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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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Shipping Ready to Commence

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone, after a lot of notebook and stationery production we are finally ready to begin Kickstarter shipping. As much as we wished we could just get all the orders in the post it's sadly not as simple as that, so we wanted to give you a bit of a break down on how we plan on getting over 4,000 orders to 70 different countries from our factory in continental Europe.

- US and Canada orders will be flown to our distributors in Chicago. From there they will be sent via Media Mail

- UK orders will be going by road to London, from there they will be going via Royal Mail.

- European orders will be sent directly from our factory

- Australian and New Zealand orders will be flown to a distributor in Sydney. From there, they will be posted locally

- Rest Of World orders will be coming to London, before being couriered to every corner of the globe including Papua New Guinea and Tahiti

These Kickstarter orders will go in two waves. First wave will include all non customised Stones, Memos and Leather items. Monogrammed Stones and Gift Boxes will go soon after. The reason being we had to replace the monogramming machine and gift boxes took longer to manufacture then anticipated.

Custom Stones (i.e. debossed or foiled) will be sent directly from our factory by courier and Backerkit orders will follow straight after Kickstarter fulfilment is complete

We once again thank you for your patience. As previously mentioned, we want to get these products to you as much as you do and this whole process has taken longer than anticipated, but we do believe they'll be worth the wait.

The Stone team 

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    1. Missing avatar


      After waiting 6 months for order ( yes I understand backlog) my daughter was extremely happy) .. Finally gave her something that was personal for her She is working on her own cookbook Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      David Boswell on

      Just wondering how long on my books , been waiting a long time to get hold of them!! Living in the southwest uk seems a while ago now when I backed this Kickstarter and starting to get annoyed with all the delays and excuses.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hickory on

      Got mine two days ago. No shipping provided before it arrived. Really like the quality of the book, but I was under the impression it was going to have more than one simple page of useful conversions. The list is...small considering the number of empty pages in the book.

    4. Missing avatar

      Trevor Palmer on

      Hi, can you give me an update as to when I should be receiving my Stone please.

    5. Missing avatar

      Van K Le on

      Hi can you please let me know when i should be expecting my books? I ordered 2 non customized. Thanks! I’m in the US.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jorge Orlandini on

      Any updates up shopping to the US for standard not monogrammed notebooks? Thanks

    7. Missing avatar

      Magee on

      Hey Stone Notebook's Team:
      Just checking in on status of US shipping/deliveries. I know this is an enormous undertaking for you all. Just wanted to know if there is any rough ETA for monogrammed notebook shipping to the US. Thanks for your time and help.

    8. Stone Creator on

      Hi @Bruce, please see the comments below, non-custom UK orders are being sent from London via Royal Mail this week. Some have gone out already but we'll confirm when they've all been sent.
      Hi @Alison, we've replied to your direct message.
      @Toby, no problem at all, we really do appreciate that people are eager to get their hands on their Stones. As we mentioned above we're equally eager to get them to you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Bruce tilley on

      Hi. When are the notebooks expected to be posted to UK addresses? Are you able to provide an update on that please. Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      alison baldwin on

      I ordered two plain Stones for US shipping and last received an email on June 1. It is now July 10 and I still have no notebooks nor any shipping updates. Are these ever being sent?

    11. Missing avatar

      Toby @theKvella on

      @Stone Thanks for the update guys, sorry to have sounded impatient, just very eager to recieve your product. My patience got the better of me. My apologies.

    12. Stone Creator on

      Hello Ann and Lee - UK non-custom orders have reached London and are being sent out individually this week. Not long now!

      Hi Dan and Leland - monogramming is underway (apologies for the additional delay to these, caused by replacing the machine) and when done custom orders will be sent directly. Sorry we haven't been able to give a specific window so far (we had to wait for the machine to clear customs). We'll update you once they're all out.

    13. Dan Graham on

      Hello. When will the Australian deliveries be shipped?

    14. Missing avatar

      Lee Evans on

      Was buzzing to hear shipping was commencing! Any news on shipping within the Uk for simple leather stones and memos?

    15. Anne Louise Wander on

      Any news on when shipping is likely to the UK - I've not commented before as I understand the delays that can happen with projects like this but I did expect something within a couple of weeks given your last update 3 weeks ago. I had planned on giving some of these as gifts but sadly the occasions have passed. More info please! Thanks so much

    16. Missing avatar

      Leland Parker on

      @Stone - Would you be able to give a more specific delivery window for this product. I’ve ordered three (3) monogrammed and four standard tan books. This is US delivery, east coast. I’ve read through your other comments, but so not see any dates or Windows specified. Kind regards, LP

    17. Stone Creator on

      @Toby, we always do our best to respond to direct messages and we occasionally post on the comments section of the campaign so do check there as well.
      UK orders will be with you soon, as mentioned above the European orders have gone directly from the factory so they're arriving first, whereas UK and the rest of the world orders come via us in London.
      @Chris Monogrammed shipments are in the second wave also mentioned above (due to replacing the machine) - we'll let you know when we have more accurate info on that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Toby @theKvella on

      Out of interest has anyone received a response in here from Stone? I’ve been patient before making a comment, and I know the Royal Mail is slow but it doesn’t take 5 weeks to cross Europe unless you do it by horse 300 years ago. Has anyone had a response yet?

    19. Missing avatar

      Toby @theKvella on

      Hi stone! Any news on delivery?

    20. Chris Lonergan on

      Hi @stone any idea when monogrammed shipments will reach the uk?!

