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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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Survey Update

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi! First we’d like to thank all the backers that have filled out the surveys. From 4.2k backers we still need approximately 600 people to fill out their surveys. Because of this we are extending the original deadline of Friday 11th of May to Monday 14th of May. This gives you all 3 extra days to fill out the surveys and do any changes to the order for those who already filled out the survey. We will lock down the survey responses on 14th of May, so it won’t be possible to do any changes to your order then. Anybody who hasn't filled the survey by this date will still be able to fill it out later, but their shipping will be sorted in the later batch so we strongly recommend you to fill the survey by the 14th date.

On Monday, 14th of May, we will also be taking BackerKit payments so if you made any extra orders on BackerKit please ensure that you have your card linked with enough funds to avoid further delays or complications. We will also remind you on Monday to double check your shipping address. Deadline for BackerKit payments and address will be set 2 days later, to Wednesday, 16th of May. After that we will start finalising all orders so we can proceed to fullfilment. We expect shipping to start in late May.

We still have a number of backers whose payments failed here on Kickstarter. We recommend you to check your card details and update them so KS can process your payment. If your payment is not properly processed (both on KS and on BackerKit) by 14th of May, this can also cause a delay in processing of your order. A number of people contacted us that the cards do not work with KS but they still want to continue with the order. To these we recommend to cancel your KS pledge and go to our pre-sale shop at and repeat the order there - you can find all rewards in the pre-sale shop for the same price as they were on KS. Also, if anybody has friends that were interested in getting Stones but missed our KS campaign, please forward them to the pre-sale shop linked above. Please note that the pre-sale shop is the last opportunity to order Stones at special pre-sale prices.

Lastly, we understand a few people had issues with paying an additional fee for monogramming. Unfortunately, we were more limited than we expected with post Kickstarter additions so apologies for this.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel El-Dalil on

      Hi I still haven't received my order and from the last update it should have arrived last week? Anyway I can track the order or get an update?

    2. Missing avatar

      Harryl on

      I'd also like to see an update. Delivery was meant to be May based on your estimates...

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Can we get Update 8? Anxiously awaiting my everyone else lol

    4. Lecari on

      Hi! Just wondering if you have an update on postage for the notebooks? :)


    5. Missing avatar

      Jenelle White on

      Hi, I never received an email. Please advise how I can complete the survey to fill my order.

      Thanks, Jenelle

    6. Stone Creator on

      Hi Katrina, its all automated so we are doing everything we can to update and help people. Sara, Brian, if you havent already done so, please message us on KS so we can respond with a link to your survey. We dont want to put up peoples links on here (i.e. publicly)


    7. Katrina Hennessy

      I am very familiar with Backerkit and I think this is the first time I did not receive the email for the survey, nor any reminders. I was able to find it in my account and complete the details, glad I read this update on time.

    8. Sara Khudairy on

      Hello! Congrats on successfully finding the book. I never received the first survey that went out. And when I went to backerkits website to look for the project from there, it says it’s emailed a link to the survey to me but actually he email never arrives. Please advise how I’m meant to fill this out so you can get the books going in time. Thanks. 👍

    9. Brian Matthew Tamm on

      Can't wait to receive my notebooks!
      An issue I had during payment processing was the charge initiating in the UK so their system automatically blocked it as fraudulent, I was notified and able to rectify the issue quickly.
      Just an FYI.

    10. Missing avatar

      Eugenio de la Puente on

      Didn't recive too :/

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Chen on

      Hi I never received a link to the survey, where may I get the link?

    12. Missing avatar

      Andrzej Błaszczuk on

      Hi, I never recived a survey could you please e-mail it to me?

    13. Stone Creator on

      Allsup, you can make changes to address up until Wednesday. If something happens after that just send us a DM and we'll see what we can do.

      Todd please DM us and we will send you a link

      Matthew, logos will be placed in the top centre of covers and will be sized based on the design provided. We are confident you will be happy with how we do it. Feel free to send us a reference if thats an issue. In terms of processing orders we wont be waiting till every survey is complete

    14. Missing avatar

      Todd stein on

      i have not received the email to fill out the survey, help please!

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Will you process the stones in the order in which the surveys were completed? Or are you waiting until every survey is completed before beginning manufacturing?
      Also, will we receive any preview of the stone with the logo we selected prior to shipping to verify everything is correct?

    16. Missing avatar

      Allsup Games on

      What if we already filled the survey out but need to make shipping changes?