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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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Posted by Stone (Creator)

We’re thrilled to announce that we have officially quadrupled our target! So another massive thank you to every single one of our backers. We’re really humbled to have the support of over 2,000 passionate cooks and we can’t wait to share the Stone with all of you.

But the campaign is far from over. There’s still plenty of time to claim your free leather memo holder and 2 Memo Stones. Just buy 15 Stones or more. Check out our last update for all the details.

Stone Diary

In the background we are plugging away at finishing off a couple of new products and drawing up plans for even more, and we would love your input.

The Stone Diary will be a weekly diary/planner, and we want to fill it with features and information that you think any chef or cook would want in it. A couple of ideas so far:
- A list of seasonal fruit and veg at the beginning of each month
- Food-related dates running through the diary

But we want to know what you want! Please comment below with your ideas and the best 2 or 3 will win a prize. Winners announced early next week. 


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    1. chris on

      Could you add a way of making it like a binder so we can purchase more paper from you and easily add it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Rafanan on

      Blank divider tabs

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher Adam Merriman

      Maybe adding a spice list with a the spices arranged by regional food, such as Italian, Asian, American Southwestern, French ect

    4. Kristof

      Have read some great idea’s below, so some of my suggestions have already be mentioned by others:

      - Suggestions for small appetisers or amuse-bouches
      - Pairing list of beer/wine/non-alcoholic drinks to accompany different kinds of food (vegetables, meat, fish,...)
      - Motivational quotes from famous chefs and/or linked to cooking/food/...
      - Background and random trivia about commonly used ingredients
      - Pre-defined shopping list of most commonly used ingredients
      - Ways to include rare ingredients in common dishes
      - Directory to keep track of suppliers (name, address, phone number,... but also individual comments about quality, services, products,...)

    5. Nana

      May i suggest to use dot paper instead of ruled paper? the flexible nature of dot paper allows writing, drawing, bullet points, charts, tables and many more!! It gives more avenue to be innovative with how we wanna record our recipes and it looks so much neater without too much printed ink on it!! As dot paper just gives enough framework to write neatly, create structures and draw!! 📝

    6. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Oganesian on

      I think a few pages in the back with a measurement conversion list, a page on fruits and the seasons when they're best and one page on vegetables and herbs. Cant wait for my monogrammed book to come in!!

    7. Paul Quick #BoycottKS

      I know I said perforated pages for shopping lists but they could also be used to share recipes if they’re half sheet as well? So perforated along the spine and then also horizontal half way for recipe and then for the shopping list, maybe perforated along the spine and again top to bottom in the middle of the page to creat two “lists” per page to minimize waste.

    8. Missing avatar

      Samantha James on

      Herb lists and reference to those that are similar in flavor. Just in case you are out of one and might have the other.

    9. Missing avatar

      Chantel Oukami on

      Would be amazing to have seasonal recipes listed from all over the world for foos we can add our on twist to. So with some space to add more to it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Marian Hanney on

      I would love to have a monthly or weekly focus on how to use unusual ingredients like Yuzo and Szechuan Pepper and hints on how to blend flavours to get harmony in a dish. Also snippets on cooking techniques to make the ordinary exceptional. Cooking is a journey of discovery and change and helpful hints shared will make that journey exciting and creative.

    11. Nana

      It would be great if the Stone Notebook cut its pages to have tabs on the edge (which doesn't stick out of the notebook). The tabs can be printed with appetizers, first courses, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, cocktails, or be blank tabs so it can be customised to each person's preference :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mathew campbell on

      A box on each day to input total covers served/takings so can look back and compare month to month

    13. Sebastian T. Rel on

      How about a couple of pages to note done Contact Information (Name, Adress, Email Telephone, company name etc.)
      I would also love to have other seasons, not just fruits and vegetables but also meat, fish, etc.
      Some in put about wine would be nice aswell.

      What I would really miss, if not yet planned, is one overview page of each month, for very important dates, at either the beginning or end of the diary.

    14. Missing avatar

      Luke Pilkington on

      Would be great as A4 size so we can use it for orders at the end of a night , i hate it when there’s not enough space in a diary for my orders .plus a few pages extra at the end of the month for extra orders / notes .
      Incorporate weekly fridge/freezer temp page (blank table which we can add numbers too although could get tricky ....
      Wastage record .
      Supplier contact table page ie. veg supplier/ phone no . / email/ account number ... and the same for essentials plus Blanks .
      Team contacts page .... it isn’t half pain in the arse when cant find a someone’s number !!
      Well known Chefs we’ve lost over the years on the dates like you would birthdays ....
      Daily food trivia question /riddles / mathematic food equations , for the kitchen to work out !!
      Ie , how many bones does a fully grown male cow have ?? You get my drift ... the answer is actually 207 . Lol
      Pocket at the back for invoices possibly a clear one you can use tablet in .... built in portable rechargeable charging port , that would be awesome but its a lot to ask i think there’s nothing on the market like that though !!lol
      A tracker/ app so when you lose it you can work out where it is the amount of times you cant bloody find the dairy haha I’m going to stop now lol


    15. Missing avatar

      Valerie Gilpin on

      How about a perforated page page each week for grocery list. Maybe withcheckboxes?

      Or some unlined pages (not sure if u plan on lined pages or not) for sketching plating

    16. Missing avatar

      Valerie Gilpin on

      How about a perforated page each week for grocery list. With check boxes maybe.

      Or some unlined pages to sketch plating.

    17. Paul Quick #BoycottKS

      Perforated Removable sheets for shopping list for weekly meals or specials.