    21. Missing avatar

      Nathan on

      Hi @stone when should we expect delivery for the U.K.?

    22. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      @Stone - great news re direct deliveries - looking forward to these. Just trying to find the right pens to pair with them now. I know we have discussed fountain pens being out of the mix - I just now want a more elegant solution than a fine sharpie...

    23. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      @Jason Broussard - it is a huge risk with Kickstarter having important date dependencies on delivery very few if any of the may projects I have backed have delivered on or even close to time. The more successful a project the bigger the delays very often.

    24. Jason Broussard on

      I had friends, some local chefs come together and really put in work for my wedding on June 9th. I had the grand idea of receiving the books before the wedding and getting them personalized myself with their brand. I have been so excited for my notebooks to arrive, I know they will be great! The bummer about it all is we ended up purchasing something else to gift to the guys as we did not want to look ungrateful on the day of. I will most likely end up handing them over regardless it's just a bummer it ended up costing me more out of pocket than if they would have arrived on time. If time was not an issue in my case I would be sitting back with my mouth shut. I just wanted to make you aware of the ripple effect that takes place in select cases.

    25. Stone Creator on

      Hi everyone, to give you a quick update on shipping, we're still making progress as laid out in the update above. Plain US orders are now in Chicago and we are awaiting confirmation as to when they've been sent out from our distributors. Canada orders will arrive in Chicago tomorrow.

      All other orders are making their way out of the factory to either be sent directly, or via us in the UK. We've also decided to send Oz and NZ orders direct so they should now arrive sooner.

    26. David Thomas on

      What's up? When will tracking numbers be provided for our shipments? Have they been shipped?

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Do we have an update if any of the Stones have been shipped yet? I haven't received any shipping confirmation or tracking number yet, but wasn't sure if that would be provided.

    28. Missing avatar

      Arthur Joseph Brito on

      Will we be updated when our notebook ships? will we be given a tracking number or expected delivery date?

    29. Benjamin on

      Hi i have backed 2 stones to be shipped to singapore, may i check by when will they arrive because they are meant to be gifts to be passed around mid july, really do hope it will arrive by then. thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      Timpy on

      Very disappointed you chose Media Mail to ship in the U.S. For all of the hype on creating such a high quality product you really cheaped out by using an archaic method of shipping that practically no one use her anymore. It's the equivalent of sending a letter overseas by steamship if such a thing still existed.

    31. Missing avatar

      John Espino on

      Hi, would you be providing a tracking number? If (for the rest of the world) it will come to London first, then it will have been handed off three or four times by the time I would receive it...just wanted to know if there's any way I can monitor it. Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Pushkraj Pawar on

      Hi :) I backed a non-customised Stone from India, but to be delivered to my best friend in London. Its a surprise for him, so I gave one of our mutual friend's phone number, who also lives in London. But the email is mine. So now all my wires are crossed and I wanted to know how to track the shipment, or at least to know once it has been sent? Thx.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jacques Gallagher on

      How long would it take to get up to Scotland? Just out of curiosity.

    34. Stone Creator on

      @harryl @Mackenzie James King and @Brian Morris please send us your new addresses by private message. We will check if your order has left the factory. If it has not we will change the address accordingly. If it has, however, we won't be able to change the address unfortunately.

    35. Missing avatar

      Brian Morris on

      I moved since I placed the order. How do I update my address?

    36. Missing avatar

      lynn mcneely on

      This is GREAT! I can not wait to start using my new stone notebook

    37. JoAnn Novello on

      I am so looking forward to receiving this. I plan on entering our family recipes and gifting the books to my siblings for Christmas. We are constantly calling or emailing each other for the family "secret" recipes. It will be nice to have them consolidated in a great book without fear of ruining the pages with drips, spatters, etc.
      thanks guys!!!

    38. Mackenzie James King on

      I messed up my shipping address. Can I fix it before y’all ship?!

    39. Missing avatar

      Harryl on

      Is it possible to make a last minute address change?

    40. Stone Creator on

      Thanks for the info @Matthew. That's strange though, as it's not our experience of the service. We are UK based so we have made the decision based on a number of factors, including whats been advised and previous experience. Leading up to the campaign we gifted around 50 Stone notebooks to US chefs and sent it this way and it took 3-5 days in most cases, which is also what we gathered from the majority of forums where that question was asked. We will look into this however.

    41. Bora Chung on

      Love these updates, thank you!

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      @stone I believe the issue with Media Mail is that it is viewed as the cheapest, slowest form of shipping in the United States. If you want to send a book to somebody, but don't care how long it takes, you send it media mail and it'll get there in 1-4 weeks. With how long people have waited, it will be disappointing to see it go to media mail and add more weeks to the eventual delivery.

    43. Missing avatar

      constantinos on

      Can’t wait! 👍🏻

    44. Stone Creator on

      Hi @wheeler, what is the issue with Media Mail?

      Hi @nana, we'd expect sooner than that

    45. Missing avatar

      Wheeler on

      Media mail? Really?

    46. Nana

      is there a clearer timeline for rest of the world? like 1-2months to reach us? :) it seems like it will go to london first then to rest of the world..

    47. Missing avatar

      Mike Johnson on

      It's great you keep us updated, and are so honest about the hold-ups. Sure the wait will be worthwhile.

    48. Missing avatar

      Luke Pilkington on

      Not too long now then !!! I can’t wait to get my hands on my STONES !!!! It’s going to be well worth the wait !!!!!!!!!!