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A fresh perspective on the graphic novel genre which chronicles the disparate factions and leaders that have risen after World War III
A fresh perspective on the graphic novel genre which chronicles the birth of Artificial Intelligence and the disparate factions and leaders that have risen after World War III
A fresh perspective on the graphic novel genre which chronicles the birth of Artificial Intelligence and the disparate factions and leaders that have risen after World War III
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    1. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @KelseyMullen No need to update your address we have not yet sent out surveys for exactly this reason. Surveys will be sent out shortly before books are ready to ship, that way people won't have any issue getting their books.

      @Alexis Surveys will be sent out in the next 1 to 2 months (about a month before books are mailed out) BUT we can totally add another book to your order--many people have already done so and also upgraded their order to the special edition. I will message you directly with details. THANK YOU!

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      Any news about survey? Do you plan to added one ? Or making our choice by other way?
      Can we upgrade our pledge or added an other one in more?

    3. Kelsey Mullen

      Hi. I have moved. Is there a way I can update the mailing address please?

    4. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @JamesBirch Hey James! All is going well over here! David, Carlos, and I are hard at work (David and I also work Saturdays/Sundays so we can finish our new TLA pages for you guys! I've also got some cool new images for a backer update I will write tonight and hopefully have posted today or tomorrow!

    5. James Birch on

      @creator how goes it?

    6. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @JamesBirch Yes on both accounts! (Hopefully, you had a good easter, too!) We have some awesome new images and are actually extending the book by a good number of pages which is both super exciting, and has given us more work, haha! I need to write an update about it all, though! I'll try to get it posted tomorrow or Thursday! Keep an eye out :) Thanks for checking in, though! Really excited to get this book into everyone's hands!

    7. James Birch on

      Hey guys, hope you all had a happy easter! anything new to report?

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      Thank you for this update :)

    9. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @Ashraam Thanks so much for your review of RUNE! I just saw it, you rock, man! Really glad you enjoyed it! There is still a good deal of story between The Last Amazon and RUNE, but they connect in a really cool way (we think, at least!)

      @DaemonSaville-Tolle Surveys have not yet gone out, but they will in the next few months near when we will be shipping books. We are still on schedule for release date which is awesome but will stay in touch via updates and comments! We also are very active on our Instagram page which you can see here: Thanks for asking about the surveys, though. It's a great question!

    10. Daemon Saville-Tolle on

      So when do we fill out the survey or whatever it's called. Haven't been on Kickstarter in awhile.

    11. Ashraam

      Just wanted to let you know, I finally got time to read Rune of the Apprentice.
      I found it to be an impressive first effort and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the books! (Hint, hint) :D
      I'm also really curious to see how these two projects interconnect.

      I did make sure to leave you a review as well. :)

    12. Ashraam

      Thanks, I've got a copy on the way. :)

    13. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      Great question @Ashraam, sorry for the delayed response! At this point the cheapest way for you to get it is at (quick link to Amazon)

      They are selling it for $11.20 (Normal List Price is $24.99) which means you save $13.79 (55%)

      They will run out of stock very soon though because I just bought back the rights and will be doing a re-printing via Apotheosis Studios. I also have some personal inventory for conventions, too, in case they do run out before we re-print.

      Regardless, SUPER excited to hear what you think about RUNE. If you have any questions about how to buy, or the book itself (or how its related to The Last Amazon) just ask! Be sure to also leave a review on Amazon when you are done!

      Enjoy and THANK YOU!

    14. Ashraam

      I'd like to pick up Rune of the Apprentice. You mentioned switching publishers recently though. Should I just order from Amazon, or will you have another way to offer it? Which would benefit you most?

    15. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      (Please excuse the typos, I'm freaking exhausted, haha. Funny thing is, there is no rest in sight because I now get to record a podcast with "Geek Questioner" and the wonderful Darth Lexii (AmazonLEX)! The fun never ends! More soon! (Hopefully with less typos!))

    16. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      Heya All! So freaking excited for US. I say for “us” because this book is not longer just for David and all, but for everyone here--our community. I am so honored you all trusted in our growing team at Apotheosis Studios to bring you this work of art. THANK YOU!

      To be honest, I’m exhausted, BUT as promised, I am going to answer every comment/question here. I am nothing if not a man of my word! :)

      @Ashraam: My friend, a bump we did get! /happydance

      @DavidCharlesMauriceFraga: Hey, eavesdropping into people’s mind is rude! jkjk! YES, we would LOVE to turn The Last Amazon into a video game ala Deus Ex! Our company, Apotheosis Studios, is actually a game IndieGameDev team at heart and we currently are working on a video game called set in the same universe as my series of books (same world as The Last Amazon, too.) We hope to expand into many multimedia options, but are starting off with projects we know we can manage well and deliver on. Our goal is to learn and grow as both a team and as artist before we try to tackle HUGE projects. The Last Amazon is just “big” not huge, haha.