    18. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      A schedule or monitoring sheet to remember when marinating or brining began, or when mung beans were soaked, keeping track of fermentation times perhaps? Longer processes of weeks or months.

    19. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      A brief note on a recipe or quote from chef/food writer on that date/month to give ideas!

    20. Missing avatar

      Eliza Olvera on

      I’m not sure if you have this feature or not, but maybe alphabetical tabs or categories for easy search.

    21. kathryn daly on

      How to incorporate an uncommon seasonal spice into variety of dishes. For example a little history and a little this goes well with... etc.

    22. Missing avatar

      Scott Fagust on

      It will be nice to have just several blank pages. I'm looking forward to making this book a collection of my favorite recipes that I can pass down to my kids. The water/grease proof pages make it even more appealing!!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      Classic wine parings with different meats and fish to help you plan full menus and wine pairings.

      What about planting dates for vegetables and herbs?

      Temperatures for cooked meat and fish?

    24. Missing avatar

      Erik on

      I'd like to see a meal-prep specific notebook. Kind of like a week focused planner, but with specific things like a tear-out-able shopping list, "leftovers" checkbox (to easily mark a day as relying on leftovers from previous days), etc. This would allow home-chefs to easily layout their meals for the week and reduce trips to the grocery store.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Kirkbride on

      Supplier meeting dates or information of when they are coming in would be nice to have too

    26. Missing avatar

      Lisa Baxter on

      A section with a small index A-Z for organisation of recipes to jot down and not get lost!

    27. Tiffany Leong on

      Seasonal ingredients and growing seasons differ every where. I think what would be most helpful HACCP temps/guidelines for the inspector show up so you can reference it.

      Plate cost/food cost formulas for those who need help understanding profitability

      Blank Charts to fill out for purveyor information and order guides!

    28. Missing avatar

      Liam C Walton on

      Oh chef! Sich A good idea!
      Please a yearly planner with the big days like mother's and father's day as well as the holidays.
      I'd also love the see a yearly snapshot dedicated to annual leave planning or
      Oh and simple tags a fortnight or so out of the new season.. Like winter begins in two weeks

    29. Missing avatar

      Jackson Fort on

      A place for ordering or at least an area for contacts of suppliers.

    30. Missing avatar

      Carla Kaye on

      A reminder of how many weeks to big events- e.g. 30 weeks to Christmas so you can start writing your menus, 7 weeks until Valentines, get your menus written etc- and how many weeks until other food relevant events.

    31. Missing avatar

      Myles on

      thermometer with built-in sharpie

    32. Missing avatar

      Leandro on

      -The chef's ballpen

    33. Missing avatar

      Bradley Walker on

      A section for special occasions (e.g work anniversary, establishment anniversary, staff/family birthdays/anniversaries, etc.).

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Hopman on

      List of seasonal fruit & veg would be awesome but would also have to be geographically relevant.

      A must-have for me is conversion tables although I believe they're in there already. Aroma pairing might be useful but would take up a lot of space.

    35. Missing avatar

      DAndra Clark on

      How to figure nutritional information per serving or a quick guide to converting measurements.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ian Mella on

      Blank pages at the back of the diary so that details of regular suppliers can be kept.

    37. Missing avatar

      Adam G. Manning on

      A section in the back for neatly writing suppliers' info:
      Account Manager
      Account Number
      Phone Number
      Min' Order Amount

    38. william gardner on

      Like the idea of seasonal fruit and veg, but also include seasonal fish.

    39. Norbert Szabo on

      Meat cuts ! Mother sauces !

    40. Missing avatar

      Gareth wisneski on

      A sous vide time and temperature guide with celcious and Fahrenheit conversations would be handy for any modern chef.

    41. Alex James Standen on

      Add the dates of the Michelin guide launch, AA awards, worlds 50 best. Some points like this day 50 years ago, today in 1982 that sort of fun info

    42. Missing avatar

      Tobias Johansson on

      - A list of seasonal fruit and veg at the beginning of each month - This I think would be almost a must have now that you mentioned it! Great idea. I would add how to store them as well, because I always struggle with the best way to store vegetables. (Unless it becomes too much text, but maybe just something like, cold, warm, room temp, etc.)
      - Holiday related foods (so you can plan for when it is time to go shopping)
      - Would be fun to have "special" food holidays from some different countries. Not all of them, but some you feel are extra special or fun. Like the "Fettis dagen" (Swedish) = Fatty day (ish translated). Where you are supposed to eat a cream filled sort of bun, That is really good btw. The name is "Semla".

    43. Missing avatar

      Ana Luiza Rodrigues on

      Basic health & safety info would be super useful!
      Basic wine pairings including sweet wines/pastry

    44. Darryl Quested on

      Rota time space on each day.

      Prep section on each day.

      HACCP inserts.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kevin Larson on

      Include a list of food related traditions and a brief description. I.e. Italian Feast of the seven fishes at Christmas.

    46. Missing avatar

      Kevin Larson on

      Include a recipe from a different country/region that uses one of the seasonal vegetables/fruit to encourage people to try something new based on what's in season.

    47. Missing avatar

      Bas Vroonland on

      how about some seasonal dishes or dates when famous dishes were created?

    48. Missing avatar

      Kirsten Blackie on

      Flavours and ingredients that work well together and complement one another??

    49. Missing avatar

      Jack McGinley on

      Could do meat and fish as well instead of just fruit and veg. Could also do seasonal planner for menu ideas

    50. Sie-Hang Cheung on

      Food related holidays!