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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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Reward Fulfilment Update

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone, we wanted to provide you with an update on the current fulfilment status. Before going into details we wanted to mention that whilst we understand some people want regular updates, every time we send one, all 4,000 + backers are sent an email. So whilst we want to keep everyone in the loop we also don't want to keep hammering people with emails.  

Our initial estimate for the commencement of shipping was for late May but for a variety of reasons, this has been pushed back to mid-June. We, of course, appreciate this is disappointing news for some of you who are eager to get your hands on Stones so would like to apologise for this delay and provide you with an explanation.

As you know our campaign was a huge success, our target was approximately $26k but the final number was $220k. We were quietly confident we would go quite far over our target and had prepared for that scenario but selling over 8 times the target was a big surprise to our team, albeit it a lovely one. For those new to Kickstarter, it's important to mention that this isn't a shop, or rather, we aren't a big retailer sitting on thousands of units of stock, so all of this had to made to order. And anyone with experience in manufacturing will know that such a huge jump in demand can create all sorts of problems. 

Because all of you as backers have been so great and supportive we really did not want to disappoint anyone by not meeting our delivery estimate. So despite selling over 10,000 Stones we did our best to hit that target. However various things have meant that this proved to be an impossible task. 

A primary issue in this was a delay restocking stone paper supplies. As a rare and relatively new form of paper, there are very few mills producing this paper and our campaign caused a big spike in demand that caused this delay.  Beyond this, having to process over 4,000 orders with approximately 120 package size/variations to 64 countries has been a mammoth task that has bought up problems we could not predict and required solving. The complexities of posting to this many countries has meant that it's not simply been a case of popping orders in the post once they've been made up.

As previously mentioned this Kickstarter is just the beginning for Stone as a brand and as our first customers and backers, we want to get these products over to you in the best possible time, without compromise in quality. So before sending us any angry emails asking where your Stone is, please bear in mind, you are not talking to some customer service assistant in a huge amazon office, you're talking to someone who wants you to have these notebooks as much as you do.

The Stone team

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    1. Stone Creator on

      Hi everyone, waiting for the green light from the factory to start getting the first load of orders out. We are hoping that's today or Monday. When that happens we'll send the next update explaining whats been shipped. All orders are coming out of one location in Europe so it's not simply a case sticking them in the post once they're ready (wish it was!). US non-customised orders, for example, will be flown to our distributors in Chicago where they will then be dispatched.

      Shane, please send us a direct message.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shane O'Driscoll on

      Hi, I'm moving house at the weekend and so won't have access to the address I originally put in a month or two back - is there a way to update to my new address, it's telling me it's locked out. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dawson on

      Can we get another update???

    4. Missing avatar

      Grace Windey on

      Are we still on track for mid June? I need this for my chef boyfriend's birthday in August 😓

    5. Chris Lonergan on

      Hey guys still on track for mid June?

    6. Nana

      are we still on track for the mid june timeline? :) so excited to get my books!

    7. Miguel Stancil on

      Thank you so much for your care and concern. Patience is virtuous, and we will wait patiently for a much-desired product! Thanks guys for communicating with us!

    8. Stone Creator on

      Chanin, can you message us directly please or email

    9. Missing avatar

      Chanin Lloyd on

      Slight concern. I'm moving house on the 26th June and won't be able to recover any items delivered here after. Will it be here before that date?

    10. Sara Terry

      Cheering you on!

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Good update - I personally don't mind getting more emails than less - emails from kickstarter are generally more interesting than the other rubbish I get.
      I always expect the over subscribed projects to be delayed - fulfillment takes longer and production takes longer. Not a problem for me - one of these is a christmas gift so we have a little bit of a window ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Barbara Bolemon on

      Thank you for this update; it is clear you are dealing with growing pains. This is the first campaign I have backed but I appreciated it was all on contingency.

      Thank you for understanding not all of us want a ton of update emails, too.

    13. Missing avatar

      Markos Milos on

      Really looking forward to having it with me (probably) at all times !!! I believe it’s a special project that’s Worth the wait.

    14. Darryl Quested on

      It'll be well worth the wait. Looking forward to it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Timpy on

      @Megan - Most of my KS experience is with board games. Lots of pieces, printing, etc. I think delays are the norm for this genre.

    16. Laura Labello

      I can only imagine how unexpected success can be both a pro and con! Most people will see how far past your goal we got and realize logistics will need to be sorted out. So no worries! It’s a great product and I still plan on buying more. My husband is a leather worker and in dealing with water, stains, etc., I knew these would be perfect for him and his grand ideas! Hopeful you may some day come out with a large legal notepad size for drawings - for the non chef users! Thank you again!

    17. Dang Tran on

      I experienced the same running my first Kickstarter. I was lucky not to have too many orders. The campaign success also got me excited and I gave out a lot of stretch goals which made things complicated.

      As a creator I totally understand what your team is going through. Hopefully your paper source can scale.

      Good luck!

    18. Lord Lovehandles on

      Two notes, one less important. Amazon has amazing customer service as was said. They have quickly refunded orders that were damaged, sent new items, and even offer discounts or Amazon credit if you're dissatisfied. Most other big retailers suck with customer service. Not Amazon.

      @Stone - also, this is no big deal. Those not new to Kickstarter know that often there are unavoidable delays. Even with avoidable ones, the Kickstarter community is pretty forgiving as long as there is communication. I have only received 2 Kickstarters by their estimated ship date. One was set a year from the campaign closing and the other was a PDF download. In other words, keep the updates towards progress steady, and 95% of your backers will be cool with it.

    19. Lucas Williamson on

      Thanks for the thorough update. Keep grinding. Excited for the book to arrive when it’s ready. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      darcy on

      Great work. Disappointed but understand. Really looking forward to gifting the books to every chef in my city.

    21. Megan Hollembaek on

      Thank you for the update! I look forward to receiving it soon!
      I'm fairly new to kickstarter overall. Thus far, I've had two on time, one of those landed earlier than expected and counting this one, two light delays.

    22. Missing avatar

      Timpy on

      @Ian - I have dealt with Amazon customer service reps many times. It is surprising the very high level of customer service they provide despite one might think when dealing with a behemoth company. They have always gone above and beyond my expectations.

      I am however a bit disappointed for not receiving my Stone on time as it will not arrive as the birthday present I planned on giving my chef son. Having dealt with Kickstarters a few times, delays seem to be the rule rather than the exception and was a bit skeptical of their overly ambitious original ship date. I’m not holding my breath for mid-June either. I hope I am wrong. L

    23. Kristof

      Good update and no worries about the delay.

      Given the fact the campaign was so successful and requires much more notebooks than expected, I personally have no issue at all waiting a bit longer for the delivery. Absolutely normal.

      Enjoy the process and good luck.

    24. Missing avatar

      Karon Martin on

      Thank you for the update. The good things in life are worth waiting for. xx

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian Mella on

      Don't worry about any delay, we appreciate this is an enormous project for you
      Also, I have never wanted, or been able to speak to a customer service assistant at Amazon.
      I know you exist, do they?

    26. Missing avatar

      Eddy Picking on

      You all keep doing what your doing because you are doing a great job and i wouldn't like to sort out this many orders keep up the good work

    27. Jacopo Duse Masin on

      Not angry at all.
      Your work is very appreciated here