pack was missing - please send us a direct message.

      @Darryl yours will arrive tomorrow or Wednesday, sorry for the wait. As we mentioned we gave a few books to Borough Kitchen to test the quality and commercial viability before Christmas, in the Kickstarter we offered a much wider range of products and the classic Stones at a cheaper price.

      Hi @David Campbell sorry you’re still waiting, the custom orders have taken longer, unfortunately being an early bird doesn’t mean getting the reward earlier but mainly that you get it for cheaper. Let us look into yours and get back to you asap.

      @Marco Hens yours also should have been delivered, let us look into it for you.

    40. Missing avatar

      Maisonobe on

      Hi there,

      Just a little word to say that i received my 2 chef's note book and it's exactly what i expect from you.

      So thx a lot for this great stuff you provide us.

      Best regards

    41. Missing avatar

      Marco Hens on

      Any update into when i may be expecting my stones?


      Anxiously waiting.....still. backer #24 (early bird). Apparently not early enough.

    43. Missing avatar

      jenniegwynn on

      Thank you,

      I received my 2 x Stone chef Notebooks yesterday. Apart from a crease on the second page of the one that I have opened, the rest of the book appears to comply with exactly what you promised.

      Your comment at the bottom of the delivery note was practically unreadable but indicated and possibly reminded me, if I got to that part of the email update, that I did not qualify for a free Memo Book! I am not a member of Instagram and have no desire to be, since I am inundated with enough emails that I find difficult to read anyway so I did not post, probably on that basis.

      I would like to corroborate the earlier comment regarding a magnet, not mentioned before (?) on one side only. The back side sticks to my fridge door beautifully, but is really not much use since one needs at least 3 hands, if in the middle of cooking, to write on the lined side of the paper!

      Finally for the future, whilst relevant to me but not sure about others? To have small serrated edge corners, that could be pulled off, would also be of use. It could enable the book to more easily be divided into sections, if relevant, that could be listed at the front and allocated sections to numbers or letters of the alphabet. Why? Because the type of paper, perfect as it is, seems to 'stick' together quite well, therefore 'making the assumption' that each sheet is going to be pulled out, rather than left in the book as it is used.

      Jennie Gwynn

    44. Darryl Quested on

      Still waiting on mine unfortunately, been looking forward to this since March and could of picked one up from a shop by now instead?
      I thought the point of being a backer was to get the product earlier.

      I've purposely put off buying myself a new recipe book for work, but the bits of paper are now piling up!

      Hopefully if you do another product through crowd funding you've learned from your mistakes this time round. Still eagerly awaiting the arrival and I know the book will be phenomenal and hopefully worth the wait.

    45. Rob Davies on

      Hello. Received my package yesterday. The product looks fanatic! One question though. I ordered a 2 stone memo pack and the stone itself which I received, but the freebie from the Instagram. Post didn't come. Who should I contact?

    46. Missing avatar

      Christine Balint on

      I’m loosing my patience. It has been months & everything changes with every update. Media mail? Seriously? Very frustrated.

    47. Missing avatar

      Chantel Oukami on

      I still don't have my package, but I have suspicion that TNT might have it and I have been having great difficult getting through to them to find out. Hopefully next week.

    48. Missing avatar

      Luke Pilkington on

      I would just like to say a massive massive Thankyou to the whole stone team and everyone behind the manufacturing , making and development of these absolutely beautiful note pads , it’s definitely what the industry has needed , I honestly think every chef should invest in one well maybe two one for their master recipes and one for every day recipes you pick up along the way !

      I love the magnet , and that it sits flat on the bench top , lastly omg the pages !!!!!!!!! They are so soft !!!

      I seriously can’t wait until you guys finish your dairy !!!!!!

      Thankyou once again ,


      Luke Pilkington

    49. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      BTW, another day passed, no package, another broken promise. I'll check back in next month, maybe the row boat will have crossed over the Atlantic ocean by then.

    50. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      @Stone Your said two weeks ago ALL orders have been shipped. Below, you mention monogrammed stones arrived at the distributor two days ago. What's really going on here? These timelines keep changing. Get your stories together before promising anything. The "lessons" you learned in this process are basic business items that even a child would know. A simple Google search would tell you Media Mail is the worst delivery system in the US, but alas it saved you a few pennies, so why not?

      For you to use the cheapest delivery method, spend time & effort on making RETAIL items BEFORE the Kickstarter backers orders are filled is a slap in the face to the customers who supported your project. There is absolutely no justification for that.
      For you to claim that all orders are shipped, then shift the blame to USPS is childish.