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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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4,189 backers pledged £166,261 to help bring this project to life.

All Orders Shipped

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We’re glad to say that all orders will have left the factory by the end of this week and wanted to reiterate how each type of order is being sent, and when you should expect to receive yours (if you haven’t already).

US & Canada

These non custom orders have been via our distributors in Chicago and sent out via Media Mail (USPS). The estimated delivery time for these is between 2-8 days depending on distance. Unfortunately due to how they were sent by the distributors we’re not able to provide tracking, which is disappointing as we understand the frustration of not knowing exactly where your parcel is. We ask you to bear with us as they are on their way to you.


All non-custom UK orders have arrived in Sussex and are being sent out individually by Royal Mail. They should all be with you next week.

The Rest of the World

All of these non-custom orders have been sent directly from the factory via courier. The majority have been delivered so far, and the remaining shipments’ deliveries are due in the next day or two.

Monogrammed & Custom Logo

As we mentioned in our last update, we had to replace the monogramming machine which created an unexpected delay. The machine took some time to clear customs and was delivered at the beginning of this week. The monogrammed and custom logo books have now been finished and sent out via the methods above.

We estimate these US & Canada orders will take 5 days to reach Chicago, and then the 2-8 day estimate applies. UK Orders will take 2 or 3 days to reach Sussex and then days with Royal Mail. We know many of these were bought as gifts so apologies for those that have missed their special occasions.

At this point we ask our US and UK backers to hang tight for the final stretch. As we knew the majority of orders would come from these two countries, our plan was always to get them out first, however the extra demand and the logistics of shipping economically have extended the timeframe. We completely understand some of the frustration with the wait because of this, and thank you for your patience while the rest of the deliveries are made.

In terms of updates, we always do our best to reply to Kickstarter messages and comments but we realise not everybody sees these, so hope we've answered as many queries as possible in our update today.

For those who have received their Stones, thank you for the great comments we’ve had so far! We look forward to seeing more photos of your Stones in action as they arrive.

The Stone Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      William Bryant on

      Never received anything. We moved a few days ago, but from the updates, we should have received them long ago at the old address. How do I get my stones?

    2. Missing avatar

      Sarah Perreault Walker on

      I have yet to receive mine. Chattanooga Tennessee.

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Broking on

      On the west coast US and I have yet to receive my Notebooks.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lorna on

      Pleased to say that my notebook and memos have now arrived and I am delighted with the quality!

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicola wood on

      No sign of my order even though you said it would be Thursday for us in the UK! Getting to the point where I feel is it even worth it - if I don’t receive it in the next week please inform me how I can request a refund!

    6. Matt East on

      Still no sign of mine and i'm in Cambridge, UK

    7. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      In Canada, on the West Coast. I have not received my plain notebook yet.

    8. Missing avatar

      Anthony Fletcher on

      I am in Hertfordshire and have still not received any note book, I am at the point where I just want a refund now this is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t understand why they keep setting dates and continually missing them.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jacques Gallagher on

      I live in Scotland uk, received my mail to and no notebook. I’ve been patience waiting on this now, where is it !!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gillian Robertson on

      I live in London and still have not received mine. Getting rather frustrated along with everyone else. Please can you tell me when I will definitely get my order, or who I can contact for more information? Thank you.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lorna on

      I live in Scotland and Thursday's mail has arrived but I still have not received my notebook and memos. Am getting frustrated with this now. Can you please provide a DEFINITE date for when I will receive these?

    12. Missing avatar

      Ian Mella on

      I'm in the UK and received my notebook this morning. Very well produced and will be a joy to use.

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Jones on

      Though I haven't received mine yet, I can only imagine how stressful it's been. Looking forward to receiving mine in the UK!

    14. Missing avatar

      Richard Hards on

      Hi guys, still haven’t received mine in uk. Have there been any delays or is there a way of tracking an order?

    15. Missing avatar

      Markos Milos on

      Got mine a few days ago. LOVE IT !!!!! so elegant and nice, cant think working without one of these in the future
      Well done guys !

    16. Stone Creator on

      Please read our comments as they answer many of these questions.
      The remaining plain UK orders are with Royal Mail and should be delivered by this Thursday. Delayed US monogrammed books are arriving at the distributor tomorrow for delivery in 2-8 days with USPS. Plain US orders that haven't arrived yet will still be out for delivery with USPS.

      @Anthony and @Sarvajanik we've replied to your messages

    17. Missing avatar

      Jack McGinley on

      Still not received mine in england

    18. Missing avatar

      Claire on

      I haven't received mine yet either. In CO. I would love an update.

    19. Missing avatar

      Karl Tyler on

      I STILL haven’t received mine. Can you please update me.

    20. Steven Berkshire Brews on

      I'm on same boat it looks like. No delivery to date, no confirmation, nothing to show for. Sent a message, hoping I hear back.


    21. Steven Berkshire Brews on

      I'm on same boat it looks like. No delivery to date, no confirmation, nothing to show for. Sent a message, hoping I hear back.


