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Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
Designed by chefs, for chefs, the Stone notebook is made for the rigours and creativity of the professional kitchen
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Online Shop & Outstanding Reward Update

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve been enjoying putting your Stones to good use! It’s been a while since our last update so we’re excited to share some news with you, as well as an update on any outstanding rewards.

We’ve currently got around 40 rewards left to process, these are for backers who completed their Backerkit surveys after the initial deadline when we processed the majority of rewards. Apologies for the wait on these but as we’ve had a steady stream still coming through, it’s been more practical to wait to produce/ship them in batches. If you haven’t completed your survey yet make sure you do as soon as possible so we can process your reward. 

For those that don't already know we’re pleased to let you know our online shop is up and running at

Fulfilment is now in place for all countries. All Classic Stones are available to order, as well as new products we’ve been developing since we launched the Kickstarter. These include the Pocket (A6 semi flex version of our Classic), the Sommelier Stone and Diary Stone. 

As a thank you for backing our Kickstarter we would like to offer a 10% discount on all products. This can be claimed by using the code STONEBACKER1 at checkout.

We’re also offering 20% off our diaries with code XMASDIARY so take advantage of this while you can. 


The Stone Team

Update for Backers with Gift Boxes

Posted by Stone (Creator)
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Remaining Fulfilment Update

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We wanted to send out another update as the last one was two weeks ago. For the majority of people that now have their Stones, we hope you are putting them to good use and testing their durability. We've seen lots of great stories and posts on instagram so keep them coming.

To those that are still waiting, once again we apologise for what has been a very long wait. What's been very disappointing for us is that the most delays have occurred in the US and UK, two parts of the world we really focused on when spreading the word about our new product. We are doing all we can to make sure they get to you as soon as possible, but the reality is once they are in domestic post, which they now are, we are here just willing Royal Mail and USPS on.

For those still waiting in the UK, we thought Royal Mail would be slightly quicker and that the last plain books would all be delivered yesterday, but as we're writing this we're getting a fair few Instagram messages from people receiving them today. So the last plain ones should be with you by Monday, and monogrammed books by Tuesday/Wednesday.

We do appreciate why you might be frustrated and disappointed with this wait but please understand that our misestimates have not been done to mislead anyone. At all points these were estimates based on the knowledge and information we had. At some points this might have been down to naivety (such as using Media Mail which we now know is not liked by the majority of Americans and is generally a poor service), though as a Kickstarter project we are not the finished article and aren't experts on fulfilment. But mostly these misestimates were circumstances we didn't foresee, which we have mentioned in previous updates and comments.

Ultimately what we want you to know, and we've said it before, is that we really want you to have your notebooks as much as you do! And while its taken longer then you or we expected, you will get them.

When anyone looking to launch a Kickstarter campaign comes to us for advice we'll be sure to tell them how important it is to have your fulfilment water tight and however long you think it will take, add two months.

All Orders Shipped

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We’re glad to say that all orders will have left the factory by the end of this week and wanted to reiterate how each type of order is being sent, and when you should expect to receive yours (if you haven’t already).

US & Canada

These non custom orders have been via our distributors in Chicago and sent out via Media Mail (USPS). The estimated delivery time for these is between 2-8 days depending on distance. Unfortunately due to how they were sent by the distributors we’re not able to provide tracking, which is disappointing as we understand the frustration of not knowing exactly where your parcel is. We ask you to bear with us as they are on their way to you.


All non-custom UK orders have arrived in Sussex and are being sent out individually by Royal Mail. They should all be with you next week.

The Rest of the World

All of these non-custom orders have been sent directly from the factory via courier. The majority have been delivered so far, and the remaining shipments’ deliveries are due in the next day or two.

Monogrammed & Custom Logo

As we mentioned in our last update, we had to replace the monogramming machine which created an unexpected delay. The machine took some time to clear customs and was delivered at the beginning of this week. The monogrammed and custom logo books have now been finished and sent out via the methods above.

We estimate these US & Canada orders will take 5 days to reach Chicago, and then the 2-8 day estimate applies. UK Orders will take 2 or 3 days to reach Sussex and then days with Royal Mail. We know many of these were bought as gifts so apologies for those that have missed their special occasions.

At this point we ask our US and UK backers to hang tight for the final stretch. As we knew the majority of orders would come from these two countries, our plan was always to get them out first, however the extra demand and the logistics of shipping economically have extended the timeframe. We completely understand some of the frustration with the wait because of this, and thank you for your patience while the rest of the deliveries are made.

In terms of updates, we always do our best to reply to Kickstarter messages and comments but we realise not everybody sees these, so hope we've answered as many queries as possible in our update today.

For those who have received their Stones, thank you for the great comments we’ve had so far! We look forward to seeing more photos of your Stones in action as they arrive.

The Stone Team

Shipping Ready to Commence

Posted by Stone (Creator)

Hi everyone, after a lot of notebook and stationery production we are finally ready to begin Kickstarter shipping. As much as we wished we could just get all the orders in the post it's sadly not as simple as that, so we wanted to give you a bit of a break down on how we plan on getting over 4,000 orders to 70 different countries from our factory in continental Europe.

- US and Canada orders will be flown to our distributors in Chicago. From there they will be sent via Media Mail

- UK orders will be going by road to London, from there they will be going via Royal Mail.

- European orders will be sent directly from our factory

- Australian and New Zealand orders will be flown to a distributor in Sydney. From there, they will be posted locally

- Rest Of World orders will be coming to London, before being couriered to every corner of the globe including Papua New Guinea and Tahiti

These Kickstarter orders will go in two waves. First wave will include all non customised Stones, Memos and Leather items. Monogrammed Stones and Gift Boxes will go soon after. The reason being we had to replace the monogramming machine and gift boxes took longer to manufacture then anticipated.

Custom Stones (i.e. debossed or foiled) will be sent directly from our factory by courier and Backerkit orders will follow straight after Kickstarter fulfilment is complete

We once again thank you for your patience. As previously mentioned, we want to get these products to you as much as you do and this whole process has taken longer than anticipated, but we do believe they'll be worth the wait.

The Stone team