      @SimonTodd: Being able to respond to these after we hit our goal is kinda cool. Thanks, man! Your support, just like eveyone here is heartwarming. We are SOOOOOO looking forward to this, too!!!! :)

      @Dezinna: So glad you are excited! We are too! Yay!!!

      @Ashraam: Dude, I know, right?!?!

      @DaemonSaville-Tolle: Thank you for answering the question, I was in my car when I saw the comment, and nearly pulled over to answer, haha. Ya saved me from potentially getting run over, man! Thanks, hahah!

      @Morice-Fontaine: THANK YOU!

      @Ali M: Never give up, never surrender! (Yes that’s a Galaxy Quest quote!)

      @DeZinna: You rock! Thank you!

      @KennyJohansson: We nailed it, thank you!

      @Ashraam: We are so with you! So glad we all made it together!!

      @AliM: Yay!!

      @ApotheosisStudios: Oh, hey! That’s me! I don’t have to respond to my own comment! Or do I….?

      @Morice-Fontaine, Dezinna, Ashraam: HIGH FIVES ALL’ROUND!!!!!

      @JohnnyO: Haha, we have SO MUCH planned for you guys and gals before June. I think you all will enjoy it greatly! (First update post funding was JUST launched~stay tuned for more!)

      @KennyJohansson and EVERYONE:

      Your words are very kind. Honestly, I have been a LONG time Kickstarter “pledger” and my most favorite part of the whole process is interacting with the content creators themselves. Learning about who they are and their story behind the story is, for me, so magical. I (and David, too!) want to build a long term community around Apotheosis Studios with many more awesome projects down the line. That means that as we finish polishing The Last Amazon, we will be right here with you every step of the way. Ask us questions, hit us up on twitter, and even play video games with us on Twitch BUT most importantly, when you get the book this summer we vow to BLOW YOU AWAY. So much so that you will be freaking STOKED for our next project! Both David and I are am doing this full time now, and I vow, with my dying breath, to not only give it my all, but create art worthy of not only your hard earned money, but also your respect. I feel so freaking fortunately you all have given me the opportunity to prove myself. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

      That, my friends, is all for now :)
      -Jamison Stone

    17. Missing avatar

      Kenny Johansson

      Congratulations on finally reaching the target! With the amount of work, demonstrated content on the campaign page, updates and response to us backers, this is very well deserved. Please keep up with that in the coming months. Summer is far away but I'm sure you'll craft an awesome book and cool stuff for us!

    18. Johnny O on

      Well you got my money now hurry June 2018.

    19. Ashraam

      I'm going to miss the end, but congrats on funding! :D
      I'm so excited to see the finished product.

    20. Missing avatar


      Awesome job everyone.

    21. Apotheosis Studios Creator on


      Just posed an update, and will post another with a special seek peak from the Denver Denizens post WWIII in a few hours, but just wanted to, once again, say THANK YOU!!! YOU ALL ROCK!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ali M

      Me too, added $50 more. We're getting there guys. Just gotta keep pushing a little further.

    23. Ashraam

      I've increased my pledge once. I'd like to again, but it's a chunk of money.
      I'll keep an eye on the total near the end and if it helps I'll go up another level. I really want this to succeed!

    24. Missing avatar

      Kenny Johansson

      Upped my pledge as well the other day. Hoping for the best.

    25. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      I did the same, 30$ added. Will be a second book for a friend and helping to make this project a reality

    26. Missing avatar


      Just upped my pledge. Trying to get this done. Posted on FB for all to help. $900 more to go.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ali M

      There's still hope guys. Let's get it!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      Yeaaah less than 1k to reach the goal

      We can do it

    29. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      Just want to let everyone know we are exhausted but standing strong! I will be responding to each of your comments and questions personally tomorrow morning but for now I need to sleep! Just over 24 hours to go and we are so close! I know we can do it!

    30. Daemon Saville-Tolle on

      I guess that second $5k fell through. So close on funding and finishing the Kickstarter.

    31. Daemon Saville-Tolle on

      @DeZinna that's not how Kickstarter works unfortunately. It ends with or without it being funded.

    32. Ashraam

      Man, this is gonna be close...

    33. Missing avatar


      I a so looking forward to this book. If you fall short ever think of extending the time another few days. We have to make this happen.

    34. Missing avatar

      Simon Todd on

      Really hope this gets across the line as I'm sooo looking forward to this guys! Best of luck in your final 40 hours!!

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Ashraam

      I'm hoping this sees a bit of a bump after the 48 hour reminders go out. :)

    37. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @JohnnyO: I sent you a DM, but figured I should mention this here too in case anyone else was interested.

      If folks are interested in helping create a character (a secondary role) in THIS book they totally can. Just pledge at the $500 or $1000 tier we can can work together to make a character. This money normally covers the custom image cost (it takes David, the Illustrator days to make each image) BUT if someone is more interested in the story aspects of the character, we can forgo David making a super high detailed image, and instead you and I (the writer) can work together to craft a character. Basically those days of time would be spend with me writing, world building, and story crafting.