    22. Jayme Evans on

      i guess im on the same boat as a lot of people. I live in seattle area...i got no order email, no tracking number, nothing. any ideas to whats happening?

    23. Toby Wilmot on

      Hi I have still not received my order I live in the UK help?!

    24. Missing avatar

      Sarvajanik Desi on

      @Stone... I got the wrong colour. Have PM'ed you the details. Thanks.

    25. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      So, I still have not received word (or an update as promised) about my order. I should have received a shipping notification by now. Can you please confirm the status of my order? It's rather troubling to see how many people have gotten their orders and myself, along with others, haven't even received confirmation that our order even exists or is being taken care of.

    26. Stone Creator on

      Hi all, sorry for the wait to those in the UK. We've been told the final batch of UK plain books will leave the distributors today so you should have them by Thursday.

      Raja - sorry about this, we'll get your missing memos in the post today.

      John and Matthias - please send us a message and we'll look into these queries for you.

      Matthew - we gave Borough Kitchen an initial batch of Stones before xmas when we were testing the product (both in terms of the quality and the commercial viability) and the books cost £1 more than they do here on Kickstarter.

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Still strange that I can order these through another website and get them faster than I could after backing over $300 to receive 15. Hell, I could have bought these myself, purchased my own monogramming machine, learned how to monogram, all before I will expect to finally receive these.

    28. Missing avatar

      John Espino on

      Hi, I would like to know which carrier should it be handed off to (from TNT) if it's shipped to the Philippines? I haven't been contacted on the phone yet about any shipment, but as of last status I got a "Shipment handed to third party. They will complete delivery". I don't know what's the third part shipping company in this case. Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Angie Kang on

      Messaging from Cornwall, UK. Just wondering if I will be receiving my notebook soon? Email was received on the 13th July that they should be here by now, but I haven’t heard or seen anything since. Hope I get it soon, it’s for my hubby as a gift for his birthday.

    30. Missing avatar

      Daniel Thompson on

      I still haven’t received mine- was I supposed to get a tracking number- from Scotland,UK

    31. Missing avatar

      Jack Shaw on

      Hi guys.
      Based in london, yet to receive even a courier notification. Want to know if I’m being impatient Or if there is a problem. Been waiting ages and now the excitement is boiling over into frustration. Anyway I’m sure I’m going to live the product when it arrives. Many thanks

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthias Kensbock

      Hey guys, I don't find any courier notification nor did I receive anything yet (based in DE). Could you look into it and check, if I am just too stupid or if it has been falsely delivered somehwere else? Thank you! :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Raja Quarder on

      Hi, I received my Stone Notebook today and I’m really exited about it. However I also ordered 2 pack of Stone Memos and they were not within the package. I’m wondering where they are?

    34. Stone Creator on

      @putu I'm sure this can be sorted out with TNT... send me your tracking number in a direct message and we'll look into it for you

    35. Missing avatar

      putu vieree renadhi winata on

      i got a real BAD problem here. I just got notification from TNT (Courier service) that the book is delivered to my ACTUAL adress. But when i track the package, the website is showing that it is delivered to ANOTHER adress of which is unknown to me. Like the package is falsely delivered to some other suburb which is not even my house and i dont know where the h*ll my book is. So, can you seriously help me now? i dont want to waste my 50 bucks and waiting for months on nothing but DISAPPOINTMENT

    36. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Simon, other monogrammed books are arriving to backers in Australia so yours should be with you soon

    37. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      I am guessing the other Australian delivery mentioned below was not monogrammed?

    38. Missing avatar

      David Collins on

      Mine have arrived thank you

    39. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Daniele as all the books have been shipped unfortunately we can't change delivery addresses now. If you've set up USPS forwarding the parcel should get sent on to your new address.

    40. Daniele Pagano on

      Is it still possible to change the US delivery address for monogrammed Stones? I didn't think they would miss my moving date but it was this week. Moved to a different State. Thank you!

    41. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Richard, ah yes gift boxes have gone out at the same time as custom orders. Judging by the other NZ deliveries they're taking about a week to arrive so yours should be late next week/early the week after.

    42. LateToTheParty7 on

      Thanks! I got a confirmation email yesterday as well. Can't wait to try them out.

    43. Richard Cumins on

      Hi, Just to confirm the gift boxes have also been sent. I am in NZ have not seen anything yet.



    44. Missing avatar

      Lenny Stone on

      My notebooks arrived today. Products as promised. Thank you.

    45. Jonathan Mackenzie

      Mine has arrived and I love it thank you

    46. Missing avatar

      Jackie Collins on

      Thank you Stone. Notebook arrived in Sydney Australia. Thrilled to bits. I love it.

    47. LateToTheParty7 on

      Thanks for the update. Can't wait to try them out.

    48. Nana

      i jus got it today!! from singapore~ thank you so much!! love it~

    49. Keiran Sparksman on

      I got mine in Australia yesterday.

    50. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Thank you VERY MUCH for the detailed response. This is a sigh of relief. I cannot wait to see the look on the faces of my friend's faces when I show them their custom stones with their new restaurant's logo on them!!!