      The $500 tier would be a smaller role, with the $1000 tier being a bigger role in the story.

      As I am sure you all can tell, David and I are VERY passionate about this story, and we want to channel that passion in others when we see it! Just pledge at the appropriate level if interested and let me know if you have any questions!

    38. Johnny O on

      LOL no I am way to ugly to been seen in public or a comic with all the beautiful characters. Maybe next comic we pledge can help develop a character.

    39. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @JohnnyO great question! I love where your head is at! Answer is YES, we have 2 tiers which allow backers to be part of The Last Amazon!

      Pledge $500 or more
      "Send us a headshot of yourself (or a friend or loved one with consent) and the illustrator will immortalize YOU IN BLACK AND WHITE as a citizen of Azureus Island!
      We will SIGN a "1 of 1" LIMITED EDITION PRINT and deliver it to you!"


      Pledge $1,000 or more
      "Send us a headshot of yourself (or a friend or loved one with consent) and the illustrator will immortalize YOU IN FULL COLOR in the Graphic Novel!
      We will SIGN a "1 of 1" LIMITED EDITION PRINT and deliver it to you!"

      Want to be included? we already have 4 backers who are going to be featured in the book! We would love to have more!

    40. Johnny O on

      Just curious if any us pledge can create a character you could use in the story. Might get more to pledge's towards the comic.

    41. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @Morice-Fontaine: We are SO happy! Thank you!!!

      For anyone else who might be interested in watching our interview with "The Art and Making of" you can see it on YouTube here:…

      Enjoy! And to all backers (big and small) THANK YOU! <3

    42. Missing avatar

      Alexis on

      I saw a very interesting interview about The Last Amazon and guys, this project is very awsome.
      200$ in more
      And that is chapter1. I can't wait to read this story and i hope many chapter after.
      Good luck for the last 3 days

    43. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @GregDye Wonderful question!

      Short answer: YES!

      Long answer: (This is Jamison, the writer/co-creator speaking, so I can talk up David's amazing artwork, haha!) We have so many awesome images/illustrations and want to find ways of getting folks the prints THEY want. So we don't go crazy, we have base sets, but want to offer a way for our backers to be able to get additional prints at a low price. We will be selling prints full price at conventions, but as you know we LOVE our backers and want to give you all the best discount we can. We will have options post campaign where you can get a steep discount on specific prints, but to be clear, it still will be (by far!) cheapest to up your pledge level here. Those who pledge here and now get the best deal, hands down. Additionally, the shipping charges are better this way, too. Especially for the posters. With that said, if you only have a few specific prints you want, you can totally just choose those individually post campaign. There will be updates about that, specifically, so stay tuned!

      Buuuuuuut for ANY of that to happen we need to hit our goal!!! we only have 3 days left, and sadly we lost $451 in pledges last night (a heartbreaking thing to wake up to) so right now David and I are desperately trying to tap every network we can to cross the finish line. So, if you know of anyone who will enjoy this book, please encourage them to pledge, or consider upping your pledge now. We so desperately want to hit our goal and fear we won'e be able to do it without everyone pitching in!

      THANK YOU!

    44. Missing avatar

      Greg Dye on

      Is there, or will there be, a way to add specific prints to my pledge level ("Super Hero" level). I love the beach and the kayak prints and would love to add them to my current current rewards!

      Keep up the good work and continued luck with reaching the $20k mark!!!

    45. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @KennyJohansson: yeah, the the images shown are not final. The final ones will be even COOLER!

      Those are samples, but we will be adding new prints and images and will sending backers the cream of the crop!

    46. Missing avatar

      Kenny Johansson

      I have a question regarding the reward tiers where it says "images are mockups, not final". Are the prints, stickers etc demonstrated there the illustrations which will be included in said tiers or may anything be different in the end?

      Now lets hope for a strong final push of this campaign!

    47. Apotheosis Studios Creator on

      @AlexanderM: Us too! So exciting! Thank you!

      @Morice-Fontaine: Yay, we love the red suit as well!

      @Jennifer: We agree, love the red, but want to maybe have variants to the tone. Pink is fun, though, right? Did you like the purple? We have another actress who's photos will go live soon

      @Ashraam: Told you we had a trick up our sleeve! The other ace should drop soon, hopefully! I (Jamison) prefer the blue best, too. I think we will have two main variants blue and red. But, this this is not a spoiler but cool, we can get MANY colors because the suits are active camouflage. So they can blend in to surroundings, or take on different colors for fun. :)

      @All: THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! Please continue to spread the world because even when we get our hopeful additional 5k pledge, we wills sill have a few thousand left to go to hit our goal and will need everyone's help spreading the word! Yaaaaay!

    48. Ashraam

      As for the outfits, I like the blue best, by a wide margin. Red would probably be my second choice.

    49. Ashraam

      Wow, nice funding bump! :)

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